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  1. *snores* *dreams of dancing the merengue with the last word*
  2. *nods and smiles*
  3. It's not a monologue if somebody else is yapping away at the same time, is it? Eh?
  4. Ladies and gentlemen (and I use those terms loosely), This thread is about me, and I think it's worth noting that in the past eight hours, only three posts have been made that mention me. Does it surprise anyone to hear that all three of those posts were made by reckful? This is why he's my favorite. Your purported object of devotion, The last word
  5. Como se dança o merengue...
  6. *averts his eyes from toki's garter*
  7. ^ Let the record reflect that pfb elected to dump deposit plant her 6,000th post in the last word thread, and that the occasion was commemorated with a raspberry chocolate cheesecake.
  8. My almost-eight-year average is down to less than 12 posts/day, but I was above 20/day for quite a while in my early INTJforum career. To help put that in perspective, tho... 11,640 total posts were made in the last word thread in July 2009 alone — an average of 375 a day! And on the other hand, there were fewer active blogs in those days.
  9. Dear eri, Did it also occur to you to wonder whether toki was facepalming you for having been weaseled, or me for being a compulsive weaseler? Be honest. Your curious pal, reckful
  10. Ahem...
  11. Check out this page. I mean, the poem practically wrote itself! Why would I have let a piddling lack of injury interfere with that?
  12. Thanks, toki! And rest assured that the fact that my feelings weren't hurt won't interfere with my enjoyment of your contritionary contributions.
  13. Calling me spurious Was somewhat injurious, But I am not furious, In case you were curious.
  14. Because I could not stop for Death, I sucked at Tragedy. — toki
  15. Once upon a time, there were two last word threadsters named paranoidfembot and toki, and their posts were lively, and everybody liked them, until one spring day when they were sitting on a park bench, comparing cookie pictures, and were crushed by an ice cream truck that fell unexpectedly from the sky.