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  1. FTFY
  2. Back in QC, the French population (usually older generations) will use sometimes use 'mon cher' (my dear) to refer to either gender and can come from either gender as well, though a bit more often from women than men. That said, a lot of the male population can still talk like your standard macho pig as well.
  3. You hunt for one.
  4. I love when she scares the newbies
  5. A lil blob on my right ankle. In terms of beauty marks, both cheekbones and one on upper lip. A straight line of moles on my left forearm and an isosceles triangle on the bicep. Most interesting is my dad has the same triangle on the same arm as I recall.
  6. ^ *research powers activate*
  7. I saw a movie last night.

    A character in the movie said..."The Maelstrom".... I'm thinking..."Man...your Famous"!



    1. The Maelstrom

      The Maelstrom

      The most interesting force of nature in the world... :wiseguy:

  8. Jesus Christ Japan...
  9. Agreed. Mortal flame being equivalent to fireball jutsu as well. They underrepresented Hiei also in that they showed off Sasuke's chidori stream but none of Hiei's spirit energy whatsoever. Sasuke could have turned away the Darkness with a full body Susano'o in a manner you described with Bui in the DT.

    Yoko Kurama would be interesting against 9 tails chakra mode Naruto. "Wood release" By Kurama being effective at containing the 9 tails.

    EDIT: Kurama being effective against Kurama lol

  10. They underrepresented both of them. Never showed any of Hiei's fire powers either, which in description should be comparable to Amaterasu (Darkness Flame, not Mortal) where Darkness is supposed to be instant obliteration (Bui only fended it off, by using his aura to deflect instead of himself). Hiei also has heightened vision and resistance to mind control thanks to the Jagan, which would've made an excellent chance to show off the Tsukuyomi.

  11. I was speaking to the inaccuracy of flaming eyes. They captured Hiei's speed and under represented Sasuke's abilities.

  12. As in...? He's more/less powerful or?

  13. Because Sasuke from that death battle video isn't a thing.