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  1. Ottawa didn't lose in an embarrassing fashion but Ottawa has been and continues to be a disappointing team. I should have learned my lesson about rooting for them in all the embarrassing post season losses about back in the late 90s and early Oughts.
  2. Playing Dark Souls NG+ and getting my ass repeatedly handed to me by Kalameet.
  3. Ottawa is going to lose tonight in an embarrassing fashion...I can feel it in my bones.
  4. Finally won a game of PlayUnknown's battlegrounds. My usual partner in crime fell off the game and I hate playing it solo which makes that victory kind of bittersweet.
  5. I feel your pain man. I'm a wishy washy Habs/ Flames fan and they have cups but for as long as I've been old enough to appreciate hockey (i'm 32) there has been nothing but ineptitude and sadness. I'm still salty about the 2004 Stanley cup finals where Gelinas scored a goal that should have won them the cup but it wasn't counted. Gelinas said he thought the puck went across the line but he didn't jump in the air and celebrate because Daryl Sutter was behind their bench...
  6. I have a channel. I just record the games I want to play without putting on any kind of gimmick or silly antics. I've had the best results with blind playthroughs of games with a devoted audience and doing content for some indie games that aren't saturated with videos. I've been doing this for three years and don't have anywhere near 1000 subs... Make content for the type of audience you want to attract and are happy making. Quick edits, silly gimmicks, and memes go over well with younger audiences. More serious and thoughtful approaches go over well with older ones; there is some overlap there obviously. Personally, I enjoy editing and recording, but I've gotten a lot more satisfactions out of streaming. I make a lot of videos no one watches. that's not to say I don't strikeout with streams too, but more often than not I get a few people watching and chatting away and it's a more personal experience rather than feeling like I'm wasting my time taking hours recording and editing a videos 10 people watch less than a minute of. Example: Edited down two hours of dark souls recording into two 20 minute videos. I got 14 views in total and ten minutes of watch time. Tonight I streamed for 4 hours and I got 104 views, Many of the people were around and chatting for over and hour. That's going to be probably 40 hours of watch time.
  7. Anaheim outplaying Edmonton but I think they used up all their luck against Calgary. NY outplaying Ottawa and losing after being outplayed by Montreal and winning in the first round. Blues are gone..they put up a better fight than the "powerhouse" Chicago at least. If Toews doesn't pick up his production, that contract is going to be real rough for them for the next 6 years
  8. I have a bit of a weird setup. I have my laptop hooked up to an external graphics card and that card is hooked up to my second monitor. I can drag programs from one screen from the other but the monitor is being powered by the external gpu and my laptops internal gpu runs my laptop screen. I do streaming quite a bit and a second monitor is pretty vital for that.
  9. Little Nightmares. Great little creepy platformer that reminds me a lot of Inside. Also, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The number of times I die without a clue where I'm being shot from is getting kind of irritating.
  10. Second round tomorrow night. Ottawa vs NYR: Ottawa in 6 Washington vs. Pittsburg: Pittsburgh in 5 Nashville vs. St. Louis: Nasville in 6 Edmonton vs. Anaheim: Anaheim in 6 Last round I was 6 for 8 with 4 correct series lengths. I didn't predict Montreal ineptitude at scoring though I should have suspected it and Boston was derailed by injuries like I thought Ottawa was going to be.
  11. Well... I bought PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. A friend of mine said they'd buy it if I did. If anyone would like to team up drop me a line First game I ever played solo I made it to number 2. Just me and one last guy that I could see through a window and he couldn't see me but the blue haze killed me first.
  12. New York, St. Louis, and Edmonton move on. Montreal really needs a difference maker up front. Radulov is great but they need someone who can score besides Patches.
  13. That's kind of how I feel too. I regret buying Overwatch considering how much I played it and I think this game would be much the same.
  14. Full Throttle Remastered. Some of those puzzles are kind of difficult and I think I like the old pixel art better. Anyone playing Player Unkown's Battleground (what a stupid name)? I kind of what to play it but I don't know anyone else that's interested and it seems like a lacklustre experience solo.
  15. Well, Chicago went out with a whimper.