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  1. I can appreciate both sides. I'm from the Caribbean, so our flavours are big and bold but I will say it is also very carb heavy, and carbs usually don't have a tonne of flavour on their own (think pasta, potato, rice). Becoming a great lover of food and being exposed to more sophisticated ideas about food preparation I grew to appreciate more natural subtle flavours and have consciously scaled back from heavily flavouring meat and vegetables. I will admit that the stereotype that white people cook bland food is very much alive here and not without cause - salt and pepper here is baseline flavour, not where it starts and ends. The exception is definitely the Mediterranean though (from personal experience).
  2. We also sang our anthem on special occasions. I didn't mind, as I love to sing. Actually we would also sing Christian choruses and hymns every morning too. At a public school. We also said grace before and after meals. At a public school.
  3. I guess I've changed. Hades was my result and I usually get Athena. Or maybe I'm just in a fuck everyone mood.
  4. Then you explained yourself badly. blowout. See, here I could make a crack about maybe meat eating makes you a better reader, but I won't. I'm classy like that.
  5. Whether it is excessive is separate from whether the meat eating phenomenon itself is entirely socially constructed. There may be a case for the former but definitely not the latter. I meant more along the lines of appreciating the fact that the animal sacrifices its life so that I may live abundantly. It is with the utmost respect and gratitude that I consume animal flesh. This separates me from the lionness. The name-calling is a great way to encourage open discussion and understanding, btw. I asked a very simple question as to your motives. It was asked and answered. I never said you were a bad guy at all and I like how you specifically excluded that my father is a vegan so I have nothing against the practice generally. I was at a loss as to what was your endgame with presenting this line of thinking over and over when it has never been well received or explored. Something can be good and beneficial without being necessary.
  6. Dammit, I quite liked Audioslave. His voice was quite different and he did some awesome things with it. Like a Stone was my favourite, I think. Dammit. Also a great one: ...... added to this post 47 minutes later: Ooooh this one too.
  7. But what you're asking and what you're accusing people of doing are two completely different things. I've seen as much bullshit from vegetarians as any meat eater when it comes to how and what people should eat. I don't think anyone has suggested that culture doesn't play a role in our dietary habits; that's obvious. We learn from our parents (who learned from their parents) what to eat but our bodies also have certain cravings simply because that's our biological makeup. Again, no one (at least I'm not) is arguing that the latter creates any obligation to eat meat, just that it's perfectly natural to want to. But you instead want to pervert that ALL into social programming as though our bodies have not evolved to eat meat or don't benefit from doing so separate from any commercial suggestion. I think there are many good reasons to want to be a vegetarian/vegan. My dad has been a vegan since before I was born and veggies are my second favourite kind of food, sometimes he makes the best stuff. I just also think there's such a thing as being a conscientious meat-eater and the term is not synonymous with monster. I also wouldn't argue that the amount of meat I eat is necessary at all. I eat so much purely because it brings me enormous amounts of pleasure. I'm certain I could scale back with no negative effects. Do I want to? No lol.
  8. Lol. Didn't know Colombians did the whole double carb thing too.
  9. The same broken down idea? Over and over? My comment was directed specifically at that poster though. Woot! You know, for you guys. No one likes a blowout.
  10. Cookies n beer.
  11. Haha, you sound like me. He's a lot simpler than you're making him out to be. You know he likes your intrigue and you enjoy his attentions (whatever limited potential he has as a long term mate) If you really want to be rid of him, stop engaging. If you want to continue the game admit to it. But don't be a pussy and don't lie to yourself about what is going on.
  12. It's not troubling as much as it is puzzling. Virtually no one in the thread agrees with you on this but I doubt it will change your outlook at all. Actually, I'm pretty sure nothing will. Which makes me wonder what the real point is. One thread or two on the theme I can understand. But multiple begs an explanation. What are you, if not a vegetarian? Let's all pretend it has nothing to do with this thread and I'm asking out of plain curiosity.
  13. Why can't you just be vegetarian and have that be enough, elsdfr? Why do you need to keep doing this?
  14. I'm going to cunt you in the dick.
  15. The ones I got all sound disgusting so I'm not posting em.