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  1. Everyone dies alone. I expect to feel fear at first, then at peace when I realize what's happening. At last, no obligations, no what ifs... just, this is how it ends.
  2. This conversation reminds me of my favorite website: http://lileks.com/institute/gallery/index.html Specifically the "gel-cookery" section o_o
  3. That's awesome! I'd love to find a decent sized one. I have a tiny one right now, probably for personal pizzas or just warming rolls in a basket.
  4. I especially love to hunt the second hand shops for used bakeware. Things like ceramic casserole dishes or pizza stones can be insanely expensive new, and if you don't mind the occasional 70s print on your dishes, the old works just as well as new. Shopping second hand can be fun for kids, too. As a kid I would spend hours looking for used/broken Breyer horse models at Goodwill. Something like this would go for twenty five cents: I'd make up a whole story about how I was "rescuing" it- would wash it, glue the bits back together, add some touch-up paint... made me twice as happy as getting a new one.
  5. Jellyfish. It was semi-translucent, slimy, and... crunchy, like cartilage. I gag even now. I've suffered lutefisk. Never again. Also, my grandparents were convinced that shrimp had to be boiled forever. The smell... the texture... it was so BAD. And I seriously love seafood in general.
  6. Leaving aside that with a head injury, you wouldn't be thinking clearly in the first place... it's a no brainer (!) to call the police and explain what happened. The medical examiner can determine the cause of death (falling, not you taking a chunk of cement and beaning them). A person who attacks a stranger out of nowhere is probably in the system already, so that lends credence to your story. Plus, guilty people generally don't call the police. Lastly, it'd be best to get your head wounds checked by professionals ASAP. You might need stitches.
  7. It's a toss up between naked pillow fights with my girl friends and playing Skyrim.
  8. Congratulations!! I've told the story on this forum before, but our "real" engagement happened one night at his house. We were listening to The Ballad of Michael Valentine and were having a bit of a tiff; accusingly I asked "Well what do you see in us?" Suddenly he had tears in his eyes, and he said "A family." It wasn't until a few weeks later he proposed with a ring in my living room, but I counted that as just a formality.
  9. Craaab leeeeegs Will make beef wellington for late lunch tomorrowith, but I love our Christmas eve crab leg tradition.
  10. If you really don't want to lose this friend, you should have a talk with him and ask how he feels about you. He may point out some decisions you've made that he disagrees with, which would give you an opportunity to grow. It's important to not be defensive when you have this conversation. If he's someone you value, you should take his opinions to heart.
  11. It's been about a year and a half since we purchased/built a 3400 sq ft. house in west Albuquerque. No regrets... while we didn't end up moving my husband's grandmother in with us as expected, the space has been great to host overnight guests and keep our cats and dogs. The big thing we were looking for was a view, and now we are backed up against national park land with a view of greater ABQ. The house is full of light too, and although the yard isn't huge, I have a good garden space.
  12. I should be doing more than I am... specifically because money is tight this year, so I'm trying to do homemade food gifts! At the moment I'm working on a bread recipe that will actually work at this altitude. I've got pancetta curing in the fridge (won't be ready for Christmas), and will try to get some lemon jam and lemon curd made. If anyone has other ideas for food gift ideas, I'm open.
  13. I was always getting compliments about my writing and drawing. I was lucky to have engaged parents who got me private art lessons, and I was placed in advanced english/lit classes in middle and high school. Sadly, I've lost touch with both hobbies.
  14. Water water water. Always have a glass of water in one hand or next to you. For every alcoholic drink, drain a glass of water and get more. Then have two or three glasses at the end of the night to top it all off.
  15. Gray mare. I like the meaning.