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    I really dislike people who use sesquipedalian words.

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  1. At the risk of derailing the thread, having any sexual experience doesn't define your sexuality. Do you have any idea how many gay men over the thousands of years had sex with women out of societal/familial expectations? MILLIONS. And as a society we don't think that their sexual activities with women change their sexual orientation. (this also works in the reverse with lesbians and men). The short answer is: if you aren't attracted to sexually attracted to (individuals who present) as men, then you aren't gay. Straight men can be attracted to transgender women and it doesn't make them gay. This is entirely independent from whether the woman is non/pre-op or post-op. After all, there are plenty of kinky men who like their gf's to make them (the bf) suck on dildo and get pegged. So, not that it seems like you're worried about your sexual orientation, but having sex with a transgender woman hasn't changed your heterosexuality.
  2. Oh...and @Async, too.
  3. Hmm....my forum crushes are: @Tough Love @vedera @Malkavia @Cord and @yes
  4. Cleopatra's rule was closer in time to us today, than it was to the building of the pyramids. That's kind of a mind boggling fact, to me.
  5. Don't lie like that. Anyone who's been here long enough realizes it is - it just works A LOT differently.
  6. Haven't seen you post in quite some time... Everything okay?

    1. EvieP


      I'm fine. I appreciate your asking. Just lots of "life" that I'm dealing with and not really feeling the urge to have the forum a part of things right now.

      How are things with you? You know you could always text or whatsapp me, too.  :)

    2. yes


      I was actually going to text you instead of the status update, but when i saw that you were online recently, the introvert im me changed his mind to the less direct approach. :laugh:

      Things are alright on my end. Growing more desperate to find a new job each day, but otherwise cant complain.

    3. EvieP


      I occassionally pop on for a minute or two, but I'm not really engaging on the forum at all these days.

  7. I just started Path of Exile. It's such a wonderful game like a Diablo 2 dungeon crawl.
  8. In my early 20s, I met this guy in the library at college. He was absolutely my type: tall, shaved head, tats, was wearing flannel and cowboy boots the day we met. Anyways, I was smitten hard. we hung out a few times, but he was always not interested in dating. Had no problems having sex, but I was so wrapped around his finger, I would have done anything. I find out after a couple of months, that I was one of about 5 he was stringing along and getting all the sex he could want. Absolutely the bad boy that he was, and I fell hook, line, and sinker.
  9. Just downloaded Black Desert Online...will see how that is later this evening.
  10. Not sure your price point, but check out ibuypower.com. I've been very pleased with the products I've purchased from them over the years.
  11. In a cast iron skillet, with water. Also, if you find cleaning a cast iron skillet more time consuming than the microwave or anything used for baking it, you're cleaning your skillet wrong.
  12. Yeah, I'm enjoying it so far. I don't care for the hyper-anime look of the game, but at least ALL of the characters aren't like that. I'm playing the Castanic. So, basically a blood elf with horns.
  13. I picked up Shadows of Mordor again and have been enjoying that....god I love diving off things and brutally killing orcs and uruks. I also downloaded Tera and started playing that to spend some time with a guy I met.
  14. There are books about craps and computer games that will help you get the hang of the betting and stuff. I used to date a guy who made craps his "game", and got to the point, he could both best for himself and against himself so he would "win" pretty much however it went down.
  15. really awesome costume