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    The first post in my current blog is a good place to start. The INFJ is actually ISTJ.
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    Employee at a small restaurant.
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    Growing as best I can into my mostly impossible ideals.
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    Watching everything.
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  1. Letting the cat out of the cupboard he had gotten closed into.
  2. I've gotten better over the years, but I am MUCH better at expressing myself in writing than verbally. If I need to verbalize it's much clearer if I've at least journaled about it first. The really strong stuff seems to end up as poems.
  3. Watching Will change the back breaks and rotors on the Forrester.
  4. We all have different things we enjoy. *smile*
  5. So... ? Enjoy the trip!
  6. You don't have to participate, and some of us enjoy it.
  7. Purchasing a bluetooth dongle for my pc.
  8. Two fried eggs on one piece of white toast, washed down with too much coffee.