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  1. Second round tomorrow night. Ottawa vs NYR: Ottawa in 6 Washington vs. Pittsburg: Pittsburgh in 5 Nashville vs. St. Louis: Nasville in 6 Edmonton vs. Anaheim: Anaheim in 6 Last round I was 6 for 8 with 4 correct series lengths. I didn't predict Montreal ineptitude at scoring though I should have suspected it and Boston was derailed by injuries like I thought Ottawa was going to be.
  2. Well... I bought PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. A friend of mine said they'd buy it if I did. If anyone would like to team up drop me a line First game I ever played solo I made it to number 2. Just me and one last guy that I could see through a window and he couldn't see me but the blue haze killed me first.
  3. New York, St. Louis, and Edmonton move on. Montreal really needs a difference maker up front. Radulov is great but they need someone who can score besides Patches.
  4. That's kind of how I feel too. I regret buying Overwatch considering how much I played it and I think this game would be much the same.
  5. Full Throttle Remastered. Some of those puzzles are kind of difficult and I think I like the old pixel art better. Anyone playing Player Unkown's Battleground (what a stupid name)? I kind of what to play it but I don't know anyone else that's interested and it seems like a lacklustre experience solo.
  6. Well, Chicago went out with a whimper.
  7. Calgary is out. Their playoff ineptitude continues. They must have really pissed off the hockey gods or something (beating Montreal in the forum for the cup 89 maybe?). They have won 4 playoff series since 89; three of which were in 04 when they were absolutely robbed of a goal in game 6 of the final that would have won them the cup. Minnesota has been pretty inept in the playoffs throughout their history. Things never go right for them.
  8. Songs in video games will get your videos claimed as well but they won't take your videos down, you might not be able to monetize the video or they'll put their own ads on the video. I have like 700 videos and only 5 of them are claimed. Two of them I am still able to monetize.
  9. I'm not a toddler and I have no idea what the fuck is going on in that video.
  10. I meant to start this last week when the playoffs started... Anyway: East: Capitals vs. Toronto: Series tied 1-1 Montreal vs. NYR: Mtl lead 2-1 Boston vs. Ottawa: Series tied 1-1 Penguins vs. Columbus: Pens lead 3-0 West: Chicago vs. Nashville: NSH lead 2-0 San Jose vs. Edmonton: Edm lead 2-1 Anaheim vs. Calgary: Ana lead 2-0 Minnesota vs. St. Louis: Stl lead 3-0 Columbus has such terrible luck drawing the Pens in the first round. In their 17 year history they have made the playoffs three times and have never made it past the first round (Detroit swept them in 2008-2009 and the Penguins beat them in 6 in 2013-2014). Tuesday night they might be the first team out. I'm not really surprised by St. Louis being up 3-0. The Blues were great the last part of the season and Minnesota really sucked. Minnesota is at least better than Columbus having made it to the playoffs 8 times in 17 years and 5 years in a row counting this one though they only managed to get past the first round three times in their history (also eliminated by the Hawks 3 of the last 5 years). Chicago not looking great having scored 0 goal in two games and getting shutout to the tune of 5-0 in the last one. Not much to say about the other series. Ottawa hanging in there despite their injuries, Lundqvist keeping the Rangers in their series, and Calgary digging their own graves. Also everyone seem to assume San Jose was just run over Edmonton but they've now been shutout in two games. Living in Canada...I am so sick and fucking tired of hearing about the Leafs. If 4 Canadian teams were to move on and Toronto get eliminated I'm willing to bet we'd still hear more about the Leaf in the second round. My predictions: Capitals in 6 Montreal in 7 Boston in 6 Penguins in 5 Nashville in 6 Edmonton in 6 Anaheim in 5 St. Louis in 5
  11. My most recent run I tried accepting every duplicant I got offered. Made it to cycle 106 or thereabouts but everything was so slow and laggy I had to stop. I'm not sure if it was the size of my base or the number of duplicants but probably a combination of both and also the game having to keep track of so many things after 100 cycles. Hopefully an optimisation update comes along at some point; I remember Prison Architect being pretty rough when it was in early development too. The ai could also really use some work. Sometimes the duplicants pathfinding seems to completely break and it's usually in an environment where they'll suffocate or freeze to death. I've also found farming to be a real chore since you can't automate it and the dupes just refuse to harvest when you tell them too. I had a couple of dupes whose jobs were only digging and harvesting and it would still take forever to get done.
  12. Some things are obviously missing but I've found it to be much more polished than the usual alpha game you come across That type of management is what really attracted me to the game. There's always something you have to deal with so you can't just plop down an electrolyzer and have it solve all your oxygen problems since it will also fill your base with hydogen as a bi-product and you need to power and provide it with water. They recently had a "Thermal Update" that fixed most the of the temperature weirdness that was going on though I wish different types of gasses actually had an affect on your duplicants. Chlorine does nothing to your duplicants for example and they will happily breathe polluted oxygen.
  13. Oxygen Not Included is by Klei, the Don't Starve people, and has some things in common with Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress. You start off in a asteroid/planet with a few little dudes that use use to mine and start building your base. Like the name implies, oxygen is a limited resource and carbon dioxide accumulates and you have to find ways of dealing with these gases along with others. Your main concern is dealing with the needs of your "duplicants" getting them enough food and oxygen and dealing with their stress and waste. I've been having a lot of fun with it and there is a remarkable amount of physics implemented though in some aspects still a bit rough. Gasses behave like gases do in that oxygen rises and carbon dioxide falls so if you create your sleeping quarters at the lowest part of the base, your little dudes are going to be in for a fitful sleep as they wake up suffocating. You can build machines like an electroylzier which turns water into oxygen but then you have to of course deal with the by-products like hydrogen being produced. If seen someone use pressure and temperature turn carbon dioxide into a solid and also someone boiling water to decontaminate it...both beyond my understanding of the game but I think it's pretty great physics allow that kind of thing. So this is in Alpha and I don't that turns off many of you but it is already a pretty solid game with a ton of features. Very little jank unless you run into the C++ bug some people have run into but for most people it has being running fine. Sometimes your duplicants will build a support where there head is but Ai is pretty good about most things and you can assign jobs and priorities so it is your fault more often than not. Oxygen Not Included Steam
  14. Just about everything about her was way into the uncanny valley for me.
  15. My god is Alloy one ugly creepy child