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  1. Here an excerpt of an fantastic interview. Dr Jordan Peterson explains his view on the difference between scientific and religious truths and I have to admit that this definitely changed my view on religion.
  2. Gods and Generals and tonight it'll be Gettysburg
  3. La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX. Best buy ever regardless those 430 Euro!!!
  4. Accidentally rumen in Lisbon.
  5. Self awareness is the first step to the solution! You have it most likely right here. You might want to educate yourself a bit. Ignore the catchy title as the content is pretty spot on and very helpful while respectful at the same time. Absolutely not! As if that would have ever helped in cases like this. Chances are that this would just add more emasculation against him on their marriage scale.
  6. As neurosis.
  7. For a long term relationship or a short fling??? Larger difference for women than for men!
  8. I think fat people should also have a chance to participate. Why should it be limited to race?
  9. Only people with poor or no affinity to science are claiming that. Scientifically it is settled.
  10. No, they get hate because they outperform their competition.
  11. I stumbled over this interview with him on YOUTUBE and have to admit that I'm quite impressed about what he has to say. Sure he has certain issues but one can't deny that he is highly intelligent and possesses some intellectual depth. Oh, and he openly admits that he is some kind of professional provocateur which makes it even more fun to listen to him because it's sometimes hard to say if he means what he says or if he is just pulling someones leg.
  12. A bully bullying bullies by using their own weapons. What an hilarious spectacle!
  13. After quite some reluctant dating I've been even in bed with someone I had no feelings for. Huge boobs appear awesome but they never compensate for lack of intellectual connection. Never ever again!!! I've neither felt so misplaced in that bed (actually twice) before nor ever since.
  14. Of course this applies to guys, too. Why wouldn't it (except of course that thing about the biological clock running out)? I am not presuming that females must feel maternal. I am presuming that females should be allowed to feel maternal despite the actual Zeitgeist.
  15. A. That is a hell of a hedonistic statement. B. I would assume that just because you raised the question you actually have "baby fever". (which is a good thing!) C. Keep in mind that you biological clock keeps ticking and it will stop doing so not too soon from now... Consider that being a mother might be the greatest emotional experience of your entire life ever!