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  1. True! I should have written homo- and heteroerotic and not -sexual.
  2. Sorry, but the biological definitions were valid at least until 2016 while the sociological ones, well, might be considered as rather fluid...
  3. Specifically speaking the typical criminal has most likely a high level of disagreeableness and a low level of consciousness in a psychological test. Especially being disagreeable is predominantly a male trade.
  4. You are actually nailing the issue at hand. The definitions that are essential to understand each other have been turned into arbitrary noise. Here an example: What you might define as yellow might be defined by me as green. So how are we describing to each other the look of a tree's leaves if there is not a normative everybody agreed on???
  5. As I tried to explain, the definition of sex and gender have been defined for more than 100 years ago. And this is how biologists are using those terms until this very day to ensure they are talking about the same.
  6. No, no, no! There is the scientific theory that the exposure of embryos to different levels of male and female hormones could effect their homo- or heterosexual preferences. No magic going on here! ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: If you are really "aquatinted" with biology you should know what's going on, wouldn't you? Or do you really need a lecture about the bees and the flowers and so?
  7. Yes! Which should be the backed up with empiric or other scientifically accepted evidence.
  8. Go get yourself a copy of "U. Kutschera "Das Gender-Paradoxon". From pages 405 to 421 you'll find all the references he cites and bury your teeth in it. Good luck!
  9. Oh no! Don't slither yourself out of the corner I trapped you in so easily! Please answer my question because it is essential to the "gender is a social construct" narrative!
  10. I assume you are not very connected with biology which is the science that has the lead on the matter on sex.
  11. As I said it all comes down to definitions and you are using yours quite loosely... ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: Without getting here lost in your details please allow me to ask you one single question: If "gender" is a social construct would you agree that conversion therapy does work? Just for the record: I personally think its nonsense but if you think it is all socially constructed... well?
  12. Thanks for displaying your understanding of science.
  13. Could you please elaborate what you are trying to tell us. I'm not a native English speaker so I might miss some parts that you might consider self explaining. Thanks.
  14. Nope, one "concept" is based on science (which allows you to actually use that computer in front of you to communicate with me thousands of miles away) and the other "concept" is based on an ideology that is so far not backed up by any empiric evidence. Actually I have a problem with using the term "concept" for that gender ideology because to this very day it never left the state of hypothesis.