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  1. ps, I think you need your first visitor message, so I'll christen it for you. :P

  2. Here is one
  3. Hi I'm thinking about buying the Zune HD. But it would bother me if there's no flash support. There were rumors MS would patch that with a firmware upgrade, but latest facts i found about are from September. So, does anyone know more (now)??
  4. ... you don't even have a cell phone (important things are communicated directly) ... you ALWAYS wear earphones in the bus/train to avoid hearing the small-talk of the other people ... you try to explain the function of the Large-Hadron-Collider to the neighbours' 10 year old boy (he asked!!!) ... you get annoyed of the physics-teacher because he explains the same thing like the math-teacher two weeks ago - and you have to explain to your xSxx-class mate he only changed the indices
  5. Oh, almost missed this thread! Hello from Fribourg!
  6. Hi qwerty Thank you! What was the reason for your stay? Did you spend your holidays here? My mother tongue is (Swiss-)German. Second was French and third English.
  7. You mean this one? Never seen in real Life ;-)
  8. Hi Solus I just know the inner Besserwisser to good! Your right, its named after the canton Schwyz, but before Napoleon, the nation was called "Helvetic Repuplic" (and before that the "Old Federation").
  9. Hi Thank you for your welcome. My religion indeed maches my name (Catholic), but I'm no severe churchgoer, if you mean this :-) I have two more years to go to the college for the Bachelor, may be I'll add the Master too, don't know yet! I think the name Switzerland was created by Napoleon, but we didn't change it.
  10. Hehe yes, we absolutely don't like speaking Hochdeutsch (it's the standard-German for the others). Funny that this fact is so obvious!
  11. :-) I see... Did you go to school there? Then, you certainly know German quiete good! Yeah, OECD and its funny lists - I'm always laughing about this load of nonsense, there are much bigger problems than rich guys saving some taxes! Same argument for Mister Minister Steinbrück...
  12. Wow, so many reactions! Lets try to answer your questions: I like dementing clichés! So, not everybody makes cheese here ;-) , but your on the right way, my dad is farmer! I did an apprenticeship as machine designer and now I'm studying engineering. By the way, sometimes I'brew beer as amusement, just to make the link to your name :-D What do you mean with international turmoil? The mess in banking? I'd say it's not only our fault.... I'm not very agressive, but thank you ;-) Right, We don't have polar bears, nor is it extremely cold! But Messiah and Hellhammer are (were) Swiss bands. Cool, already found the first metalhead! We did the test in school last autumn. I was fascinated about our type description, so I started seeking more information. The other classmates weren't interested at all, don't now why... Ok, and why? Zurich I don't no very well, I live on the other side, near Bern.
  13. Thank you!
  14. Hi @ all After a while of lurking, I finally decided to join this great forum. My name is Christian (Chrigu is my nickname in Swiss-German). Unfortunately, the MBTI-typing is not very known here, so I'm glad to have found you! Please be indulgent in case of massive orthography errors ;-)