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    guy grad student
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    around TN
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    computer games, dune, star trek, philosphy, health, working out, arts
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  1. I am going through Fidelity. My timeframe is 26 years, since I am 29 years old. but I am starting to doubt REIT for my IRA. What about tech fund or tech ETF ? REIT vs ,or any other fund, really is about the returns. where can I get the highest and stablest return ? and would it be better to get involved with REIT when it bursts (if it does...) in 3-4 years ? buy at the dip ?
  2. what is your opinion on REIT funds (real estate) for my IRA ? most of these funds have dividends right ?
  3. I think of design as solving a problem while pure creativity is about expression
  4. What is the difference or similarities on being creative vs designing ? I think you can use either one in the course of the other. i use my creativity when designing something. but when designing something, you are designing within some constraints. For example, designing a car interior.
  5. what are some legal/healthy highs? My original thoughts are: running, dark chocolate, VR system, wine, roller coasters, meditation, ... anything that can bend your consciousness into happiness.
  6. what if you worked for a university hospital and through tinder, manged to make mutual connection with a student at the name sake university campus. lets say your 30 and she is 22. the university and the university medical center are about 1 mile apart. would date or even hookup? knowing she may find out where you work. I am not her boss nor do we work in the same division. Well, in fact, she doesnt work. but she is a student (still an adult) and i am a staff member. I do not work with students at all in my job. am I paranoid to be concerned?
  7. yeah, people look at me as if I am a weirdo for talking out loud. sometimes i enact senarios to test my own responses
  8. I am thinking about how to design the best office. I usually have schematics on my walls or other cheat sheets. but I am also thinking of having a jar of candy too to attract people to my office. what else?
  9. I must admit, I love to annoy my little brother. I act silly and stupid just to draw his ire or his "grumpy cat" face. but i get joy out of his displeasure or annoyance. but why is that?
  10. Are there any games you learned that can make money? poker, League of Legends... etc? I would love to learn a new skill that is fun but could make money
  11. does ketones produced by fasting improve your brain? according to this ted talk it does: I guess i need to do some fasting ! ( just eat breakfast later at 10am)
  12. where are there chess clubs for non college people? ( I already graduated). Would like to find smart people to play against.
  13. why mine the asteroids? It seems to be very expensive to do. Can we not get all the minerals we need from the earth? or are their special ones in asteroids?
  14. yeah, I head coconut oil is also anti bacterial due to myristic fatty acid
  15. I had my girlfriend overnight at my place (1st time), her snoring is like a freight train ! holy god I didnt sleep half the night. when we did wake up, i asked her about her sleep and she said "slept like a rock" . I am at a point where i dont think i can sleep next to someone because of their noises. How do I deal with the snoring?