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  1. My aunts' children (five of 'em) all had electric white blonde hair as infants and up through puberty. Around that age their hair darkened to medium blonde. I can't say I remember their eyelashes though.
  2. Not yet, although I'd like to set one up soon so that I can tell whoever's left to donate my body to science. Things are pretty simple otherwise- I assume everything would go to my husband (no kids yet) and he would tell my parents to come get what they wanted.
  3. What an interesting method! Around here they sell a lot of ollas to gardeners, but you can't easily tell when to refill them: I've got most of my stuff on a drip system now, but I have one big pot that isn't wired up.
  4. I do put on some sort of fertilizer, but it's more like every six weeks and it's not liquid (pellets sprinkled around). The tomatoes are kind of inching along, the strawberries are putting out green fruit, the raspberries are trying to blossom, and the seedlings are making slow progress. Looking at photos I see the progress, but day to day it's hard to tell!
  5. We put in another cherry tree (compact Stella) last weekend when temps were in the mid 80s... now this weekend I need to cover everything for frost! The veg isn't doing a lot, but the roses are bursting:
  6. Chicken fried chicken with milk gravy (and a big salad to balance things out!). Lots of sage, pepper and paprika under a flour and egg coating, saute, then make a gravy from the pan fond. The chicken won't need to cook so long that it dries out, but the gravy is there to save the day just in case it does.
  7. ....not even close. http://www.nber.org/papers/w23242?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw In case it's too long... http://amp.timeinc.net/fortune/2017/03/13/wells-fargo-financial-advisers-gender-discrimination/?source=dam "Their research finds that in general, across Wall Street firms and number of large banks, following an incidence of misconduct like fraud, or the omission or misrepresentation of key facts, female advisers are 20% more likely to lose their jobs, and 30% less likely to find new jobs within a year, relative to their male colleagues. When controlling for more variables—essentially comparing men and women employed at the same firm, in the same county, in the same year—the punishment is 50% larger for women who engage in misconduct than for men."
  8. Just in case it helps narrow it down, do you know your great grandmother's heritage? Maybe there are different curing processes for people from different regions. ...... added to this post 9 minutes later: Also, I found this: It sounds like perhaps she used the water-curing method. In the recipes I've found, it takes at least ten days, and you change the water out completely each day until it is time to add spices for an un-changed soak of 3-7 days. Gordal olives also look similar in color to what you describe- you might also search varieties according to size, as gordals are quite large:
  9. The universe is very big. Keep perspective.
  10. It would be interesting if you could flip a switch to make the keyboard sensitive to different pressures. Like to sneak you could just baaarely press W, and to transition to a hard run you'd mash it right down.
  11. Sounds like a case for... a basil smash! Gin, syrup, lemon juice and muddled basil. My favorite drink!
  12. We've been having a very strange start to April... 70F today, but snow and frost starting on the 1st (hurr). So far everything in my yard has survived except the poor basil. The mesclun has burst forth overnight with a carpet of tiny green leaves, and the raspberry bushes (forgot to mention those before) are putting out flower buds. I can't wait until things start producing! In my impatience, I put in an Early Girl tomato today. Does anyone know why my rhubarb stalks don't ever seem to turn red? This is their second season. They get a little reddish blush at the base, then it's green up to the leaves.
  13. You may want to look at Information Systems degrees - they are about 50% business, 50% comp sci courses. I got an InfoSys degree with a minor (Chinese in my case, could be Finance or what have you). I think in this economy a degree is still important, if only to avoid being scraped off in the first resume cull. Keep your potential debt in mind when evaluating schools.
  14. I like having a home base to come back to- at the end of the day or at the end of a journey abroad. Many of my hobbies can't be taken along in a move (cultivating a garden over several years, getting out on my favorite trails...). Knowing that there is a patch of Earth that belongs to me is nice. When I was a kid I lived in many different states and that was neat, but now I like putting down some roots. The house where we are now won't be our last, but I'm happy to stay here for the next 10-20 years at least. Travel is still a high priority; not so much moving.
  15. Nice! That's quite a bit for a townhouse. Do you get decent light? We don't have as many squirrels around my house, but rabbits and birds are a huge menace. The rabbits ate all my strawberries last year, and the birds got to the blackberries. I don't know what I can do about the rabbits... maybe some metal mesh over the strawberry patch, but eesh.