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    24/7 thinker; philosophical-oriented focus; do walking/sitting meditation/some yoga.
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    Wide range from COO of non-profit to literary critic, and much in between. Now: Ill, getting well.
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    Philosophy; Dharma practice; yoga; training rats. Observing what interests me.
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    I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being. -- Jackie Robinson

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  1. Locked back hurting less. Gromit got the laundry done, which means comfy long johns and a mock turtle neck, tonight. I got Pickles out earlier, and we'll get her out again later: She's so friggin' cute, sweet, friendly, funny... BONUS: Pickles befriended Tim, went right to him. He said, shocked, "she's so soft!' Melted another human
  2. Ordinary People chosen for Movie Night with our mutual friend. Looks like we're gonna bump it to once a week instead of every other one because we're enjoying ourselves enough. Our friend said, "I think that was my favorite so far," and we have a whole lot more queued, including next week's.
  3. Starting Windows Update.
  4. Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable Hard Drive
  5. hey ness, you've been missed. is your computer everything ok now?

    1. ness2361


      Thanks, Toki, for letting me know. 

      Nah, I may have to scrap it: killer virus like none I've ever had, and I've been using computers at home since 1988--always got rid of them but not this one.

      I'm working on another laptop with Windows 7, learning that operating system, one I never used before, while I buy bit by bit stuff I need to get stuff off the infected computer: a terabyte is on the way, will be here tomorrow or the next day, and I'll scan it before putting the documents and photos on this computer.

      My back keeps going out from sitting at this desk--I could use the other laptop in bed, leaning against pillows, but I can't with this one: different styled bottom and keypad (not worth explaining the tedious differences).

      Here is my blog spot link so you can check there; Aes put a message on it when I crashed, so friends wouldn't worry, so you can check there if I'm missing in action for too long:


      if you subscribe it might be easier to check, I don't know.

      Good to see you; I thought of and missed you, while I was off-line. :hug: 

  6. Heihachi Mishima and my red fox squirrel, yes, they use the same hair stylist. 

  7. Relics from the churches. I choose Samson and his most famous weapon:
  8. Thanks for letting me know what I wrote to Cak resonated for you. I meant it, and if she were near I'd listen, no condemnation at all. 

    1. MissJ


      Oh! You're welcome! Yes, I tried it myself and it touched me deeply XD 

    2. ness2361


      I used to do a daily one, LovingKindness: When I woke up, throughout the day, before sleep, for an enemy, someone who hurt her children to an intolerable degree, so I said something simple, basic like this:

      May she be at peace; may she know joy; may all good things be hers; may she not suffer; may she learn to love.

      i did it for six months.

      It worked.

      After that I could look at a photo of her and have no ill-will toward her.

      A Vipassana meditation teacher has something similar he called Loving Friendliness to do before meditating, and it's basically the same, only I start with myself, then go on to loved ones, my teachers, enemies, those who are "indifferent" (not interested in growth); and end with "all living beings."

      It's to be done as I did the other: When I wake up, throughout the day, before meditating, and at bed time.

      It works, too, for replacing the negative, false and hurtful mental recordings with positive ones. 

      The recitation is inside a book called Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana.

  9. Cak Most of us don't want to tell a complete stranger our personal business--not unless the personal business is either 1) Topical, e.g. "My boss sucks', or 2) Guaranteed to get us sympathy if we're into that, which doesn't sound like you are. You need someone to talk to, and it doesn't have to be your family because too often some of us go to them and we hear, "I could have told you he was an asshole" or "It's your fault (lists reasons), and so on. You need to go to someone who can relate; who won't condemn you; and if possible, to someone you can listen to as well. Someone mentioned a single parent group: That's not a bad idea; it's a start. Or maybe the start? Even though a part of your head will tell you it's just another lie, say it--out loud, your voice, safe and alone: I am a survivor. I am a human being. I am not pathetic. I'm having a hard time right now. I matter. It's all true, you know; it really is.
  10. Thanks, Cinder--just saw the thread XD

    I've been off-line dealing with a bad computer virus--killed my computer; I'm using my work one, a back up (Windows 7), no pictures till I get that back up again.

    I just participated...

    1. Cinder


      Not fun on the virus...I hope it gets cleared up soon. Glad that you are ok, though - I was starting to wonder. 

    2. ness2361


      Thanks, Cinder.

      I've since given out my cell phone to a couple friends; I was long overdue for that.

      Hope you like my latest weapon. :awesome: 

  11. Exorcist: Gifted, not paid.
  12.  My main computer crashed; had to get back up. Where've you been hiding out? Games, babe: Game Time. 

    1. CerealElm


      Work, work, and more work. Can't get enough of it. So, what have you been up to lately? 

    2. ness2361


      Back out from sitting in a desk chair dealing with the worst computer virus I've ever come across. I always got rid of the others myself, but this one has locked me out of Network; System Restore, using any anti-viral program or other basic tool.

      I may have to wipe the computer, see if anyone has outdated operating system like Windows XP with the product code, and Chrome to put on a disk for me so I can build it back up from scratch. Otherwise I'll have to smash the damn thing, which I'd rather not do.

      I'm working on a Pavilion with Windows 7, right now; getting the hand of that operating system which I never used; i went from XP to Windows 8 to Windows 10 skipped 7.

  13. Preparing to log off, put a bra on, turn the heating pad to high, move it around my back from cervical spine on down: Prep for company as it is Movie Night with a friend, and I am no longer quite as Boheme as I once was.
  14. Two $3 dollar tees for layering, both teal, from Walmart--marked down from $6.99. I need many bed shirts; saves Gromit from doing laundry till he absolutely has to go to the laundromat.
  15. a who and a wait with another who, and more: Gromit is making big flatbread taco-shaped things for our Movie Night with a mutual friend... while Tim and I visit, my husband does the cooking while Tim and I do the appreciating because the flatbread taco thingies have chicken in them, and Gromit is a generous vegetarian.