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  1. Please take housing discussion over to this thread in H&H so we aren't cluttering up the thread.
  2. Topic inspired by a thread in W&E... In your area, how is the housing market? Is it cheaper to rent? How big/expensive is the average home? What is the median income? What kind of living situation do you prefer now vs. your dream home?
  3. I graduated college in 2008 (older millennial). The recession made it harder to get a job, but since I started that time with basically no money, I just continued to be frugal once I did find a job. Frustratingly, the month after I started said job, "the economy" was cited as the reason for cutting everyone's pay by 5%. Thankfully except a few hiccups, the recession hasn't prevented me or my husband from gaining career momentum. At most our 401ks took some hits and there were a few years without significant raises. We try to be reasonable with our spending and save/invest as much as possible but I don't think it's recession-related fear.
  4. When I had a very stressful, on-call at all hours job, I was making over 60k. I am MUCH happier now when I come in at 7am, do tedious but meaningful work, and leave at 4pm. No on-call, no emergencies, no angry people, about 30% less pay, 100% fewer emotional breakdowns. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Thankfully I live in a cheap area and have a partner contributing almost twice my income to the household, so the monetary sacrifice wasn't hard to overcome. He has to work odd hours once in a while, but it's very doable for him and he enjoys it. I had to learn the lesson that I can't force myself to take on a high pressure job for extended periods. I'm not built that way and it broke me.
  5. You seem to be obsessed with "the state" and went off on governance and strength. This is not at all related to what I said. Consider talking to a professional about your concerns. You are convinced that I deny differences between people when in actuality I say that a wide variety of people can and have coexisted for generations without the violent repercussions you describe experiencing. I suspect you are either under representing your actions or overestimating others' reactions. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: *loud whisper* I don't think he knows that my avatar is a holdover from a forum April Fool's joke from several years ago >_>
  6. Is this person cheating? What is cheating? Are romantic feels cheating? What is inappropriate is 1st what you can handle and 2nd what has been discussed and agreed upon. Has there been mutual discussion? Are you comfortable with your SO engaging with other females on ANY level? What level? Have you discussed it with him?
  7. Yeah, that's all... well. Try to relax. Practically my entire history is on the forum, and my romantic life has been more or less liveblogged. This is how we do. I have no motivation beyond helping people who think they are alone when they aren't.
  8. I think that your definition of "different" is... different from mine. I mean "people like you/us" and you mean "people exactly like everyone else." ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Anyway, what you seek is apparently not a practical solution to a common problem, so I'm out.
  9. I've already explained that "different" people are not attacked the way you describe being attacked. If you want to hang your hat on the idea of being different from all other humans and weave a vast web of imagined conspiracy against yourself, that's on you. The reality is that you are a mid-20s introvert discovering how the world works and possibly dealing with an extra complication that a lot of people, like me, have had to confront and address.
  10. Well obviously the most logical explanation is that you are different from all other people and therefore everyone wants to fight you. Go for it.
  11. Honestly I think you should talk to someone about social anxiety. These "vibes" and "dark icky energy" are likely a fear response in your own mind, causing you to tense up and expect a fight or resistance, which people will notice and be startled by. If you talk to a therapist, they can help you work out what's really happening and give you some coping strategies to calm down and separate what the anxiety is telling you from what is actually happening. There are a lot of people in the world who are artists, who don't look and act exactly like everyone around them, and who are what you might call dreamers - they get through life just fine and people aren't tearing them apart like wolves just for being themselves. Self defense classes are a good idea. Physical activity is good for the brain and for self image, and being taught how to recognize real, physical signals that you are in danger can help anyone.
  12. I use: VLC CCleaner 7zip Notepad++ Evernote on phone and PC Discord Ventrilo because my real life friends are jerks who don't get on Discord Chrome Steam (duh) Right now I also have some freeware image duplicate seek-and-destroy thing, but it sucks and I'm only using it to nuke a ton of photos that I copied and resized back when you had to resize stuff that you uploaded to the Internet or sent in email. I will delete it as soon as I'm done with the maintenance.
  13. It's "about youth" because the majority of us go through this stage, it's very common. It doesn't sound like you've had a long term relationship before; part of finding out who is compatible with you is maturing enough to where you can relax. Then you can take the opportunities to date different kinds of people and find out what you like/dislike and what works for you. It's an important step and you can't skip to the end... for several reasons including the fact that you aren't going to recognize the right "kind" of person for you on sight. People have a lot of layers. You'll get there.
  14. They're fine so long as people aren't put under undue pressure to participate. I prefer events where the organizers are making a sacrifice as well- say a business or orchestra donating a percentage of their profits for the night to a cause. That way I feel money isn't wasted on bland chicken dinners and a convention center ballroom... People can participate in an event that they already have an interest in with the added benefit of knowing their ticket money is doing good work.
  15. I never wore perfume until a few years ago... now I have a couple scents I love and would love to find similar ones, but I have no idea how. I'd like to spend a day with a perfume expert. My favorite: Fossil 1954 Any idea what other brands/scents I could look into with that same masculine/feminine mix? Another one I like was from one of those Victoria's Secret gift packs; it's called Sun Blissed and supposedly has hints of tamarind and marigold.