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  1. Ima bus myself in and vote in 4 different states, like a good Democrat.
  2. That was hilarious. The anchor looked sooo disappointed.
  3. Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.
  4. I believe great repetition has the desired effect. Eat broccoli every Friday for dinner, without fail for a year, and you may actually look forward to it.
  5. I believe you do have a problem and should be come a uniform 1-drink-er, with great rigidity on that number.
  6. You have to hate (or think little of) yourself before 'Love yourself' means anything. A lot of people are perfectly happy to be themselves, so they have trouble understanding the instruction. I'd say bad parenting produces self-hatred. Then you need to be fixed.
  7. Just answer the questions. Can you feel something if you are in a coma: You might be able to. There could be different kinds of comas--some more like sleeping, others more like being paralyzed. Calculate how long to dig the hole: Say 3 feet per hour, radius of the earth is a little under 4,000 miles, so 5280 x 4000 / 3 = about 7 million hours, or about 800 years. Yes you can sometimes control your dreams to some extent, once you realize you are in a dream. It gets easier as you get older and you get used to what dreams feel like. What other questions? These questions aren't strange. How old is he?
  8. So, let's review the facts. We inherit our looks from our parents (through their genes, duh), and large groups of us show evidence of a common inheritance that differs from that of other groups of us who evolved in a different environment. Can we claim that our parents evolved in some other environment than they actually did? No. Can we have parents from heterogeneous environments? Yes. Can we say that race doesn't matter? Basically yes (culture is far more important in human life), but that wasn't the question. Can we say that race, which is indistinguishable from family, ethnicity and species in the mechanisms that produce it and the visible outcomes we all observe (apart from non-interbreeding between species, though there are exceptions), does not exist? No way in hell.
  9. I change my mind all the time, when warranted, which it obviously isn't here. Check your reading comprehension. Your data will agree with mine when you learn how to read it. It's still a new field. You call this concise. If you can't see the connection between ancestry and genetics then there is no helping you. Your looks are hereditary. Look around you. Why do I have to say this? Get back to me when you have looked for a full pattern of genes accounting for say 20 simultaneous phenotypical traits that differ (on average) between two different ethnic groups. You haven't done the work yet. Liar. Didn't they teach you that absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence? And yet the evidence is staring you in the face. Put it all together. Ethnicity is hereditary. Heredity is genetic. If you are not seeing evidence of heredity in gene studies then you are seriously missing something. Figure it out! Yeah, nah, nothing substantial.
  10. I have no friends, never go to parties, never socialize in any way. So I'm not seeing any social pressures to be affected by. I try to be a dutiful member of my (small) family. That's about it. And then there's this place. Not feeling pressures...
  11. I always feel better after sushi. Long before fire, we were made to eat raw fish, I figure.
  12. Did we get to part II where we discuss alternatives to bussing in voters from other states?
  13. Still at it? You are mistaken in your understanding of science, which is about accurate observation, nothing more and nothing less. This is as feasible a macroscopic level as it is at a microscopic level. You mean our current ability to read them can't do it. There is a difference. No one needs to justify ethnicity, just recognize it. No big deal, except when people try to say it doesn't exist. Again, review your understanding of science. Don't try to pretend I'm anti genetics or something. The point is, an analogous patterning is visible at the phenotype level and is all that is required in this world to identify gross geographic origin and genetic relationship (even if you don't yet have the observational wherewithal at the genetic level). Your being unable to find something using observational methods you have barely grasped does not mean it doesn't exist and isn't staring you in the face in quite a primitive way. And yes, that is science too. Stop lying. Family resemblance isn't social. Review your understanding of science. Direct observation of genes is only one field. Darwin is way ahead of you on this one. It's a matter of taste. If it's a network, then it's an irregularly spaced network, with bunching. Bunching, branches, whatever.
  14. Real or not, the letter is unlikely to have originated the complex. It seeks to exploit latent phenomena that are already there (male vs female, for example). This complex would have been born in the days of colonialism, when whites overpowered whole continents.