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  1. Why would you think a woman pursuing a purely physical relationship with a "bad boy" cares more for him than he does for her?
  2. No. Real relationships kick just sex's ass.
  3. Yeah, more or less. Though not " nice guy" as the entitled prick who thinks he's owed a hot gf because he's "nice" and that's what women say they want. Nice as in considerate without an agenda.
  4. I didn't do anything but you are very welcome.

  5. I didn't mean to imply the two were linked, which is why I said "also".
  6. It doesn't mean the reliance will be particularly demanding, but the ability to put full faith in your partner is very freeing (even something as small as grocery shopping).
  7. For what it's worth I also identify strongly with the INTJ section compared to all the others. And it's less about dependence than it is commitment and competency. There's nothing worse than having to rely on someone who isn't, well, reliable.
  8. I remember watching a documentary a long time ago and one of the subjects was a man with a disability who routinely visited brothels. He was even arguing that sex is a human right and his public assistance should accommodate this expense. He's British.
  9. While the body being paralysed is a normal condition of sleep, having your mind awake for a significant period while your body is still paralysed isn't. It's a dysfunction and mostly happens when people are overtired or haven't been sleeping well for a period of time.
  10. I would enjoy my walks more. I also wonder if it would mean the end of street harassment.
  11. This one didn't make any sense to me either until I saw the music video. Those are dance moves. It's a dance song.
  12. Yes. Sex was great. Did not allow any further involvement. You don't choose who you're attracted to but you sure as hell choose how to act on it.
  13. A buttload of Indian jujube. http://azmartinique.com/sites/azmartinique.com/files/fruits/jujube.png
  14. The interpretation of the results is a little strange. If i were asked about whether I was hypothetically interested in a man who was in a committed relationship, I would assume the unspoken qualification is, if he became available. This study didn't seem to ask, "Would you date him while he was still committed to someone else?". So I would surmise that women are more interested in men who have demonstrated the ability to maintain committed relationships than men who have not demonstrated this ability. But not that they are more willing to date someone currently in a relationship compared to someone who's currently single.