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    I work on a psych ward with profoundly disturbed and profoundly gifted people. I model. I write.
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    Existing. I'm a grad studt, work @ psych hosp, fashionmodel, teaching Eng, & sim patient med sc
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    Neuroscience, Literature, French, Topology, History, Semiotics, Quantum Theory, Arabic, Philosophy
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  1. What is it that you find despicable about Ezri Dax?

  2. sorry to hear that

  3. Hey I saw in a post that you write "emotionally-unavailable female character with autistic tendencies." Well first of all, this made me laugh. Second, I'm very intrigued to read a bit about that kind of character. Could you share some of your work? I could provide some ideas and feedback if you want as well.

    My address is: paulscourtney1@gmail.com

    Thank you!


  4. The inability to absorb iron and other nutrients. Not being able to go where I want to. Having others take care of me. Briefs (diapers). Diminished sex life unless I can attract a long-term partner and not abandon him. The potential for Alzheimer's. ---------- Post added 01-04-2012 at 06:03 PM ---------- I guess it's pretty much the INTJ nightmare: not being capable.
  5. Car accident (being run over?) quite young (probably through my lack of attention to the physical world), murdered by an ex-boyfriend (semi-common for women), weapon malfunction, pregnancy complication if give birth while working in certain countries (if I ever reproduce), or 96ish (my great-grandmother is 92 and warned by her physician to save her money for at least another ten years of life) from heart failure. I almost drowned as a child. That was quite peaceful.
  6. Do you know what personality type she is? She may very much love you and probably always will, but many people don't want to be househusbands/wives. Her child is a part of her. Her family, meh, it depends. Is she still dating this other man? If she's talking to you about leaving him, I see major problems. She should just leave him or work that out with him, not seek an outside opinion from savior-you, even if--especially if--she loves you.
  7. This has very much been my experience and my observations about my fellow INTJs (sister, and male friends). The men are unfairly universally seen as "weird, uncanny, disturbing," etc. People tend to (unjustifiably) like my sister or me but then are disturbed/have their world-view effed up once they get to know us (if that's possible). They see I-type and think pansy or sheltered sweet girl they can bring out. Then they get hit by the crazy/neurotic N and the disturbing Te-J combo, and they're annoyed--follow that with the unhinging Se they can't predict and they're utterly unnerved. Around women I don't want to hate me (potentially useful/I'm stuck with them) I try to be very quiet until I can type them. Males, meh, I go after the kind ones, the ESFPs for rare casual conversation, and the introverts with an IQ above 145ish and call it good.
  8. I think it's great, as long as the virgins are male (or female and beautiful with forever-intact chastity belts and bondage gags and no hands). Poor virgins.
  9. She's dating you.
  10. I procrastinate more than anyone I know.
  11. Insufficient data. Anecdote: I'm always damn cold. My general core body temp is 97.1 to 97.3. Males deal with smaller temperature gradients than females. Body composition, how energy is stored, and reproductive benefits of temperatures cycles.
  12. FP types often have no concept of how cruel they can be or that they are capable of being the "bad guy." SJs are often unbending and irrationally close-minded. NTs can be eerily what one might reference as psychopathic/autistic when it comes to humans. STPs and ENTPs can often seem chaotic when angered, trying to destroy systems and find rules just in order to break them. EJs can be pushy. Cold though? INTPs that are SP-SX, etc can often be very detached, like eagles flying in the ether. INTJs may seem more cold in that their J is judgmental about how things should be. Fi, etc.
  13. I think the INTJ response would be to be interested in the type of tumor, to make some decision on what is to be done, to then think about one feels about it personally, and then to try to do something about it. ISTJs are very much the world is the way the world is and other fallacies people. She may be pissed at you for something or wishing you'd ask her if she needs something at the store every now and then. SJs frighten me.
  14. Heterosexual to asexual female. I prefer to think of it as a gay male trapped in a woman's body, but whatevs. I find myself a very sexual person but it doesn't seem to be generally directed at anyone. Definitely not females. The only times I am interested in pursuing females in when they're lesbians. It's a power dynamic, and I balk before any sexuality. When it comes to males, I can translate my sexual drive to be directed to one, but I do not appreciate their sexuality being directed at me, unless it's in a, "here, Dante, come and get me" sort of way. General romantic roles don't fit me. I generally dislike being pursued by males. I do like when males make themselves available to me. I've had romances with males non-stop since I was 16, but very few sexually-based encounters. I have seduced gay-women before as mentioned above, got them into bed, and then done nothing with them, as in I don't remember more than kissing them on the forehead or hugging; I have done something similar with 3 gay male friends who were "questioning their sexuality"--likely a power differential again on my part. [don't I look pleasant!] >:\ I find males exceptionally beautiful (I mean aesthetically). No one else is society seems to get this. I like very svelte men as well as Asian men--other non-typical likes. I think I am INTJ (INTp socionics), 5w4 enneagram, with a significant SX-SP valence. I do think my intensity towards individuals through the SX is the only way I can translate my sexuality into being directed at a male in particular. I definitely need a brain in the target, usually with an IQ in excess of 145. I prefer thin to thin-fit male nerds. I remember feeling very asexual when young, and really thinking the whole thing was gross, even up until about 19. I find the vectors for STIs, et cetera repulsive. I like mind-f-ing, but not in cruel ways--in universe ripping--mutual--intense interactiony ways.
  15. Bwahahahah. The precision is adorable. Ehem. "Sexually attractive."