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  1. If I'm really interested in someone, I respect her and her decision-making process. Especially in the early stages of dating (less than a year, or something like that) if she presents a decision to break up or something else important in terms of a decision already made, I'm unlikely to try to change her mind. I figure she knows what she wants and has already figured out I can't change to accommodate her or she wouldn't want me to. Assuming my reactions are similar to those of INTJs, presenting a decision as already made when you are trying to open up dialogue is a very bad idea. If you want to open a dialogue about something important in a relationship, do so. Otherwise, I'm likely to think, "Well that sucks, but you've made up your mind and you're capable of making your own decisions, so you've probably already considered anything I might say to try to change it", and just shut down emotionally from there.
  2. I can get down easily, but I'm lucky in that 1/2 hour of cardio exercise every 2-3 days keeps it at bay. As long as I exercise, I'm only depressed due to concrete, external triggers, and not just as a general state of living, which seems to be the case if I don't exercise.
  3. Last half of the season was so much better than the first. I still don't like how dumb they made Lin Beifong in S2. hello??? I've read that the next season features her. Hopefully they don't make her such an idiot. She was outsmarted by Amon in season 1 but it seemed reasonable. also, Korra didn't seem to learn anything from S1. Hopefully they won't hit the reset button so badly in the beginning of S3.
  4. One interesting thing - you need some protein to use the energy from fat stores. So it's entirely possible for an obese person to die of starvation because their body (ie, muscles - and I think at some point the heart can be destroyed by this, which obviously proves fatal) has consumed too much self-protein in converting their fat to energy. So if you're obese and planning to survive the apocalypse, just keep some protein around so you can happily convert those fat stores to energy.
  5. The caveat that if an INTJ isn't really feeling the relationship, we are more likely to cheat makes sense. There's that point where you are reconsidering the relationship and not really into it, so.... If it's in that zone, yeah...
  6. Here I am listening to an with Tabitha St. Germain and she mentions having used Audrey Hepburn as a reference for Rarity.As an Audrey fan I'm disappointed in myself for not noticing this before. Duh.
  7. I don't notice it as much, but I believe it. I don't see much reason why most workable "seduction techniques" would be workable on only one sex/gender.

  8. Funny - I see a lot of guys doing this to girls all the time. taking her stuff and not giving it back, etc. And the girls pretend to be upset or whatever, but they still go after the guy. I suppose there's a kind of playfulness that both sexes find attractive I personally don't see why that kind of behavior is attractive, but have seen it play out over and over again
  9. All the 19th century Russians are awesome Dickens wrote some fantastic stuff
  10. Haven't read the article, but I always assumed girls liked Hunger Games for the girl kicking ass angle and that the sci-fi stuff was totally incidental to their liking of it.
  11. Crash. People don't run around on edge like that. I got what they were trying to do but they killed my suspension of disbelief.
  12. Kasper Gutman: You're a close-mouthed man? Sam Spade: Nah, I like to talk. Kasper Gutman: Better and better. I distrust a close-mouthed man. He generally picks the wrong time to talk and says the wrong things. Talking's something you can't do judiciously, unless you keep in practice.
  13. Yeah. The thing is, if you never follow things through, you'll never get the payoff. That's fine at first because you're mostly interested in the problem and how to solve it. Once you start caring about stuff like money though, the follow-through is more important. Use that as motivation. The downside is that it does take some effort and skill to actually follow projects like that to completion. So you should try it before it really matters, otherwise when you're really interested in doing it, you might flounder.
  14. I decided that this was a defense mechanism to avoid heartbreak should things go wrong, avoid the hurt of being rejected by someone months down the line if I'm in love with her and she's not in love with me, or whatever. Not sure if that's really what it is or not, but I've noticed this pattern in myself for the past 10 years. I either pursue unavailable women or reject all women who show any interest in me. So I'm purposely trying to avoid this pattern now, but still having some standards. The hard thing is figuring out what are reasonable standards to have, and what's just a manifestation of this pattern. I'm just starting to do this, so I've got no real advice to give.