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    The first post in my current blog is a good place to start. The INFJ is actually ISTJ.
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    Employee at a small restaurant.
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    Growing as best I can into my mostly impossible ideals.
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    Watching everything.

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  1. Good morning.
  2. I tend toward more male friends, and knowing the biological push they endure, find it beneficial to be open about it - an honest conversation about it, toward gaining a mutual understanding of what each expects. I have one friend in particular that I had this conversation with where friendship was considered more important than anything 'more' or 'deeper'. Honesty has gained me more, in more areas, than anything else. Hard? Yes. But worth every bit.
  3. A bonfire!
  4. Living off the grid/homesteading is a lifestyle commitment, not a hobby. I've not lived entirely off the grid, but my place is designed to be quite efficient in the event of extended power outages. Lost power for 2 weeks once, and was just fine.
  5. I never saw the movie but read Into the Wild. Fascinating character. He seemed to me to be more into minimalism for minimalisms sake than anything. And died from mistaking a poisonous plant for an edible one that was very similar. ... I wouldn't consider him any sort of homesteader though.
  6. Lol! Come and get it.
  7. ...and a "thunder jug"...
  8. This is an endeavor that is somewhat easier the milder the climate. Where I am almost as much time is required to obtain firewood as raising crops (not including harvesting/canning/etc.).
  9. Happy New Year!
  10. I heartily suggest Back Woods Home magazine and Countryside Farm and Small Stock Journal. Follow links... it's an amazing rabbit hole if you are so interested.