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  1. It denies the actual nature of human beings. It would ultimate descend into the "state of nature" defined by Hobbes.
  2. Low brass (mainly Tuba), piano, a little guitar. I don't play any presently.
  3. It's a difficult question to answer, as there are many privileges on both sides. I guess I prefer the make hierarchy to the queen bee and bee hive.
  4. It's interesting to note how many women refer to their own body or sexuality, when the OP was asking about "the rights, privileges, and downsides that come along with the gender stereotype."
  5. Television and movies don't represent reality? Who knew?
  6. It's time to start asking questions of climate hoax deniers.
  7. Already answered in my original answer.
  8. It's actually a "I didn't know these were spelled differently" thing.. http://www.ci.zeeland.mi.us/ http://www.amsterdam.info/netherlands/provinces/zeeland/
  9. You've obviously not visited a 3rd world country.
  10. ...... added to this post 42 minutes later:
  11. Globalism: - Too many governments around the world are more interested in their own wealth and not the people they serve. Thus, opening things to them just means more corruption. - More/bigger government ultimately means a greater loss of freedom and rights. Globalists assume that government is good thing and not a necessary evil, and that's inaccurate. A big government would ultimately become a centralization of power. - With bigger government comes bigger politics. As we can see on the global stage, today, science becomes politicized, and then distrusted. + No people group would by isolated by a violent dictatorship (assuming the global government isn't.) Nationalism: + Governments are ultimately checked (to an extent) by other governments. Corruption can be limited with isolation. Higher taxes and bigger government usually results in business going elsewhere. The competition between governments ultimately keeps the climate business/worker friendly. - A military coup is more possible with a smaller nation, and those generally don't work out well.
  12. The US in USA refers to a "United States". That means we are actually 50 states joined together in a republic under the umbrella of a federal government. Our government actually reflects this idea: 1) Our Senate has 2 representatives from each state. The least populated state is represented in the same quantity as the most populated state. 2) Our Presidential elections are actually to select electors (mostly winner takes all) from each state to go vote for the President in the electoral college. The number electors in each state is the sum of the number of representatives (reflective of population) plus the number of Senators (2 from each state.) So, the minimum any state can have is 3 electors. This effectively means that every state matters when voting for President. It eliminates the election being determined by a dozen or so heavily populated areas. 3) Our constitution limits the powers of the federal government to be what is enumerated in the constitution, and the 9th/10th amendment reserves all other powers to the states and/or the people. So, our nation is set up to be 50 separate states under one federal government. So, when you say "New Zealand", our equivalent is "Michigan" or whatever state we're from.
  13. This is the foundation of the whole "transgender" movement, and it's a faulty one.