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  1. It's easy to be happy when you have only little things to worry about, or everything goes 'just so' isn't it? I can see why you'd think it was pessimism because it's so far beneath what you'd consider 'average' or 'normal', but you are not immune from your views being coloured by your own environment. From 'down here' though, all that stuff you keep repeating about not trying hard enough etc. just looks like blind arrogance, a tenuous attachment to reality, and a sizeable helping of the FYGM mentality. Different environments, different perceptions. (Actually this is one of the big dividing issues between those who have and those who do not - a complete disconnect between two worlds. Niether really understands the other, but one has disproportionate power over the other.) I'll leave you guys to your self congratulatory back patting now. Have fun.
  2. No. I don't have much time for people who flaunt stuff though. Really. Sometimes there are are no opportunities to be had. Or they are there but have barriers around them that people without either spare money/time or the right contacts cannot overcome. To insist such things are always present and available everywhere, and people are just 'making excuses' is really not helpful. Try living on the bread line for a while, you'll see plenty of opportunities for sure but you can't actually afford the cost or the time to pursue them. tl;dr - your priveledge is showing.
  3. I don't want a credit card. Virtually everyone is suspicious. I think there was a positive response once, but I really don't remember it. My employer (bless thier little hearts) put me through an vetting procedure becauseOMG this person is different.
  4. Okay. I'm confused now. Because every opinion I've ever had thrown at me about this has been a "It's really bad and you should feel bad" kind of thing.
  5. Yeah. Tried that a couple of times, but it never seemed to do anything and I felt like I was wasting people's time because of it. There's this other thing we've got going on in this thread about how 'we' are all some kind of clingy limpet who's gonna hang around and get underfoot all the time, and be super demanding etc. While it is possible you might get one of those on the 'turnip roulette', it's pretty harsh to say we're all going to do that. But to be fair, I can see where you're coming from.... A fair chunk of people in this situation are here because the whole social thing is just plain exhausting to them. I'm one of them. Trust me, none of us from that chunk are going to harass you all the time because that takes energy that just isn't there most of the time. :p Again there's the problem about all the stuff looking the same from the outside though.
  6. Sure. I'd think I'd like that. No idea when or how though. Also there's that whole negative association thing to overcome....
  7. Dudes.... It's just a preference. Like preferring to avoid eating turnips, because you really don't like turnips. You don't need to justify it, and attacking it is silly. Actually, Matt is pretty much right here. Some of us 'turnips' are rather fucked up, some are terrified of everything but desperate to reach out, some have been kicked so often they just gave up, some never fit in anywhere and were just forgotten by the world at large, and yet others are just folk who have been left behind by thier peers and didn't have anywhere else to go. And the kicker is they all look the same until you get close enough to look inside. Of course by then you might have been snagged for a ride on the crazytrain, and that's a little on the late side. Insight: It's actually not too bad most of the time, you just do whatever you feel like etc. And every once in a while things catch up with you and it's all beyond horrible until it resets itself until next time.
  8. Zero. And I am treated at best with suspicion, and at worst like a criminal because I have no credit history, and nor do I want one. It's almost fascinating how debt has become something of a socially moral attribute (presumably deliberately given how much money debt makes some people).
  9. My cat likes butterflies.
  10. Tell us more about how much you don't like smilies OP.
  11. I was never gifted. Just barely above average. Good enough that it was never a chore to learn. I was never the bright centre of popularity, but I was never insular. But stuff happened. It kept on happening. It happened for years. I stopped caring. About anything. Everything became a chore, took more effort than it was worth. I withdrew. I never really recovered. I died quite some time ago.
  12. Done this plenty of times. Although it doesn't quite work the same as it used to. (And this is a good thing.) I have in the past played MMOs and done amazingly stupid/outrageous things for no other reason than it amused me, and gotten away with it simply because I was a 'girl'. Free stuff - I need my pretty supplies! xoxo Break things - I don't know what I'm doing lol Betray your friends - Oh. I thought that was what we were supposed to do.... :'( Generally be a skittish offensive douchebag - I don't understand why you're upset! And since the only means of communication was text based you almost never got called on anything beacuse Ohmagerd! A girl on teh internets!. Thankfully that doesn't work anymore. I'll still play cross-gender sometimes on the rare occasion I touch MMOs these days because if I'm going to be spending hours looking at someone walk around and do stuff, then I generally prefer that to be something I like looking at. Also, another thing that's dying/died out is the whole support/offence split. It used to be a thing where support classes/skills were mostly female, and offence were mostly male. And I generally prefer playing support.
  13. I really do need to mentally file that quote away for future use.