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  1. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/10290/sweet-butter-cookies/ Get it?
  2. Ugh I half planned a birthday party for an EXXJ once. To be fair I was under 16, and her parents planned a surprise party asking me to let all her friends know. So I did, and on the day. She was complaining about everything, saying how stupid everything was. I kept looking at the door. Not ONE person showed, and let me guarantee you I networked INTJ style. "Hey, you've talked to her before, *hands flyer*." Well her parents kept saying wait for it....wait for it..., but no one ever showed so we just had to move on with the party while she was telling everyone how lame it was, worst birthday ever. Well, I unfortunately took a moment to tell her, we actually put a lot of thought into this, I even passed out flyers and your parents have been planning this for months..." "FUCK YOU! This is a disaster, and now you're telling me this?!? On my birthday?!? You should have kept your mouth shut!" "Or maybe you can see how much we all went out of our way for you." "Don't talk to me." "Okay well, we should probably pack things up." What I learned from this, never plan a surprise party. Or any party for that matter, make plans not parties. Then it's all good.
  3. When I dated my ex I told him I was thinking about a nose job. He had one too. Said it was something about passageways, necessary. Idk. But I wanted one too. He cautioned me, "You know one day you look in the mirror and it's good, but the people who like you for the new you, aren't really the people you like." From what I heard cosmetic surgery of any kind is a mind fuck. Both my sisters had breast implants. I never did, apparently boobs and ass skipped them and I got it three fold. From what I learned from them is, guys can't tell the difference, and it's none of their business. It's not like you deceived them terribly in the gene pool if their sons or daughters are born flat chested. A boob job now days, is kind of like eyelash extensions. And if penis extensions were a thing, fuck yeah almost every guy would have one. And I'd probably date that guy, if his personality was something I really liked.
  4. First off, white people change their hair all the time, so do black people. Whether it's cutting, dying, perming, straightening. So, I don't see how a hair style can be racist unless you're dealing with black hippies. Anything less than authentic is pure BS. This is the culture right now, and has nothing to do with race. You have hipsters with beards and man buns, and africans sporting the dreads, all kinds of women growing out their leg and armpit hair, and all other kinds of shit. This is an authentic thing, it's a millennial thing. Like when punk people used to talk shit about not being "punk", "Ummm, isn't the ability to make your own decisions punk as fuck?" Your friend sound like she's finding her voice, and a bit immature. Just do you, and don't give a fuck. But, if she's posting pics of you online without your consent, then there is a very big boundary issue there. And I, personally, would reinforce, and call her out on, it.
  5. Something just for you, I'm sorry for being cruel, but you are cruel too, and I think you know that. Isn't that what's real? Whether it is that you will be game to accept me regardless, but you would never be with me. The way I'd let you fuck me regardless, but I would never be with you. I know what I said was cruel, but, it's also honest. Because you have no idea what it's like to both love someone and also wish them, experience. Hoping one day that experience will mean, you suddenly find the error of your ways, and also no defences to the physical. Where I would drop everything, just to feel, again. And also, that's it cruel. I'm not sorry for being me. As a matter of fact, I doubt your ability to decipher this post, based on your past actions. You're better than this, you told me over and over and over again. Don't ask me to be your strength, or your fuck, anymore. BE better. Because if you're not, there really is no reason we're still having these conversations. Because I never loved you for your stupidity. And the only reason I liked your penis was because it was an extension of your mind into me. Now it looks old and sad. I'm guessing you're burning out? I've been resting for years.
  6. ...... added to this post 51 minutes later:
  7. Correction, lol. I was sleeping on or near your arm, then lifted it up and laid it across my face so my head would be on the bed, as I stretched out! Lol it's all coming back now!
  8. Hah! It was actually kind of funny. You're a whole bed sleeper. I remember waking up with your arm across my face, so I just tucked it under my head and slept on it. Then we cuddled, and I think that's when Queen snapped a pic in the morning. Hehe. Luckily I'm one of those people who can sleep in bed, wake up, and just pull a sheet to have it made again. Also yup, laughing and dancing up on people in Nola after hours was awesome. *acknowledges post.
