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  1. Never took to the band myself... nor Metallica, Nirvana or Guns and Roses.... Now Iron Maiden however :D
  2. So it was like western/future setting, let's say Firefly like. And some motherfucker bigger than me wanted to kill me. Kinda like the guy from the first Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock movie. Even after fucking this guy up beyond survivable conditions, we was still after me. Then I was a cartoon... and I was running down a hall... and then he took an axe to my head and it hit, but then didn't, and only took a small chunk out of the end of the blow to my skull. And was running towards a girl.
  3. There can only be one!
  4. My abdominal scar isn't a disfigurement. It's a badge of badassness. I'm also Kratos.
  5. Smart kid. My best friend told me about the time his dad hid under the bed with 2 lit cigarettes in his mouth and made noises until he checked under the bed, and then inhaled to cause the embers to glow red. Maybe that's why he's so weird now
  6. We Quebecers almost exclusively use it to refer to a threesome.
  7. Public forum message. 

  8. Nature's tsundere
  9. 10% fracture in one of my spinal discs when I was 16 from falling, completely healed on it's own. Recovery wasn't anything remarkable, was good as new in a few months. Operated on my stomach/abdomen when I was... 24? The story's here. Operated on my right knee when I was... 26/27, from an injury to the meniscus (small cushion between your knee bones) that had progressively worsened over the previous few years until it was unbearable and I would be dragging my leg along after 15 min of walking. Recovery involved regular exercise and flexing of the knee/weight bearing. Still have slight residual pain, possibly arthritis, but -nowhere-- near as painful as what it was before surgery. I got fixed about 2 yrs ago. Sore balls/groin for the first few weeks, going into months on the right side. The occasional recurring minor pain on the one on the right side (most likely because it's the bigger one and the vas was helping to hold it up, causing more strain on the muscle groups afterwards).
  10. Just popped some bendryl, cause dammit, I need -some- sleep before work.
  11. Gender Reassignment Surgery Animation Fascinating, but actually makes me wince. And real pics of Fournier's Gangrene don't.
  12. Realising there are many of us in the same boat, and trying to keep each other afloat.
  13. Your personality type is: INTP Slight Introversion: 13/21 Clear Intuition: 23/26 Clear Thinking: 19/24 Slight Perceiving: 11/22 Honesty-Humility 3.31 Emotionality 3.25 eXtraversion 2.81 Agreeableness 2.50 Conscientiousness 3.38 Openness to Experience 3.63
  14. Narcissism 2.1, Percentile - 23 Machiavellianism 2.7, Percentile - 46 Psychopathy1.7, Percentile - 14