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    The first post in my current blog is a good place to start. The INFJ is actually ISTJ.
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    Employee at a small restaurant.
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    Growing as best I can into my mostly impossible ideals.
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    Watching everything.

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  1. Growth is not linear.
  2. James Fowler's Stages of Faith
  3. Coffee!!
  4. Good morning!
  5. As per ness: "Eight years was a good run - I'm working on my health, learning Linux, and getting back to the manuscript. I won't be back this time.

    I wish you all peace."

  6. @Monte314 - Especially if it comes frosted with math!
  7. @reckful - Thank you for the trip down memory lane!
  8. Reckful has ALWAYS been a weasel. Always.
  9. Hap - Beloved - It's been eight years since you died. The knife of loss still twists, just not as often, nor quite as hard. I think you'd be proud of me now, of how things have turned out. Yeah, it was real rough for a while, but I think most of that is done, and even that stuff held seeds of good things. I persevered and found those seeds - some are sprouting, a couple have bloomed. I've found a place where I can say that life is good again. Thank you for having been in my life - I am who I am because of you. For all this there is a very real sense that you are not gone, sometimes I feel your arm around my shoulder, so it's 'see you later'. Love, WW
  10. 'mornin'
  11. Snow day Lectures Cookies