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  1. Every kind of woman, in my experience.
  2. Hard to say. It'd be dependent on that person's own standards, but I'm pretty happy with who I am. I think if she had good judgment she could recognize and celebrate my good qualities as I do the same for her.
  3. Service / Compassion.
  4. I read the OP. I have no idea who you are or what your position is and I don't really care. The post is addressed to OP.
  5. Honestly, you deserve way more. This seems like one of those "you dodged a bullet" type situations. Consider moving forward in life. It may be time to visualize a new path or acknowledge a limitation and start charting a new course.
  6. Does your avatar have something to do with DMT? It reminds me of art inspired from it. 

  7. What we seek is a reflection of us. We accept the love we think we deserve. I recommend being open to experience because that takes care of basically everything.
  8. Short answer: yes. Americans can be described as direct and informal. In the absence of any other information, try to communicate clearly your thinking process and that will help you answer your own questions about dating him because his reaction and behavior will tell you what you need to know.
  9. This is a serious question? First, you must examine your own intention before you can make an honest answer. If you are unclear what a relationship may bring, do not expect to attract anything that makes any sense. You must accept the result of experimentation that failing is part of the scientific method.
  10. Thoughts like these are distractions; it is the ego's obsession to look itself in the mirror. Just because you can say anything doesn't mean you need to. Not everything one thinks needs to be said or reacted to. Sit with that urge to indulge in that fantasy of being "too smart" and once it passes, go about your day. Smell the roses. Take a shower. Hug a person. Life is sacred.
  11. I use argan oil on my face but I haven't noticed a need to moisturize anywhere else. I recommend that people pay attention to their own skin type and moisturize as needed. That said, a $10 bottle of Dr Bronners will last a year or more, so you can definitely afford to buy some lotion with the savings you'd be spending on a more expensive moisturizing soap. Plus, you can't beat the ethics of the company.
  12. I add my own essential oils to Doc Bronner's unscented liquid soap-- I get to make small batches of interesting smells for aromatherapy in the bath. Right now, I'm using Spruce. I've made my own liquid and bar soap in the past, but honestly the ingredients and price point on Doc Bronners is unbeatable.
  13. Looking good for somebody who is 2000 years old. 

    1. Doggzilla


      What's your secret? 


  14. That one song, "Hold me closer Tony Danza!"