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  1. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who experiences this kind of disappointment because my expectations weren't met. :p
  2. Do you guys think that having imaginary conversations might potentially reach a point where it becomes dangerous or harmful?
  3. Well, maybe I don't understand how to think about it. Theoretically, I can see why suppression would be a bad idea, but practically, it seems to work better than anything else. Thanks for the link. It is interesting reading.
  4. Yeah, I realize suppressing emotions is supposed to be a bad thing, but it seems like every time I try to pay attention to and think about my emotions, they just end up becoming stronger. I'll keep turning them over in my mind, and I never seem to be able to come to any conclusions. That makes me want to keep thinking about them to try to reach a solution, and it gets to the point where I'm obsessing over them and not getting anywhere, and I'm not able to get anything else done because I'm too busy obsessing. So...I'm looking for other ways to handle them. If I can make suppression work...
  5. Do you guys have any specific techniques you use to temporarily (or permanently) suppress your emotions and focus on whatever's at hand?
  6. Well, I was thinking of those instances of fairly strong emotion. I realize INTJs might have these less often than other types. I listen to heavy music (and loud music) when I'm angry too. Any techniques you employ when you're trying to suppress your emotions?
  7. When you're feeling a particular emotion or mood that you would like to change, how do you change it? For example, how do you stop yourself from feeling sad or anxious or happy (or make yourself feel these things)? Do you have ways that you can shift your moods and emotions and make them what you want? Or perhaps things that help you channel your emotions and use them productively?
  8. Here it seems as though all the science, engineering and business degrees are highly regarded, but the liberal arts degrees aren't so much. I know the clueless feeling though. Hopefully that eventually goes away, but I couldn't tell you yet. :p It would be cool if there were more subforums. I just wish I'd known about them before my post. It's annoying not being able to get to my own thread. :irked:

  9. I know this sounds pathetic, but I'm not sure of the details of my own system. Here, you go to secondary and get your GCSEs, you then go to college for A-levels, then you go to Uni for a degree. Yeah, I just don't know where exactly I would go if I did travel lol. I'm considering a getting a degree In History, because it's is quite highly regarded. I still don't know what I would do with it though. :) I'm really pretty clueless lol. Yeah, I've seen your post reemerge. Btw, do you think as we progress, and become core members etc, that you unlock more subforums?

  10. Okay, so your actions demonstrate your values, and what you say/think you value is more likely a belief? You make a good point, and I don't have an answer to this question. I'm going to have to think about it some more.
  11. I can understand why you might not need to justify them to others, but you don't need to justify or provide rationale for them to yourself?
  12. I'm actually a Classics major now, but I just recently declared a double major in Philosophy (again).

    Over here, you go to high school for 4 years and usually graduate at 18. Then you can go to college/university for 4 years and receive a bachelor's degree (I'm not sure if you guys use this term?). Graduate school is an option after college where you can get a masters and/or a doctorate degree. (again I'm not sure if you use the same terms?)

    Can you explain to me now what your system is, because I'm confused about your use of college and university? Here, they're mostly the same thing. :huh:

    Travel sounds great though. I wish I'd taken some time to do that. I did take an online course once though, and it was really great. I think sometimes they fit better with the INTJ style, because you have a little more freedom.

    I found out my thread moved to a Religion and Mythology forum that you can't see unless you have 80 posts.

  13. So, what determines what you find desirable? Do you think there's no choice in the matter at all? What if you act contrary to what you believe? Does it matter then what you actually believe? Obviously, it might matter to you, but is it going to matter to anyone else? Your morality then is what you think is right? Doesn't your idea that one can act as if one believes contradict your idea that it's not possible for someone to act against their values? Values are beliefs. aren't they?
  14. So, if you wanted to define your values, in order that you could be aware of them, how would you go about doing that? Can't you choose to believe differently? Hmmm, I've realized I don't really have an argument to back this up. What makes you believe what you believe, if it's not your choices?
  15. Are you still studying Philosophy? Also could you explain what a grad school is? I'm English so I don't really understand these terms. This lad had a go at me on my post, because our system is different and he couldn't understand me lol. I know what you mean on that last point. I felt the same way when I studied languages at secondary school (I think you would call that High School). I knew I'd forget it because I wouldn't use French or German really and my motivation slumped. I'd probably going to take a year out in between college and university (a gap year). I'll probably get a job, earn some money and travel. I've always wanted to visit New York and go to places in Europe. I've been to Belgium that was a nice place and it is relatively cheap. I might even do a on line learning course. Btw where abouts did your post go? Isn't theology inextricable from philosophy and ethics? :irked: