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  1. As per ness: "Eight years was a good run - I'm working on my health, learning Linux, and getting back to the manuscript. I won't be back this time.

    I wish you all peace."

    1. Coco Mojo

      Coco Mojo

      Sorry I missed you—

      I've strayed far and for too long

      and come back too late.


  2. @vertebrate I skimmed, I admit it, but I was drained after my Absolution work.
  3. Yes, I can suggest the sites. I'm gonna send you, in a message, an email addie, because I'm winding up here; been on this forum a long time, and it's time to move on. No, INTP is not Socionics alphabet lettering. ILI is the Socionic equivalent of MBTI's type called INTP. The difference is that MBTI only does 16 types, solid or what I call "rank-n-file" and if you don't fit one, too bad--you must be taking the test wrong. Socionics, the serious tests, and especially the theory and theorists behind it, leave room for "variety" among those of us with the same type, so naturally no two INTPs will look alike, or as a professor online writes, gist, "INTPs don't usually recognize each other." Part of this lack of recognition is how many of us have a "sub-type" as you, I, and many on here do. That makes many post xxxx, or xNTx and so on. Hope that helps for now. I'm sending you the email addie as soon as I hit Send so I don't forget.
  4. Glad we have contact information. It's winding down for me, the INTJf site stay. The guts have been missing for a long time, but worse, it's the lack of intelligence; maturity; and a willingness to wait and search, think, think some more before rushing to conclusions.

    I'm bored here, and I have been for a long time, now.

    When I shut the door, that'll be that. Let the lazy babies suck each other's thumbs and other body parts (metaphorically or otherwise).

