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  1. "Meanwhile, I got to watch a parade of foreigners get waved through passport control to do whatever the fuck they were in the U.S. to do with hardly any questions. It was fucking insulting." What's insulting about allowing foreigners who pass the screening go about their merry way? Should they have been screened to an even greater extent just because they were foreign when potential threats also exist among our own citizenry? Veteran status and citizenship means nothing in the context of security. We have groups such as the "Three Percenters", which include veterans and LEOs, acting toward our government in an antagonistic way just because they want to uphold their interpretation of what they believe America should be (e.g. Occupation of a National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon). I would also remind you of the times when there were a few U.S. citizens and who were also veterans have done harm to this country, and with that being said should not hold a protected status that negates enhanced screening. I don't know the details of your screening or your personal history, but I will say that surveillance and interaction between security personnel and people does need to be more subtle. Then again I've listened to those in the camp of "Presence alone is a deterrent, and deterrence works" -- I've always thought that doctrine was utter tripe, but that's just me. This Is a component of political correctness we call relativism. How can we stop people for illegally overrunning our borders? Didn't we kill the Indians? Didn't we steal land from the Mexicans? Didn't we enslave the Negro? Didn't we Nuke the Japs? This is the distorted thought process that will bring us down.
  2. Writers have been trying to warn us about these things for decades, the most famous of whom was George Orwell in his dystopian novel 1984. Orwell's work predicted the surveillance state that is well under construction in our own time. The advance of technology is unfolding geometrically making it possible to "watch" individuals from birth to death. The sheepishness of populations is a crucial aspect of "planned" societies and the willingness of individuals to sacrifice their liberties to a central power for purported security will eventually be the undoing of anything resembling personal freedom. We are living in a time where political correctness or the "oppression of thought" is a staple of colleges and universities. Political and cultural mind poisoning is a necessary agent to lull the populace into the final stages of acceptance. As populations are being shuffled around the planet a new central power is emerging to see that the plan is completed and to maintain the plan at the expense of the individual. All a person has to do is look back a few decades and see how government has exploded in places that were founded to protect citizens from the iron hand of government power.
  3. Well, most have noticed that people with low IQ's seldom vote at all. So it's likely according to the law of averages that the overwhelming majority of voters, both conservative and liberal, fall into the average mean of the population. Voting is a pain in the neck so people have to be motivated by something more than intelligence. Average people are not going to go to the polls in droves just to elect a candidate that they think is smart. Who cares? They vote for two reasons-either they are satisfied with leadership or they are unsatisfied with leadership. They vote for leadership that they believe can improve their own personal circumstances. It usually comes down to throwing the bums out that limited their personal circumstances. People with low IQ's make no connection either way. In fact there is evidence to suggest that Democrats actively go out and lobby people with low IQ's by bribing them to vote Democratic with cigarettes and alcohol and putting them on busses to the polls. They also use dead people as voters and dead people have no IQ's at all. These threads pop up all the time on forums and they usually reflect a "chip on the shoulder" personality.
  4. He never asked for it either.
  5. Bob Dylan's response to the Nobel Prize can probably best be explained by Grouch Marx's famous statement the he wouldn't join any club that would have him for a member. Dylan buttered his bread by being an antihero and an antihero is never part of the establishment. The Nobel Prize committee no doubt thought Dylan would show up on cloud nine falling to his knees with a flood of tears in a sappy demonstration of profound thankfulness. All they got from Dylan was a smirk and a dirty look., Dylan is Dylan-he is true to himself unlike a lot of celebrities who are as phony as their next press release. Dylan remains an Icon of personal conviction and the Nobel Prize continues to be a global embarrassment. http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/nobel-academy-member-slams-arrogant-dylan/ar-AAjg6UT?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp
  6. True enough but it won't be validated in the way it should be and always has. This is new and it won't be pretty.
  7. We are on the event horizon of a new paradigm that does not bode well for future citizens. Hillary Clinton's contamination of various agencies that ensure and protect national security are fueling a festering distrust in leadership that will almost surely crumble the foundations of our society. Corruption is eventually regarded by the people with contempt and contempt feeds the beast of chaos. http://www.gallup.com/poll/171992/americans-losing-confidence-branches-gov.aspx
  8. The Democratic primaries were rigged and only a fool would deny that. Trump tried to make the point that Clinton shouldn't even be allowed to run based on her illegal use of a personal server which jeopardized the security of the US. But the rigging of the primaries against Bernie Sanders with the willful assistance of the media betrayed the curtain of corruption that surrounds everything Clinton is associated with. Trump is not the only one who will not accept a corrupt and rigged election. More than half the population will reject it in ways we cannot predict. It's uncertain how much of the population will continue to buy the ridiculous fraud put forth by Clinton that it is the communists under the bed that are the problem not her well documented corruption. The laughable excuse that the Russians are at fault exposes her negligence at using a personal server which is as much at risk of hacking as her campaign. We better hope trump wins.
  9. Rome fell for the reason that all civilizations fail-massive corruption in the government, the military, the controlling aristocracy and eventually the common citizen.
  10. Oh, you won't die. They'll just give you a painless chemical lobotomy.
  11. We must come to grips with the fact that the US Constitution is a nationalist document. It was formulated on the premise that a people can create a nation based on the individual rights of the people of that nation. But a nation is by definition exclusive of all concepts outside itself. All the laws of any nation, even one that recognizes personal freedom and liberty exist to protect the nation above all. The US Constitution is not a perfect document and this was understood by the framers which is why amendments are part of it. But we must understand that dark forces are at work in the world today that seek to redefine the human condition to enforce a world government at the expense of nationhood. So the US Constitution is just paper to be thrown into the blazing fire of a new world order where nations no longer exist. This is what they are serving up for us. You can say you are a nationalist now but in the very near future you will be hunted down and dealt with as a threat to the new way.
  12. Howie Carr had an interesting comment on this earlier tonight. Ecuador refuses to extradite illegal alien murderers who flee back to Ecuador and the US is fine with that. But Assange is embarrassing the Democratic Party in the US so pressure was applied to Ecuador by the US government to block internet access. It seems that hiding the activities of the Democratic Party is more important to the US government than justice for murdered victims. If we want more of the same we better elect Hillary Clinton.
  13. There were some people decades ago who risked life and limb to get out in the streets and call attention to racial injustice. They braved police swinging clubs, biting dogs and high pressure water cannons. Many of those people were poor and felt they had nothing to lose. Most Americans salute those people to this day. But there is a new breed of fair weather protestors who use the right to protest as self- aggrandizement and attention grabbing. They risk nothing and put nothing on the line. They just drape themselves with the appropriated stolen valor of the people who actually made it possible for them to live a privileged life that most Americans will never see. They kneel and put one hand in the air all for show. Colin Kaepernick is an example and he is a spoiled embarrassment to the sports world. He is not alone as the bandwagon is beginning to get crowded. It’s disgusting but we allow it because our constitution protects it. If Kaepernick and the rest really want to make a difference let them donate their salaries to the poor and disadvantaged and spend the rest of their lives living on minimum wage. You won’t see that because these people are frauds. It’s easy to be a fraud in these times; it’s a lot harder to actually do something useful.
  14. I missed this personal attack-good personal attack.
  15. Dylan is an interesting figure. Hew was born Jewish, had a Bar Mitzvah, and raised his children in the Jewish faith. But he became a Born Again Christian and has stated on more than one occasion that he believes there is an afterlife. He is also apparently a very conservative thinker and believes the rich should use their wealth to create jobs. http://www.whitehousedossier.com/2015/01/27/bob-dylan-conservative/