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  1. Get real high, have a good hallucination. That's all fantasy. There are simply too many people right now for 'the people' to have 'real' power without destroying one another. If it's anything though, it's education, plain and simple. And not just STEM type education, but education on how to take care of one's self and their family without relying on 'the machine'. Being able to grow your own food without it being the end of the whole world. Being able to generate your own electricity. Being able to defend what is yours. Being able to do that for your children and/or aging relatives if they cannot do for themselves. Being able to educate yourself to your heart's desire in anything you want to learn without having to go into debt or being pigeon holed into something you don't really like because you can't go back to school. In short, removing the leverage that the government, or even the world at large, have over the individual. But those things are hard. You can't motivate lazy, comfortable people to do hard, painstaking things.
  2. Oh you know that Old Testamant, just choc-full of feminist ideologies.
  3. Aw, no one said people were going to start looking things up! That changes the whole argument!
  4. There's a little community around here kind of like that, but they aren't tax funded. They deny government help. It's all donation based, and what they can sell from there. Some guy back in 2000 bought up some land, and let people put up a tent city on it, putting forth some solid ground rules. Now it's less of a tent city, and more of a commune of teeny little houses. They have showers they can use, phones they can use, a permanent address to be mailed at, computers they can use to find jobs. They grow plants and sell starts in the spring, and do what they can. They're taking a vested interest in getting people off of the streets, back into a home. They'd be able to do a lot more if they had/accepted government funding.
  5. Oh no, forward progress is going to make people lose their jobs! That's progress, for you. Just like anyone else that has their job made obsolete or outsourced, they're going to have to find something else they can do. Their success will be determined by how willing and quickly they are to do so. I'm of the opinion that it's stupid to preserve an industry just to save the jobs when the jobs have become obviously obsolete. It's wasteful and painfully inefficient. There are a lot of industries I hear things about with this. "If we have electric cars, what about all the oilmen who will lose their jobs?" "If we have clean wind/water electricity, what's going to happen to all of the coal miners?" "If we have better preventative health, what's going to happen to all the doctors that would be treating the diseases people would otherwise get?" (yes, I've heard arguments like this) "If we have electronic checkers at stores, what's going to happen to the human checkers?" No one ever said anyone would be able to grow up to be just what they want and be able to do so successfully forever. That's an assumption. The answer is all the same, for whatever job, whatever industry: They're going to have to find something else to do.
  6. This post and the one over in Latent Homo Issues have diffently put you on my radar as someone worth listening to. The screen name is awesome too. :)

  7. We did. Dad was circumcised, so neither of us really had any experience with dealing with a non circumcised boy, so we went ahead with it (they used anesthetic, at least). I've only ever had experience with one non-circumcised guy. At best it was kind of fun, but at worst, at times when there aren't opportunities to keep clean (sometimes, out in the woods/mountains/deserts away from showers for weeks or months), it stunk to high heaven. Horrible. I have a hard enough time getting my kid just to keep under his fingernails clean. I've had a lot of guy friends, and they've never had any qualms about discussing their junk, in great detail, in my presence. I've never heard anyone actually being mad, upset, or in any way perturbed that they didn't have the flap of skin on the end of their dick. But I've heard plenty of them making fun of one another for still having it. The righteous indignation of other parents means all of squat to me personally, so it's nothing we're going to fret over just because other people don't agree with it.
  8. Probably much in the same way that men are attracted to drunk girls.
  9. I find it funny how often people who really don't like gays tend to think about gay people. It's pretty much all the time, to the exclusion of much else it seems. The more they dislike gays, the more they're thinking about them. And then when you ask them what it is they don't like about it, if it's not something to do with religion, it's something to do with their sexual practices. The more people hate gays, the more they think about what they're doing in their bedrooms. In graphic detail that they themselves are imagining are happening. They don't really know what any given couple is really into, but they'll go to great lengths to imagine and make inferences. I don't like the thought of fat people getting all hot and sweaty and slapping against each other, 'making the beast with many folds'. But I also don't go out of my way to imagine it too closely, particularly for that reason. If you've got gays on your mind this much... well, you've got gays on your mind an awful lot.
  10. I'm a woman who gets along far better with men than with women. I've never identified with being 'girly'. I've had maybe 2 girl friends in my life who I cared to talk to for more than an hour, whereas I've had plenty more guy friends that I can have long, drawn out, often random conversations with. Most women I know don't have any of my same interests, so I have little to talk about with them. Plus, there's all these 'emotion' things they get all hung up on, and I simply don't understand at least half of it. Women drain me.
  11. Why do people expect validation from something that was never valid in the first place? Reading back through, this even more sounds like someone who is no longer a 'thing' in a man's life, and now that she's not, trying to make sure she's still SOME sort of SOMETHING.
  12. Exercise is a major, major help. The only times I ever did well in school were during periods where after school, I was busting my ass to exhaustion. Once your body is tired, your mind might be better able to focus. I can't maintain an interest in anything as mundane as just running or just lifting some weights though, so it had to be actual work to keep me engaged. Splitting/hauling firewood, bucking bails, fixing fences, breaking horses, schlepping random heavy things to wherever they needed to go. Boredom gives me anxiety and just makes my ADD worse. Must be DOING, and had to be something productive, or I just couldn't stick with it. Still that way as an adult.
  13. For the philosophy to 'work', you really only need the one text. The rest is mostly a bunch of superstitious gobbledegook that can be more simply summed up as meditation.
  14. That's one thing, people think they all know what a pitbull is, and you try to bring this up, and they just brush it off. Hell, even some pointers look like pits or pit mixes. My sister used to have a toy poodle that would bite the shit out of everybody. But he was little and mostly harmless, so they did absolutely nothing about it. I hated that fucking dog with a passion, but it was my sister's fault for not teaching it properly. That dog met its end at the jaws of a pitbull. That same sister now owns a pitbull. While I like pits just fine (wouldn't likely own one), I would most certainly never ever let her dog in my house around my kid. No matter how nice he seems, those are big, powerful dogs, and she's already proven her ineptitude in raising well balanced and behaved dogs. She doesn't have a dog, she has a liability. ---------- Post added 11-29-2013 at 01:36 PM ---------- Pepper spray is good for all sorts of things. ---------- Post added 11-29-2013 at 01:42 PM ---------- There's a difference between dog aggression and human aggression. Even the ones that are bred for fighting are never allowed to be aggressive to their handlers. It's an entirely different mechanism that triggers an attack between a dog and a human. Not that they don't attack humans, but they are not technically 'human aggressive' (unless they are, but that's not many of them, mostly it's not aggression, it's just poor social skills). Even people who fight dogs will kill a dog if is aggressive to them. Do you think that people who can see what those dogs can do would risk it doing it to them? That's why they're actually fairly terrible guard dogs, it's the look, big bark, and big reputation that keeps people away. And the thing about their jaws locking is a HUGE myth. They have very powerful muscles. They do not lock. This is part of the problem. People spreading misinformation and touting it as scientific fact, when it's mostly hearsay.
  15. Going out of my way to do a shitload of work to get it all done, and then being piled with it high again simply because management knows I'll get it done quickly and correctly, meanwhile a bunch of people sit on their asses and do little to nothing. And spiders. From the ceiling. Right in front of my face, just hanging there. Menacing.