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  1. Anyone else tried Moirai? It doesn't look like much but has a neat concept going for it; saying what it is was kind of ruin it. Also, only takes about 10 minutes to play through and is free on Steam.
  2. I've never been into Nintendo games so buying a Nintendo console and handheld I have never felt was worth it for the handful of games I'd actually want to play so the unifying of the two is a huge plus for me. That controller looks awfully small and uncomfortable to me and are people really going to lug this thing and their phone around with them? I find bringing my phone with me annoying enough.
  3. When things work out right: When they don't:
  4. Maybe my next pc will be a desktop. This laptop is starting to show a bit of it's age but then they're finally putting desktop gpus in laptops now and it'd be hard for me to go back to using a desktop after so long.

  5. I've been using laptops almost exclusively for the past 15 years and I very rarely use them on a desk. If you read my opening post you'd know I wasn't really looking for a cooling solution. I'm looking for something to keep my laptop up off my lap so the fans aren't blocked and is comfortable to sit on my lap. That penny things looks like the most annoying cooling solution I've ever seen for a laptop. Chest? Wot? If it's on your chest isn't that too close to type comfortably? I had a cooling pad like that before and I found it incredibly uncomfortable.
  6. I commented on your laptop cooling pad post. I hope I caught you in time before you made a dork of yourself. xD

    If you want any further suggestions I have a liquid cooled desktop rig that doubles as an air conditioner it gets so cold. The colder the air the more oxygen and with that cleaner air, all the better to think with! And might I also recommend snake weed plants near the windows, they are quite awesome.

  7. Been poking around in the Outlast 2 demo. Not really my cup of tea.
  8. If I was going to use this on a desk I'd get a real computer. I'm looking for a bit more than a flat hard surface to put it on. I could diy one I suppose but I'm not really in the mood to put something together that works for me and looks half decent. Can't find that on their Canadian site but I will look through the others they have on offer. Why drywall? It's dusty, it breaks easily, it crumbles. Clumsywordsmith's 3/4 plywood is a better solution in a whole bunch of ways.
  9. That's made to sit on a hard surface rather than your lap.
  10. I've tried cleaning with a dozen different things and it hasn't worked. It goes back to being sour smelling pretty quickly. I've thought of replacing it with a piece of memory foam with some kind of covering but the foam on the laptop pad is glued onto a piece of plastic and it seemed like an absolute pain to remove. That would definitely work and I've seen those sold somewhere near here I just don't remember where. Maybe Walmart. I'll have to check.
  11. I'm in need of a laptop cooling bad. I don't really need one with a million fans to keep it cool I just need it to keep the laptop bottom up off my lap and it needs to be comfortable to sit on my lap for long periods of time. Most of these pads seem designed to sit on a table and they're too uncomfortable to sit on your lap. The current one I'm using is Targus AWE55US Lap Chill Mat is pretty great but it has a foam back without any covering so it smells bad now and is full of gonk and I don't have a clue how to clean it; I accidentally put it down on some spilled coffee which I think is the primary culprit. Like I said, I don't need somethings with a million horsepower fans to keep my laptop cool I just need something comfortable and raises it up off my lap so it doesn't get too hot. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  12. Quiplash and Fibbage. I got a urge to play the games but man it's tough to get people together to play them even though we're playing online and not in one room.
  13. Project Highrise. Never knew I was missing a building sim from my life but I've been playing it every spare moment I've had.
  14. Beholder. A 1984-esque game where you play as an apartment landlord and have to spy and profile your neighbours. It's still in beta but it's pretty neat of what I played of it so far.
  15. Other than what was mentioned already, I've been really into Hitsugi no Chaika and Assassination Classroom lately. They might be up your alley if you like action with a pretty good plot. Also Gate