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  1. Definitely something I'd do and not just for a crush but bite the bullet. I think it's worth finding out if he thinks of you as more.
  2. Absolutely not. I definitely respect relationships I know about.
  3. Amazing how in every scenario you described everyone you disagree with is being irrational and unfairly insulting and you're the calm, rational, level headed one. Oh, we're also gaslighting you. But you know, you're no victim or anything. Absolutely amazing.
  4. Haha k. Only flat bois and gals. Carry on.
  5. How? Holli's not black and the study also confirms it's only apparent and not real lardosis.
  6. I don't necessarily have lardosis, just a more prominent gluteal muscle. Related. Less related but more sensational.
  7. I have quite a deep curve where my butt emerges from my lower back. Sleeping on my back on a hard flat surface would be the worst thing ever. Most comfortable position for me is on my side or stomach.
  8. Peace as in find a way to be okay no matter the outcome and stop this endless quest for answers no one here can give you.
  9. I live on what you'd consider a compound that's just family. Outside of the compound there's this house that's the size of a 3 bedroom but no less than 20 people must live in there. No idea how. And they just keep having babies. Every other weekend it's one of the kid's birthday and I get treated to children singing very inappropriate songs very loudly. (there's nothing quite like 30 kids screaming in their shrill little voices, "I'm in love with the co-co") Behind us is where our uncle lived with his wife and two sons. The sons got into a fight about a year or so ago and one ended up stabbing the other and his gf and went on the lam. Haven't seen him since. He left his son there and the boy verbally abuses his grandmother like his dad used to. We get along fine. Once I had one of the kids climb into my bedroom because I was locked out of the house.
  10. Have you considered it's who you are and not specifically anything you've done or said that has caused the rift? Have you considered it might not have been anything at all you did or said and the fault does not lie with you at all and it's just him? You seem the type to hate being out of control of the situation but I'm afraid here that's what you are. There may be nothing you can "correct" so he will come back or put your mind at rest. You have to find that peace yourself, whether he comes back or not.
  11. You need to learn to let go.
  12. Especially since the players don't get paid at all.
  13. I am also certain typical children do not spend that 10 hours a day at home, when considering simply getting around, extra-curricular activities etc. and even if they spend it at home, not necessarily in any kind of direct interaction with their parents like they would with teachers at school. Now I'm getting annoyed with the guilt and shaming of mothers who do not stay at home. Criticising either choice doesn't make any sense.
  14. They are typically asleep for a lot of that 24 hours, so realistically they spend the bulk of their awake time at school (I figured you knew I meant when they are active).