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  1. I've just started Cyberpunk Bartender too. Got it during the Christmas steam sale but never touched it until now.
  2. The Gwent I'm talking about is a standalone card game currently in beta.
  3. I've been playing some Jack Box 3, Tricky Towers, and Overcooked with the family. I've watched a few videos of people playing Overcooked and they were terrible at it but my family did great and they're not people who play a lot of video games.
  4. I've been playing for a couple of weeks and I haven't had that much trouble getting cards. Every day, three wins will get you a card keg that has 5 cards in it (given 4 and then you get to choose 1 out of 3 cards for the fifth). I think you need 6 to get another card keg, and after that the number of wins you need keeps going up. You can craft cards with "materials" that you get from winning and you also get some from losing. I crafted a 800 materials legendary card on Saturday and I'm already back up to just over 500 materials. In Gwent the minimum deck size is 25 and maximum is 40. Cards are divided between bronze, silver, and gold of which you can only have 6 silver and 4 gold. You draw 10 cards in the first round (you get three mulligans), 3 in the second, and 1 in the final round (if there is one) so with a 25 card deck you'd be going through a pretty large percentage of your deck in those three rounds. People opt for smaller decks for better draws. You should always be getting something you can use in your starting hand so consistent crappy draws would be a symptom of a poorly thought out deck that could probably use some trimming than RNG. None of the cards (...a few mechanics and cards are kinda broken right now) are completely overpowering but they can't dominate a game because there are three rounds and the units and effects don't carry over between rounds.
  5. I had a friend stab their hand pretty good doing that. If the pit was any softer I think they would have recreated that picture.
  6. They're doing a roll out and letting in groups of people at a time. It started about a month ago and I only got in last week.
  7. I'm not familiar enough with Hearthstone to compare it.
  8. If it was diesel, your car likely would have stopped when the gasoline in the system got burned off and it's not going to start again. A gasoline engine can't run on diesel.
  9. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game The game is in closed beta right now but I was wondering if anyone here is taking part. If you haven't heard of it, the game is free to play, set in Witcher universe and is kind of like a faster moving Magic the Gathering. Three rounds, you draw 10 cards at the start (plus a leader card, second round you draw three more, and then the last round (if the game goes that far since it's best of three) you draw one more card. There are four decks right now (Northern Realms, Monsters, Skellige, and Squirrel Tails) and I've been having a lot of fun with a monster breeding deck and a skellige self-hurting deck. Been trying to get some cards that make the others more playable. Ended up somehow streaming six solid hours of it today. I never really got into Heartstone but Gwent is really striking my fancy.
  10. I made it into the closed beta for Gwent and finally having some fun with it now that I got some interesting cards to play with.
  11. Anyone else tried Moirai? It doesn't look like much but has a neat concept going for it; saying what it is was kind of ruin it. Also, only takes about 10 minutes to play through and is free on Steam.
  12. I've never been into Nintendo games so buying a Nintendo console and handheld I have never felt was worth it for the handful of games I'd actually want to play so the unifying of the two is a huge plus for me. That controller looks awfully small and uncomfortable to me and are people really going to lug this thing and their phone around with them? I find bringing my phone with me annoying enough.
  13. When things work out right: When they don't:
  14. Maybe my next pc will be a desktop. This laptop is starting to show a bit of it's age but then they're finally putting desktop gpus in laptops now and it'd be hard for me to go back to using a desktop after so long.

  15. I've been using laptops almost exclusively for the past 15 years and I very rarely use them on a desk. If you read my opening post you'd know I wasn't really looking for a cooling solution. I'm looking for something to keep my laptop up off my lap so the fans aren't blocked and is comfortable to sit on my lap. That penny things looks like the most annoying cooling solution I've ever seen for a laptop. Chest? Wot? If it's on your chest isn't that too close to type comfortably? I had a cooling pad like that before and I found it incredibly uncomfortable.