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  1. Keep your sense of humor. Observe yourself with it. And introduce chaos, strategically. Catch people off guard so that they can forget about hating for a minute. Try to break other people's habits.
  2. There's actually a lot of cool, weird, exciting scientific and technological developments happening all the time. They just usually don't have their own PR campaigns.
  3. Compare your style with engaging the discussion to mine. I used 'they' in an effort to communicate a set of ideas with an existing (written) train of thought. I did so in a way that opens up the conversation. My use of 'they' does not mean that I believe that humans were programmed by aliens. The point is to conceptually get further together than we would have alone. Or to go to places we would not have gone alone. You have your One Truth that you plunk down. It's just not very interesting (in a 'killed the thread' kind of way). I prefer flow, and play. But anyway - why do you take the level of organization to be "the species"? Cannot some progress?
  4. INTP nemeses/lovers (equal opposites)
  5. How might they allow us to know? They could drop physical clues, or communicate with us telepathically, or make themselves some godlike avatars and enter the game... These things have already been experienced as real by some number of humans, with less than worldchanging results. Most of us are not convinced. We have explanations for everything. Our preconceptions shape our reality.
  6. Weighs personal mental state as a force much greater than "the world"... ...expresses annoyance with people who overestimate their own importance. Makes blanket statement about everything in the world... ...expresses annoyance with people who overextend their conclusions. Spend enough time honestly trying to understand yourself, and you'll find that everything that sparks a reaction in you does so because there is some of it inside you. You asked for advice so here it is: make it your mission to live and be and act consistently.
  7. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain :)
  8. Everything "coming together naturally" sounds dull and creepy. Information and access to information are pretty much at their max, wouldn't you say? So what holds people back? Not limits to these things. People are just unmotivated, distracted. What's an example of an idea of yours that's being held back?
  9. That's it, thank you. :) I loved the image and couldn't find it at all.

  10. Do you really want this?
  11. Hi, did you use to have a different avatar of a woman with a mask, or am I mistaken? If so, could you post a link to where you found it? Thanks and sorry for the intrusion. :)

  12. Critics essentially compare a work with one or more other works and evaluate it based on comparison. Sometimes what a work is held up against is an ideal and not something that tangibly exists. But any evaluation has to be within some kind of framework. It's easy to be a critic once you have/decide the framework and its criteria. To me that doesn't have much to do with personal preference. Each thing is the best example of itself.
  13. Empath! Will you tell us a little about that?
  14. I wonder what is meant by "awkward" instant messaging. If you mean the conversations don't flow too easily, I would say that is normal - the two of you just aren't used to each other enough to be able fill in each others' gaps. Text on a screen is really not all that communicative. You could try things like co-working online (have cams on and each do your own thing - she's there when you have something to say, you're there when she has something to say), or watching a movie at the same time, or sending her a link to something she might like (e.g. a story. She'll likely send you something back).