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  1. Hello!  I just saw your avatar on my screen, and had to stop by and wish you a wonderful day!  Hope it's great.

  2. I never get enough time to listen to as much music as I'd like, so I try to take the end of year lists as an opportunity to revisit something I missed. Here's the metacritic summary: http://www.metacritic.com/feature/critics-pick-top-10-best-albums-of-2016 Short story - Bowie, Beyonce, Solange. Makes sense. A couple that I have not listened to but want to: Tribe Called Quest, Anohni, Chance the Rapper. And one that I really enjoyed, but was shocked to see in many top tens: Maren Morris. (It's *shamefully* catchy pop country music.) What were the albums or singles that were standouts to you?
  3. Indeed. At least you'll have conversations that matter, motivations aside, so best.
  4. And people say nothing good happens here.
  5. Your ACA post is very insightful.  Kudos.

  6. Or a Romney landslide in 2012 based on unskewed polling. Where's Dean Chambers when you need him?

    I miss the days when these were the most absurd predictions going around here.

  7. great article

  8. Oh good that makes sense. Sorry, I tend to get hung up if there is one little thing I can't understand. A learning disability that actually made me better in school but worse in life...

  9. should have written "urban concentration," but even then better described as population density, so thanks for noting - changed. See if that answers your question?

  10. can you explain "concentration" in this context?

  11. yeah, this, basically.

  12. It's exhausting, as I'm sure you know. You do it for a time, then stop. But thanks.

  13. Yet, I feel compelled as most won't say anything. Idk why.

  14. responding to this drivel, yeoman's work.

  15. "Paterno-Like"... apt phrase!