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    computer games, dune, star trek, philosphy, health, working out, arts
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  1. yes..some of my previous copulations experiences seem to bear this out
  2. are there websites to test your intelligence? that way you can find out how you stack up.//
  3. stuff like how to make meals and drive a car and other life functions after a debilitating injury from what i know.
  4. What in life are better than sex? some people sex view sex (even meaningful sex) or casual sex is overrated. I also heard the being catapulted off a carrier is more excting than sex. The only things that come to mind are stunts like flying or if you found the cure for cancer.
  5. anyone here in QA (software)? do you like it and what do you see the future of QA? I have seen some jobs in QA that require just a generic Bachelors degree. Not sure if I want to go down the road of being a QA person or not.
  6. What do you guys know about data science so far? I would think alot of it is being automated away by software. There seems to be more of a demand for data engineers, who keep the data pipelines working.
  7. what are the websites that have free ebooks? it could be about anything.
  8. i met a girl recently who was 9 years younger than me (shes 22) and she was really into rough sex, almost a Dom/sub situation. of course during the texting phase, i said i was into that as well. I wasnt entirely sure, but she was young and i felt i could assume that role At first i was catious about meeting in person, but she turned out to be legit and after meeting for a starbucks a few days prior, we hooked up. while we doing the naked shenanigans, she felt I wasnt being dominant/rough enough. I honestly dont want to hurt a woman or act out some sort of rape session. i actually wanted to love her and care for her while still being man, but I think she wanted a Daddy who would tell her what to do at all times and treat her like shit. And I didnt enjoy doing that. i am not circus performer At the end, she obviously felt let down and decide to leave, almost angry that i was aggressive enought despite being dominant and telling her what to do and working hard at it. and it still wasnt enough. She hasnt talked to me since and I felt like i failed as a man. My theory on this is that she wanted to move in with me as soon as she left college to have someone support her. My friend thinks she may have had some sort of mental trauma, or sexual assault or daddy issues. The more I think about it, the more i want a loving, career oriented spouse with whom i can still be man towards, but not have tell her what to do at all times.
  9. Sid Meier was correct in his very amazing Alpha Centauri game then. I have already conquered that planet many times over : )
  10. chewing gum seems to help me focus my mental awareness, especially on the job. anyone else have similar experiences?
  11. I have heard many people talk about the benefits of working for the federal gov in terms of benefits and retirement, but usually a reduction in net salary. is this true? would you prefer private or gov employment?
  12. Has anyone here experienced gum recession? I have had to revamp my teeth cleaning procedures due to gum recession i did brush my teeth 2x a day, but now floss twice a day, not just once. i use floride mouth wash everyday now. go to dentist now every 4 months. thinking about doing oil pulling with palm oil perhaps 3x a week.
  13. Does anyone here not want a leadership position at work? i prefer just to solve problems and go home at the end of the day. I honestly dont like the spotlight, but this may limit my career progression. Plus all of the politics of the office too..
  14. I really want to take a course at edX and pay to get an official certificate. However, in addition to paying- I would have take a webcam pic of myself and submit a drivers license pic too. that level of personal information concerns me, especially when considering in their policy: CONSENT TO PROCESSING OUTSIDE HOME COUNTRY By using our Site, or providing information to edX, you understand and unambiguously consent to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of information in the United States and other countries and territories, for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy and the edX Terms of Service. You hereby consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and retention by edX of your Personal Information as described under this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to the transfer of your personal data between edX and the third parties, affiliates, and subsidiaries described in this Privacy Policy. For further certainty, any consent relating to a right to transfer information referred to in this paragraph shall be deemed to include your consent to the transfer of the applicable Personal Information to a jurisdiction which may provide a different level of privacy protection than that available in your own country. Am I being paranoid?
  15. I agree my one-year time anniversary is up in August, thinking of making the switch around then