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  1. I will be interviewing in front of a panel of interviewers in less than week. The panel will include a docotor and several nurses. I obviously will practice interviewing and know as much about the panels members biography, but what are some other tips I need in order to ace this thing ?
  2. This is a good thread to nail down everything related to finances I cut costs by not buying cable tv, using only the cheapest internet, playing free games on steam. i could rent DVDs from library as well. I also found a local mechanic who is very good to fix my car without needing an arm and a leg. you could earn extra money by donating plasma (maybe 50$ per week, not much I know) or doing getting paid to do market research. I pay autoinsurance in full to avoid monthly installment fees. I use Kroger card to get grocery discounts and fuel points, as well as doing the survey on the receipt I contribute the max amount needed to get full employeer contribution on 401k, but not more. If I want to save more, would need to open an IRA (Roth ? ). I would also max out on HSA account if you have one. perhaps donate old clothes to Goodwill to get tax write off. I am trying to think of any other tips...
  3. I have applied for two positions at an academic hospital, but have not heared anything back (been 1 month). When I applied for similar jobs two years ago, I recieved an email from a recruiter at this hospital, asking for a phone interview. However, they had waited so long that I had accepted a job at a private company and I had declined. But can I dig up her previous email and contact her about the positions i have applied for now? if anything I have additional valuabe experience. I am trying to get some sort of contact within the hospital.
  4. What if I am married, say for 15 years, and my wife decides she doesnt really want to work anymore. But say she needs too, especially if she wants expensive things. I know that I cannot force my wife to work, but I dont want to feel powerless when money is on the line. Both my brothers wife and my mom have expressed desires to not work, saying the job market sucks or every company sucks... but they still want a comfortable lifestyle. this freaks me out and a good reason I am not married at the moment
  5. What the first thing to do? obviously start applying for jobs, but what else? get COBRA health insurance? contact old references?. There was a layoff recently at my company
  6. what is the best VPN out there? i may need to purchase the service for a month or two. thanks !
  7. I am unfamiliar with Vegas, but lets say you win $200 playing poker, you get your chips and and then cash them. but you just leave with the money? what if you won a very large amount? say 1,000. are you going to board a plane with that kinda of cash? or is there a way to use a bank to send it yourself ( I am on the east coast)
  8. If one were to practice the two games with best (relatively) odds of beating the house, how does someone practice them? I have a buddy for blackjack, but what is the best app for blackjack as well? I am using the strategy card too. But with craps, how does one practice that?
  9. well, just want to get it right. so this is good news
  10. i found the HR manager via linkedin. I guess she was not on their department website. but she would be the one who posted or approved of the job ad?
  11. I keep coming up a huge roadblock to dating,... I live a spartan lifestyle. No tv, no couch ( but a bed of course, but did use a futon for a long time) and an old car. It seems many women I have met are surprised by such a lifestyle. But I like simplicity and using the internet for entertainment. Any thoughts on this? Part of this is due to money, but when I get a better job, I feel that I would keep this lifestyle anyway. I don't value flashy things and i can move out of my apartment easily.
  12. It seems america loves the M16, but are there assault rifles better than the M16?
  13. I am applying to academic hospital for a research position, but most of the department are doctors with a few nurses. To whom should I address the cover letter to? Should I find out which MD is in charge of research? What if there is not any particular MD in charge of research per the department website?
  14. yes..some of my previous copulations experiences seem to bear this out
  15. are there websites to test your intelligence? that way you can find out how you stack up.//