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    Impressively dumb ass.
  1. The poll results look like someone flipping the bird. /heh.
  2. Past self looks at me, "So this is it?" "Yup, your future in the flesh." *shits and giggles* "Omg our own bathroom!... You didn't honestly think money would make me happy did you?" "No, but I'm saving for IDK, ***!" "Whatever, I'm out of here. And by the way, you're a douche..." *goes to fix the damage and shakes fist at past self* Ugh, "Where are you, you STUPID FUCK!"
  3. This is so true. My ex is taking me back to court for custody because I allowed him to take our child over the summer on vacation out of state, despite the fact it was my birthday and the first time I had time off in a long time. But then he asked for him on Christmas eve and morning, and I said no because that's our family's tradition. I said no, and he threw a fit and went 3 weeks without visiting our son. When he finally did, he took him, and cut off all contact I had with my son. Refused to bring him home on time, and after multiple messages I said, "I need to leave, call me when you're dropping him off so I can tell you where to bring him." He ignored that too, despite my son crying (didn't know this at the time) that I needed him home at a certain time and please bring him home!" My ex blew it off and ignored it the whole time. He finally pulled up and dumped our son off at my house. Did not get out of the car to see if someone was there. He was just going to do whatever the fuck he wanted, and in the process taught our son to not give a shit what I say. I was livid, luckily my mom was home, and called me..."Did you know your son is here?" I was so angry I was burning at the ears. I told him he is not allowed to leave with our son again because I can't trust him to keep open lines of communication or respect anything, not even the safety and well being of his own son. I didn't trust him and so said, you're free to visit him here (my house) but you can't take him anywhere unless I have a hand written agreement that you will bring him home on time. One minute late and I call the cops for kidnapping. Well he felt that was unfair, so instead he refused to see his son for about three months. And is planning to take me back to court over custody. Now here is a guy who will not take him to school every day, do homework with him, take him to his extra curricular activities. He is solely comfortable taking him every other weekend, and has no desire to contribute what so ever to his quality of life. He's a legit weekend dad. He stopped visiting our son for months, until I called him and stated what he was doing was cruel to our son. He's planning to take me to court, and I responded, "You realize that a hand written letter holds less weight than a court ordered visitation schedule? Right?" But he really wants to stick it to me and doesn't give a shit about how he affects our child. All I can think of now is....Bring it fucking on bitch. You get a court ordered visitation schedule, and I will still have you arrested for contempt if you try to pull that shit again. His opposition only strengthens my case.
  4. Holy crap these people are so awesome! I keep loving everything I come across.
  5. On the local radio show they have a segment where they play an unknown artist and the audience votes on whether they are good or not. Today it was this one. Everyone voted it off, but I actually liked it, and it's been stuck in my head all morning.
  6. Being in charge of the US doesn't mean being in charge of the world, you dumb fuck. If force is all you have, quit now.
  7. The interviewer creeped me out, and isn't there something like patient client privilege? I never know how these end up on the internet?
  8. I'm assuming you have that grease that doesn't come off. Using any kind of oil will be counter productive but it will loosen it. elbow grease. I prefer cleaning a stove when it's hot. Other things you can do are chisels. And I sometimes use acetone, but make sure all surfaces are free from it before using or cooking again. With all my best cleaners though, I know time to act is a factor. I usually spray then clean hard over multiple days. Rinse and repeat.
  9. usually like this....
  10. I think I'm lovable but that doesn't make me any easier to live with. I tend to have a personality that repulses people at first, they find absolutely adorable once they get to know, then repulsive again in the long run. That actually works for me. I don't know if I've become so used to it that I became comfortable living with it, or if I always prefered it. But the flow is familiar to me now, I can almost time it like clock work, and it's almost comforting, and I know I never have to fully adjust to someone else. I feel like I get to know only the best in people and don't have to stick around when shit gets hard or more complicated (actually having to compromise with each other to continue forward). Still think I'm lovable though. Why wouldn't I be. I'm open, honest, fearless, wise, analytical, slightly funny sometimes, weird in a way that I don't make apologies for, and I don't think I have a cruel bone in my body. That's pretty bad ass.
