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  1. That's a great thought. Thanks!
  2. Don't forget to study the history if polygamy. Polygamous relationships tend to subjugate women in any given culture.
  3. DiSC is a self-assessment, as well, although you are correct in that DiSC is more behavioral in nature. However, the two do seem to correlate.
  4. Sort of like Brad and Angelina?
  5. I believe the term "vegetarian" comes from an ancient aboriginal language, loosely translated as "bad hunter."
  6. It really has more to do with the function of sex in any healthy society. Normally, deviation from sexual relationships that cannot procreate are frowned upon for the simply reason that a culture needs to reproduce itself in order to continue on to another generation. We label it as "cruel" to animals in that they are being used for sexual gratification, but is associated with the function of sex in society. Of course, it can spread disease both among humans and animals, too.
  7. So, a class I facilitate uses the DiSC assessment for personality style, and that has some interesting outcomes (and an interesting relationship to the MBTI), but I was reflecting on some brain chemicals that result from various stimuli, and wondering of one or more could be related to the DiSC circle. (For those who are unfamiliar, there is a picture: (The INTJ would fit somewhere near the line between "D" and "C". I'm right on the outside of the circle just below the line. Anyway, the four chemicals I was thinking of are Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxitocin, and Cortisol, and whether certain personality types might prefer or at least process certain chemicals better than others as a possible explanation for of result of their personality preferences. Dopamine would appear to be the easiest, as it is associated with accomplishment, so it would fit more on the D/C half of the circle. I am unsure as to whether Oxytocin would associate more with extroversion (D/I) or feeling (I/S), as it is what fosters relationships. I tentatively came to the conclusion that it would include some of 'D', all of 'I' and most of 'S.' Cortisol is the result of stress. I tentatively placed this opposite Oxytocin (some of 'S, all of 'C', most of 'D') as they seem to process stress somewhat better. I'm least sure on Serotonin. It would seem to encompass all of 'I'. Possibly most of 'D' and some of 'S'. http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=04978042523974062136&t=0497804252397406213646288 So, this would explain why most video game nerds are men (dopamine addiction), and why women are about twice as likely to be depressed (harder for them to process cortisol), and why women tend to value their relationships more than men (prefer oxytocin). (Yes, this uses the generality that far more women are feelers and extroverted than men). Anyway, this is just a working hypothesis (not even a theory) at this point. Thoughts?
  8. So, does this mean that squares and primes are related?
  9. Let me guess: You have white friends? ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: What's so funny about all of this is that coming generations are increasingly not racist. Generation X is significantly less racist than boomers, Millennials are less racist than Gen X, and from the looks of things, Gen Z will be less racists than Millennials. The problem is simply going away over time. It's only the race trolls and those who profit from racism continuing that are benefiting from it, and who continue to sound the clarion as though the problem is getting worse.
  10. We've gotten in trouble so many times for saying something that was interpreted the wrong way, we sure don't want to make any noise that would set her off in the middle of sex.
  11. I would accumulate what letter was put into each position and then form a matrix with the probability of each letter being put into each position, position across, probability of each down. So: ------1-----2-----3-----4 A---.85--.72--.93---.65 B---.04--.07--.02---.09 C---.04--.07--.02---.10 D---.07--.14--.03---.16
  12. I have found that simply engaging in activities that generate other chemicals in the brain is effective in slowing down the mind. Work and the struggle with life often generate a lot of cortisol. Continuing to allow the mind to spin on those things only generate more. So, we need to engage activities that cause the mind to generate other chemicals to balance things out. Exercise will generate serotonin. So, going for a run, playing a (vigorous) sport, etc. will cause the mind to get away from cortisol. Dopamine is the "accomplishment" brain chemical. It's what we feel when we achieve a goal or receive affirmation in some way. It's the chemical that is released when we get a "like" on Facebook and when we accomplish a quest in World of Warcraft. (Be careful, though, this is also the drug of addiction for everything from drugs and gambling to social media.) Still, a balance in generating some dopamine is healthy, especially when accomplishing something good. Oxytocin is the relationship drug. It is released during sex (making sex a good stress reliever), but also during meaningful human interactions (yes, INTJs, we need these, too. Find an ENFP. They'll help.) They're also released by physical touch. This is why pet therapy works. However, the INTJ in his natural habitat will not get a lot of Serotonin or Oxytocin, and often the Dopamine will be from artificial sources. So, the healthy INTJ, rather than using alcohol, will develop a disciplined lifestyle that raises these other brain chemicals to get them away from the constant cortisol drop. (Yes, this means you need friends. And a spouse.)
  13. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: (Here's slade's entrance)