  9. I can tell you exactly how the forum went to shit. See when I first started posting here I was so used to the internet, that I came off as a bit retarded. So I took a step back and read more, and the more I read the more I really liked the forum. It was a place where, not the most intelligent people (not saying they're uninteligent), but the most open minded people gathered. It wasn't always the best opinions, or the smartest people in the world, but everyone did have one thing in common. Open to discuss anything. See back then, in the span of one thread you could post and idea, then revise an idea as the responses came in, and others would revise their ideas given the new information. So there was a lot to offer in the way of personal growth. The forum always had a little silly side, but it was mostly contained to when you felt like being silly. Then the meet ups came. And while I have gone to quite a few it started to separate the forum with inside jokes, and the cool kids which ran out of the contained spaces and seeped into every aspect of the forum. See when I first joined the forum, popularity threads were quickly shut down, not by the mods, but by everyone in general. If you asked who would you fuck on the forum, well the obvious answer was Malkavia. But after the meet ups more cliques, and groups started forming, as well as more shit post threads, like the posters above or below you. Well what this did was one of two things, lower the bar for new users coming in. Hey just post in a bunch of those threads, raise your post count, and have some fun. The other thing it did was lower the attention span of the overall forum. People wanted quick rewards and cheap thrills. So eventually, the old users started slipping out, due to a mixture of personal things like hooking up, breaking up, or meeting up with other individuals. Or just because it was a lot harder to dig content out of people, or maybe they just move on because life. And as the old posters began leaving the quality of the forum went down, with new posters saying things like. Case and point... See the new generation, mixed with the short attention spans of remaining posters lead to threads where....Ultimately you go in and post your opinion, then if someone disagrees, you either blame it on the fact that only want validation, or are incapable of receiving the glorious advice offered. No one analyzes the content anymore. Just opinion, then shit posting if the op doesn't fall on their knees in praise. But what it honestly is? The forum lost a lot of open minded people. Which is a largely ingrained trait to the intuitive INTJ type, and so the INTJs move out, and INTJF has become more of a general watering hole. Which takes away from what made it awesome before. I can literally go into a random chat room, and dic pics aside, find the same conversations that are taking place here. Anyway... Now that the sand has been sifted some might say, this forum is pure gold now. Or, all the insightful people are gone, maybe they never existed. But there was a brief time where the forum balanced the social and intellectual, and it was amazing. Then there was me posting half indecipherable messages in the support and feedback forum about the dangers of allowing social spill out and influence the rest of the forum. Lol Because it's a rare thing to encounter something so beautifully balanced. In a community, and I never wanted it to end. Anyway, now the forum is like INTJ Lite. With terrible posting and extreme socializing outweigh the quality threads that actually made this place unique. It's kind of like someone mixed the mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken, and corn together, so you can still feel the textures, and it fills you up, but you don't get a taste of anything amazing. I know this all the forum from my own subjective experience, but it's a true (one) account. I know I quit the forum, and when I finally detox myself I'll stop posting. Truth is, I miss the old forum.
  10. INTJ/ENTJ Frustration So the internet goes down, and my dad tells my sister. Sister is the ENTJ, father is INTP. I am INTJ (though I'm currently testing as INFP right now). Dad to Sister: The internet is down. Sister to Dad: NO! It's not the light is on! Me: Uses personal hotspot and ignores everything. This goes on for 3 days. Until today.... Dad to Sister: The internet is down? Can you restart it? Sister Screams: It's NOT down, it's connected. I already restarted it! Me: The internet IS down. Sister: No it's NOT! Dad to Sister: Come here, I'll show you it doesn't appear on the list to connect to. Sister: It's NOT down, oh my God! The light is on! Mom to Me: Can you please help her?!?! Me: This would go alot faster if you just accept that the internet is down. Sister: It's NOT down. Me: Then what's the problem with just humoring us and restarting it? Sister: Oh my God! I already did! But here, look! Sister restarts the modem. Green lights turn on one by one until it gets to internet, then just goes orange. Me: Try restarting that one... *points to the modem* Sister: That's nothing, it doesn't connect to anything, it's the old internet. Me: Just restart it, see what happen. Sister: It doesn't connect to anything. Me: Yes, it does! That's the router, and that's the modem, see this cord connects them both. Sister: NO It doesn't, that's old! It has nothing to do with anything! Me: IT is not your strong suit is it, just restart it. Sister: Okay, that's why when I worked at the hospital I would work in their IT department! Me: That never happened. Sister: Whatever....goes outside to smoke cigarette. I walk up and restart the router and modem. Router won't connect, modem does the same thing. Me to Dad: You're going to have to call, something is wrong that it's not getting a signal. Maybe they can retry sending it. Dad to Me: Or maybe they need to replace it. I nod. Me to Dad: Well here is the password to the hotspot if you need to use it in the meantime. I go to take shower.Sister comes back from smoke break. Sister to Me: Hey come help me move this bookshelf, the wires do behind it so we need to unplug it from there. Me: No you don't we're unplugging it directly through the consoles, that's enough to restart them. Unplugging from the wall won't make a difference. Sister: Yes it will! Me: Jesus Christ, why do people ask me to help, if no one ever fucking listens. You need to call them. Goes back to my room. Dad calls company, and sister walks through resetting everything on the phone. Later I go out. Me: Well did you call? Sister: They need to replace the router. I nod and walk back into my room, son whispers in my ear. "You were right..." "Always am, :wink: ." Fucking frustrating! You spend more time arguing....grrrr.
  11. Can't do it! Must join chat! One night only.
  12. Today was one of those days were you see people and wonder about their intelligence. So I'm sitting at work observing this person, and a post from years ago flashes through my mind. I can't remember who said it or what thread it was in, and I'm not searching for it. But, out of nowhere this post comes in my head, "Well you have to consider that half the population has an IQ that's below average." At the time I remember responding with something like, "Huh, I never really thought about it that way..." At the time the poster was trying to put into perspective how much we don't realize that the people we interact with daily are a lot less intelligent than we think they are. Anyway fast forward and today that post pops into my head along with my response, and then my thoughts kick in and I think, "Wait, what?! ...it doesn't work like that...."
  13. Lo siento, When taking this out from the freezer, I accidentally took a bite.