  11. Today I didn't have lunch too lazy to go to the market. So I went to buy. Decided on chinese. Opened my fortune cookie and there was no fortune. Looked at my coworkers, "Well it's been nice working with you but apparently I'm dying." Then I found out it's like pulling the death card in tarot. Not necessarily death, but the future is undetermined. Change is coming, and it could really be a positive thing. Heh, I'll take it.
  12. I wanted to post an update because like so few threads on this forum this one actually has an ending. Thank you so much everyone who responded, I took all of your comments to heart, and I thought about them deeply. Last night I was still thinking about it, and I remembered that my ex has a terrible memory. Not the case with me, so we separated, then years later reconnected and he was acting like nothing ever happened. So was I, but I was getting that residual coating of crazy. The epiphany in this thread that I was actually terrified of him is what helped me see it all. But understanding is one thing, what do you do with it? So I e-mailed my ex last night and asked him if he would be willing to have one conversation with me where I got to ask whatever I wanted about the time we were together, and he would have to answer each question honestly. I didn't think he would be up to it because when we broke up he door slammed me from asking about anything, and it seemed like that continued into our friendship. I was genuinely surprised that he e-mailed back that he agreed and asked me to call him. I did. I explained what I was trying to do, and that he had to answer everything 100% honest. He agreed, and I started asking. Some of the questions were generic, some intimate and uncomfortable, some silly, and some he honestly didn't remember (not surprised). But through it all he was a good sport, and I knew his answers were genuine. Some things I asked, "When you said this, was that really the case?" "No, that was bullshit." We both laughed. Some "Yes, at the time but now I don't see that." He explained his thought process at the time. The moment he knew it was over. He's even a journal keeper, and managed to read his personal journals to me from the significant days that we parted ways. And I knew it wasn't scripted because he had no idea what I would ask and we ended up speaking almost as soon as I sent the e-mail--no prep time. As we were talking suddenly this monster, this sexy beast and destroyer of worlds, just turned into a young optimistic guy, trying to figure out life as he goes, making a shit load of mistakes....but ultimately learning from them. And suddenly I could understand that. The feeling wasn't something I needed to rationalize or get used to. It was instant and I made have cried a little and said, "That's all I wanted....." The call ended when I ran out of questions, we joked a little, talked about life a little, and were going back and forth on ending the call. I finally said, "So....don't call me...I'll call you." He understood. I was feeling very relieved, and my resect points for him just skyrocketed. I feel like I can close that chapter now, but didn't want to start a friendship based on those feelings. If or when I want to have those funny friendly conversations with him again. I'll reach out, and know it's 100% uninhibited, good natured, friendship. "Hey, I really hope this gives you the closure you needed." It did. I couldn't help but notice my perception changed ever so slightly today, and there was a bit more pep in my step so to speak. I felt...lighter.
  13. I think that asking for cash alone is disingenuous, and causes a bidding war for who contributes the most to mean they care the most. I'll never forget at my wedding, the day after when we unwrapped gifts in a smaller family only party, and everyone kept yelling/encouraging me to say how much I received in cash. I thought it was incredibly distasteful. But by that time I was so tired I did it. Everyone cheered, and it made me a little sick to my stomach. Part of the reason I've never gone to a family party since is because it's customary to give at least what you received, but my ex and I divorced after a year and a half, and there is no way I could ever pay my family back to show my level of care for them, or pay them back for the investment they made. So I just don't respond and don't go. A gift should never be an obligation. And when something as beautiful as wedding turns into something as petty, Idk, if I were invited to a cash wedding, I'd probably pay for my plate and a tip. Then give whatever the fuck I wanted to. I hate the fact I married the wrong guy. And I hate even more that so many people invested in our success.