  5. Not sure where you get "visions" for Ni; not sure at all. The rest of what you wrote is classic INTP; and your posting about anchoring is INTp. Read up on it, and don't stop at Celebrity.com and OKCupid kind of sites; they're shit for serious-minded searching. Your not knowing where you want to be or do is classic INTP (young) searching, not wanting to settle. Again, keep looking: Socionics, the site where you took that test? Follow the yellow brick road. You won't land in Oz but damn, the journey will be rollicking good fun.
  6. Your post read INTp to me, but I wasn't gonna push you in any direction; you needed to take it and read some, decide for yourself. Makes sense about the "anchoring" as Socionics calls what we do, whereas with MBTI, there is no allowance or recognition of the role this plays for INTps so they mistype many of us as INFP, i.e. "nostalgic." I am not very nostalgic: I don't have many photos--none from childhood; I threw them away a long time ago. I don't have what my bio-mom and many people have, including my husband who is an ESFJ: A keepsake box. But the anchoring, yes, I do that. And I am relieved to find a reason for it, rather than reading over and over again "nostalgic" when it isn't accurate. And yes, this kind of "mystery" is best solved; for some of us, sooner is better than later, so I am glad you posted and got your answer.
  7. @vertebrate I went to see what was what; didn't see my name or anyone else's mentioned, but the humor, I caught and I lob some back; it's called "a love tap." I don't think most human beings know how to be "compassionate" to ourselves, which is different than the popular, "Oh, I did nothing wrong." We're evolving slowly in certain areas, and handling compassion adroitly is one of them. I shall now be your fill-in High Priestess *Waves a light sabre* "You are hereby resolved of any past shenanigans, go forth and shenanigan no more."
  8. Gotta eat it now, won't be home for supper, so good question: Barbara's shredded oats or whatever it's now called. I call the cereal Oaties. And I'll use vanilla almond and soy milk mix. Done.
  9. We are indeed talking the same "they" As for ear wax, I didn't have this problem outside Ohio; I lived in San Diego for 16 years, so I thought I had something akin to "swimmer's ear" even though I couldn't figure out how I got it as I don't swim here. Then this morning, thinking about the doctor's appointment, and how the 50/50 rubbing alcohol and vinegar, which worked for swimmer's ear when I did swim in San Diego, isn't working... and like that! I thought, oh, it's wax build up. My husband snores, so I wear earplugs every night, and apparently, that has contributed to the build up. I really will have to ask for a prescription to solve the problem because I feel old enough without going around, repeating, "What did you say, what, what?!
  10. I come out INTp precisely because of a higher than average Ni for INTJ. I plugged in INTp, what I got from other tests, into Socionics and got: 1Ni ILI = INTp
  11. I don't think I mentioned being disgusted or having no respect for someone who did that; that wasn't why I didn't nor why I have a problem with my foster sister for what she did, and her motives for doing it: Hatred in her case: For herself; for "the married woman"; for the preacher... Just so much hatred, and she hasn't changed, last I heard. What a waste of a life--hers; and an intrusion into so many others. You speak of yourself in the third person on this topic; I've never noticed you writing that way on any other subject. Perhaps some judge is inside you, projecting that condemnation onto us. Perhaps you need to forgive yourself; yes, even your young self: The forgiveness would be from and for you as we don't count, here, in this context; we are not your spouse, parents, bill payers, your god or sitter. We all do things that if we grow, we later regret. We're imperfect creatures, no matter how hard we try to be otherwise, or seem higher than others.
  12. @NSchet I'd have to wear earplugs to drawn out the sound of nail biting, and then I'd be all alone with the rest of "them"... Maybe it's a good thing I seem to have clogged ears from wax build-up, so when I go see the doctor later, and he checks, confirms the wax problem, writes out a prescription for it, in spite of the toxicity I better do as he says and put those dangerous drops in my canals, so in time, I can go back to hearing and being distracted by neighbor and road noises.
  13. @yoginimama For traditional Enneagram--that term may suffice, sure, the wing is adjacent to the personality type, and I have a problem with the way one of the theorists wrote that 1 and 4, for instance, gist, "is part of the same concept," because there are more dilettantes mucking with art just as there are perfectionist ones, or what I call "real-deal" artists. (I'd prefer he be precise in explaining how they're part of the same concept, because too many think that "everyone can be an artist" just as they voice, "everyone is a philosopher." No test has ever come back with anything but 5w6 for me, but a couple times, and that, as I think I said, was a 5w4 once or twice--out of dozens of retakes. (Always similarmind kind of two-wing enneagram.) This, lately, was the first time that I got the 1 so high up, actually tied with 4-- with 6 at the bottom, and I was thinking about why that might be: I came out atheist recently, let go of the brainwashing I got as a child, no more trying to redefine the concept of God in a way that I could blend in this small fundie-based, former farm town. (Not a security-oriented move to do that: walk away, no waffling, done.) Interesting? I got off the Percocet after that internal move; and I'm back into computer exploration--Ubuntu for now, and then we'll see: Open Source appeals to me very much, and the Mission Statement: "Everyone should have access to computing." I came up so poor, and before me, my parents and grandparents, that I lived, and listened to others talk about living so fringe they were unwilling outcasts, so Open Source, and a whole lot of research about as much as I can handle is tops with me: Enneagram and other personality typing has my attention now, much more so than MBTI alone ever did back when I was trying not to stray so far from the herd I couldn't make it back if a threat was deadly. So, that may be, too, why "6" didn't make it anywhere in the top three, and actually showed up at the bottom. Before I married Gromit, I was a risk-taker; gambler like my Pappaw and the rest, but Gromit is very security-oriented, and I couldn't take the conflict after a while, so I caved... No more of that. Funny thing? He admires but resists and sometimes openly dislikes me. That's it, I think, I'm not a "harmony" or "convention" respecting person, and he is much more so, so clashing happens, and it's gonna, perhaps, start happening again, more often. I don't go out of my way to be what Socionics calls "disruptive" for INTPs, other P-ness leaning or leading people, but it's there, and it showed early, really early: When I was three years old, hardly ever talked, I was at a bio-relative gathering, back from foster care, and my bio-mom said that I insulted every uncle there save one: "You have a big nose,"; "You're a cripple"; "I don't like you." The one I did not insult? My mom admitted, in wonder, "He's the only one who was never violent and always generous..." I have a lot of personality typing to study, now. And Socionics (like this test) is very complex, integrated, harder do understand, and to my mind, more accurate than MBTI. So many more minds have gone into the interpretation--fine minds, at that, than went into, or go into today's interpretation of MBTI or mainstream enneagram. (Some of us just don't fit into those convenient store slots.) I'll by-pass popular or easy for more obscure and accurate with the price exacted. I've consistently been that way through more than half a century; no sign I'll be changing, this lifetime, in that way. I hope you, and anyone who takes, and then investigates Socionics or RHETI, learns something useful from it.
  14. So I lied; sometimes I go three, four or more. I am that Just don't ask about my "drawers"; I think that is TMI, even for us. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: I do that kind of thing by mistake, started back in the early 80s. So, I'm teaching at an alternative high school: mohawks on girls, kabuki makeup on boys, some into the goth black thing, teachers and students eating and talking together in "our" lounge area, and one of my students, Marcel says, "Carol, do you know you're wearing your tank top backwards?" I look down, sure enough, I was in such a hurry--had a quickie before school, that I rushed, and there you go. So I say to him, "Oh, it's OK for you (the students) to have blue hair and shave half your head and whatever else... but I guess wearing a tank backward isn't in your Rule Book." Marcel grinned, such a beautiful young man, big dimples. After that I kept wearing them backward: I've never been into revealing cleavage, and the backward tanks took care of that and a bonus: less sunburn in summer as the back on my front went up so much higher. I just had to keep facing the sun.
  15. I'd love a maid for a day, or actually just tonight. More of a Do-It-All or go-fer 'cause the bed, i.e. my makeshift desk, and Pickles' cage is a mess. I am too tired to clean it all up without taking at least an hour, and griping, there will be griping. I'm a slow-poke, wth, what's new--deal with it.