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  1. If this is an ongoing thing, I don't see anything wrong with the OP's post. Believe it or not, most people have emotional needs in a relationship and needing to feel loved is not unreasonable at all. All this thread moaning about how she's demanding is completely ridiculous. Honestly, INTJ's should just date goldfish with that attitude. However, the one thing I'd question is if this has been ongoing or a problem from the start. Has he changed at all or have you always disliked this from him? If this is the truth, then dating him was probably a mistake in the first place. Attraction to a guy because he's smart and funny is always okay for the initial spark, but tends to flare out pretty quickly because it's usually novelty. The things you find you are lacking, love and affection, are what you are now realizing are the most important elements of a relationship, more important than how funny he is. In the end, try to give him some time and space if this is a relatively new problem. If it's been awhile and he's just blowing you off, move on. He is likely one of the many INTJ's who just don't want to deal with other people's emotions. Although as an unrelated note, you do kinda sound like a bitch with the way you worded the end of your post.
  2. Excellent comment!

  3. Disingenuity. Unless you make it obvious you are joking, if you tell me something with any attempt at sincerity, then you better remember you said it, adhere to it, and never do anything to contradict it. Otherwise, your word means nothing to me. If I can take another: telling me "that's just the way it is". It bothers me when this is applied to social constructs. It's only that way because people make it that way, so telling me it is the way it is is only viable if a meteor is on an unstoppable path to Earth. Otherwise, it could change whenever society wants.
  4. In my experience, when people say these kinds of future plans, it's more of a whimsical thing. Think of her mindset as more likely to be "Oh hey, this guy's alright, maybe he could go to this thing with me." Besides, think about it, if she was really "interested" wouldn't she really want to get to know you much sooner than that? I don't think she's putting much thought into the offer, though I could be wrong.
  5. Currently have a rather large partition with ubuntu 12.10 mini netinstall. Pretty sick that I get the minimal setting you'd get from Arch/Gentoo without the constantly failed install. Openbox+Tint2 is pretty sexy when set up, but still have work to do like getting icons for the system tray.
  6. Don't expect catzmeow to understand anything outside of her narrow bubble of existence.

  7. There's a pretty big difference between what is being asked of the OP, which are unreasonable, arbitrary changes to appearance, and what is being asked of you. When you say he nitpicks your budgeting and relationship with your child, I see that he's not "fixing you for you," he's trying to build a more positive family life. Having more income and peaceful family relationships is part of that. The nitpicking you're complaining about are actions you do that affect other people as well. I don't know your situation specifically so I can't be certain, but "I am who I am and I need to spend money and yell at my kids" sounds really selfish. Everyone should learn to take constructive criticism to improve themselves in meaningful ways. As far as the OP is concerned, I wouldn't pay much attention to it. Just tell him you're comfortable with who you are and that he needs to stop negging you. I get comments all the time about how I should wear contacts, jeans, whatever and I just brush them off. If this is the worst he's done to you and you still have positive time with him, this is definitely not anything to burn a bridge over.
  8. 1. Looks. Face it, society judges based on looks first. For men, the tall, attractive, and "fit" get advantages even stretching to average salary. 2. It's actually fun to consistently improve at something. Working out is the only fair system I've found in my life; I put consistent effort in and get consistent results out. They may not be as fast as the results of the genetically gifted, but they're there. This is particularly cool because, as a student, I can't count how many time I've studied homeworks, reviews, and past exams only to get to my test and find that the questions are barely recognizable from the material I studied. Whether the teacher thought what I studied was pointless or whether they decided to scrap the premise of the class altogether, it's bullshit that keeps test averages to an objective D- at my school. That shit doesn't happen in the gym. Never have I done the work and then all of the sudden couldn't do it the next week unless I seriously mistreated my body.
  9. I had a severe s-shaped curve and underwent full spinal fusion surgery when I was 13. Not gonna lie, the procedure hurt like hell for a few days (though I was thoroughly a wuss). Being honest right now, 5 years later the implant causes me more consistent pain than I had before the surgery. It hurts when I wake up or sit in one position too long, though I've gotten pretty used to it. I didn't even notice I had the original issue until a nurse in school did a routine spine check by having me take off my shirt and hunch over. I only did the procedure because the doctor said my spine could potentially damage my heart and lung development. I did try a brace from a chiropractor, which helped significantly until he had me sleep without it for a night and see how the curvature changed; it completely regressed. The brace had no potential for long-term benefit so that's why the surgery was elected as the last resort. I'd avoid the surgery at all costs. It's damn expensive and the restrictions on bending/twisting are annoying if you ever wanna try to work out. Though I can only speak for the full spinal fusion. Some people only get a few vertebrae connected.
  10. I think I love you. The girl shoulda just grabbed his nuts back, looked him straight in the eyes, and walked away. Nothing weirds out perverts like getting out-perverted.
  11. More high fantasy dammit. Seriously, rolling hills, pine trees, and wolves are nice, but they don't exactly rip me to somewhere surreal. I'm tired of fantasy games trying so hard to mimic reality and then throwing some ogres or other popular fantasy creatures in and saying "voila!" Where's the Shivering Isles shit? More stuff like those glowy caves in Skyrim? I wanna be blown away by things I can't see travelling 100 miles north. It's what makes me love the D&D universe so much, but I doubt I'll see anymore games with that setting so please Elder Scrolls don't try to incorporate too much realism. Be creative, put some imagination into that fantasy.
  12. Nah, I'm having problems with the new update. Could be a kernel issue, but booting takes forever and my monitor restarts every time. It's starting to piss me off.
  13. Wait, does that mean that Arch linux, a lightweight linux distro, offers less battery life than Windows? I've heard that there are sometimes optimization issues, but that's a tough idea to swallow considering I'm debating installing linux on my laptop. If I'm not going to get a battery life increase from a minimalist distro, then I'm not going to bother.
  14. It's not the workload, I'm just really disappointed in the social life here. From Thursday to Saturday all people do is get shitfaced drunk, which is pathetic in my mind. I always expected some drinking and I'm perfectly fine with that, but the level to which it's a crutch here is astounding. Everything has to be "pregamed" and it's just not a Thursday night if your BAC isn't higher than your GPA.

    Oh, and the classes are just straight bullshit. I like the pure math, but the accessory econ classes I have to take for Actuarial Science suck.

    So, yeah. What was your favorite place that you went to? I know you went to Australia, which is awesome, but did you go anywhere else that's amazing?

  15. Yep. Currently back in Tucson, looking for employment to start saving again.

    Save enough to get an investment-snowball rolling and eventually work for me.

    We'll see if it works or not I guess.

    Heya, college life can't be that bad(?)

    What do you do with your spare time - or is your homework load really bad?