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  1. Oh you know that Old Testamant, just choc-full of feminist ideologies.
  2. This post and the one over in Latent Homo Issues have diffently put you on my radar as someone worth listening to. The screen name is awesome too. :)

  3. We did. Dad was circumcised, so neither of us really had any experience with dealing with a non circumcised boy, so we went ahead with it (they used anesthetic, at least). I've only ever had experience with one non-circumcised guy. At best it was kind of fun, but at worst, at times when there aren't opportunities to keep clean (sometimes, out in the woods/mountains/deserts away from showers for weeks or months), it stunk to high heaven. Horrible. I have a hard enough time getting my kid just to keep under his fingernails clean. I've had a lot of guy friends, and they've never had any qualms about discussing their junk, in great detail, in my presence. I've never heard anyone actually being mad, upset, or in any way perturbed that they didn't have the flap of skin on the end of their dick. But I've heard plenty of them making fun of one another for still having it. The righteous indignation of other parents means all of squat to me personally, so it's nothing we're going to fret over just because other people don't agree with it.
  4. Probably much in the same way that men are attracted to drunk girls.
  5. I'm a woman who gets along far better with men than with women. I've never identified with being 'girly'. I've had maybe 2 girl friends in my life who I cared to talk to for more than an hour, whereas I've had plenty more guy friends that I can have long, drawn out, often random conversations with. Most women I know don't have any of my same interests, so I have little to talk about with them. Plus, there's all these 'emotion' things they get all hung up on, and I simply don't understand at least half of it. Women drain me.
  6. Why do people expect validation from something that was never valid in the first place? Reading back through, this even more sounds like someone who is no longer a 'thing' in a man's life, and now that she's not, trying to make sure she's still SOME sort of SOMETHING.
  7. Exercise is a major, major help. The only times I ever did well in school were during periods where after school, I was busting my ass to exhaustion. Once your body is tired, your mind might be better able to focus. I can't maintain an interest in anything as mundane as just running or just lifting some weights though, so it had to be actual work to keep me engaged. Splitting/hauling firewood, bucking bails, fixing fences, breaking horses, schlepping random heavy things to wherever they needed to go. Boredom gives me anxiety and just makes my ADD worse. Must be DOING, and had to be something productive, or I just couldn't stick with it. Still that way as an adult.
  8. For the philosophy to 'work', you really only need the one text. The rest is mostly a bunch of superstitious gobbledegook that can be more simply summed up as meditation.
  9. Going out of my way to do a shitload of work to get it all done, and then being piled with it high again simply because management knows I'll get it done quickly and correctly, meanwhile a bunch of people sit on their asses and do little to nothing. And spiders. From the ceiling. Right in front of my face, just hanging there. Menacing.
  10. Yeah, that's the creepy religious aspect of Taoism. Not what I would consider "actual" Taoism, which is a philosophy, and needs no mysticism whatsoever.
  11. lol! So much for "Best Place to Work"! That's pretty epic. Not at all laughing at the position it puts you in.
  12. Just like anything, it depends on the person. I actually got pretty far in my company just because I smoked. It put me where the other smoking people were (managers of other departments), in a situation where idle chitchat led to more. But I do have quite a few stories of too-frequent smoke breaks. However, now they don't have an excuse. Most of them smoke e-cigs right in the office.
  13. I'm in the United States, from a rural mountain town, but I've lived in the city for the last 10 years. I went from Christianity, to atheism, to paganism, atheism again, to agnosticism, so in my own community I was able to see it from both sides, in a variety of church settings.
  14. Sounds like mommy baggage, or something else to run far and fast away from. He may be a serial abuse-ee. Those who have been abused in relationships often find that they are for some reason attracted to more abusive people, or themselves attract more abusive partners. My mom was just like this, the nicest guys she'd leave fairly quickly, but ones who habitually beat her within inches of her life, she'd stay with them for years. Lots of baggage. Fucked up individual. Be very nice, and get the hell out or 'friend zone' asap. Also, some men are just suckers for drama. That's another type you should avoid.
  15. Pulling a couple of specific authors out does not negate the majority of how the common religious people treat the majority of atheists, or vice versa. That's not arguing, that's just performing the same skit that goes on every day, everywhere, between the religious and atheists. An argument is either intended to convince someone of a point, or to piss them off. You know you're never likely not going to convert either a Christian or an atheists, so all you'd really be doing is trying to piss them off or make them uncomfortable. Barbara Walters is a journalist who makes a living convincing people and/or pissing them off. If you're not just meeting them, then you probably find out their religious views along the way anyway without having to ask. If you're asking on a first meeting, it's likely because you have an agenda. If you just talk about whatever you want to talk about, not caring what others think, then you are not discussing, you are lecturing, or even just talking to yourself. There are no laws regarding it, but there are manners that some people observe, and some don't. Especially when you know that you aren't actually convincing anyone. You're just waiting for them to say the things you know they are going to say, so you can say the things you already know you are going to say about those things. Just a self-gratifying performance for both parties, as they both think they're getting something over the other. I'm agnostic, but curious, so I welcome the discussions when they come up. But it's been well over 10 years since I've had any sort of enlightening or informative debate against either atheists or the religious. It all turns into the same stuff, every time.