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  1. I hope it's obvious that immortality is not a right, that is, infinite health care is not a right. Further, if my genes lead to an early death, no right has been taken from me. We are sovereign, and that includes our biology. But that doesn't mean there is no right to health. We Americans would certainly say we have a right to clean drinking water and sanitation, for example. But if you are wealthier or more socially connected, you will always be able to obtain more health care than those who are poorer or more isolated. That is an unavoidable part of the human and natural landscape. To what extent is health a right? I have been trying to find an answer to this myself. It's an answer governed by practicalities overlaid on the principle of 'Right to Life'. Proposal: If one has a health condition that will result in death earlier than one's population's life expectancy, then maybe one has the right to be able to afford a minimal intervention to treat that condition. Interesting question and especially relevant right now.
  2. That is unlikely to work. The state won't give you any benefit of any doubt. if you left, it's you who left.
  3. So you only like him as a friend? Then stop flirting with him.
  4. Lol. He likes you and thinks you like him.
  5. He got her pregnant, so probably did climax. As for her.... Waterboarding, unsatisfying sex, bring on the lawsuits.
  6. Just a data point: I don't harass people in the street. Hey, wait a minute. If that's a problem, you can implement this solution now.
  7. No media. That's just talk. Being dropped here:
  8. Sorry for you, and sorry she was in pain. My dad died last March (cancer--his pain was manageable, but there seemed to be a momentary bout of it when he died). The whole awful experience recedes, but thinking about it brings it all back. I sometimes talk to him (the piece of me that is him), and that is nice.
  9. These things probably last less than 30 seconds for me and mostly happen when I'm trying and failing to stay awake in bed (but not the malaria thing). Can't speak for others.
  10. Sleep paralysis is a normal condition of sleep. These are situations where, as you say, the person is in transition between sleep and wakefulness. That is not the same as being awake, and a 'hallucination' is not materially different from a half-awake dream. I would just say we are not very good at describing this state, which clearly has some aspects of sleep and some of wakefulness, with how much of which varying from case to case and person to person. My personal experience has included a range of situations, many of which don't involve an obvious 'hallucination', but all of which have left me convinced that I had only thought I was awake. For me, sleep paralysis is proof that I'm asleep.... Btw, I sometimes get electric-like 'jolts' in close proximity to that state, which by my measure means I'm slightly more awake than with simple paralysis, but still not awake.
  11. Every corner of the female body, per design.
  12. I would enjoy my walks down the street less.
  13. Not sure why she had to use a spreadsheet.
  14. English and French. Can read a lot of Spanish. I was once conversational in Lingala--could probably get that back pretty quickly, as it is a simple language.
  15. I think it's a feedback loop where you are so enchanted by your own emotions that you feel emotional about them.