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    My own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. - J. B. S. Haldane
  1. Sometimes what is to be learned just isn't found at that time. Or in this life. Not that sometimes there is nothing to learn. There's always something to learn. But overthinking won't do anything useful. That's just old fashioned obsessiveness. Whereas it happening again may well be helpful.
  2. Holli provided a common definition, OP. Your OP sounds pretty confused : IF you are aware of making decisions is it done while in the sleep state ? If you have that level of awareness about decision making, you likely have enough awareness to realize you are dreaming.
  3. As one who's been on the US factory floor most of my work history since '88, I'm of the opinion it's not a tech gap that is the primary, or even secondary problem for US manufacturing. Instead the primary, secondary and even tertiary problem is a sloven adherence to the Wall Street Phenomena of quarterly earnings.
  4. If you listen carefully to that video, you will hear what his conception was founded on, which was likely more than the 'norm' had available at the beginning stage when needed. He took the risk, then, but now the risks are different and more substantial in that industry. The nature of success, in that industry and other industries, has significantly changed from the time of his adaptation, started in '95. Change is ongoing, timing is what success comes down to.
  5. The article may well mislead one to think that it's a sole cause, it's not. It's just one of many causes. I'm in that group by age and vocation. I've had raises of 10 and 15 cent, lately, instead of what was in the past raises of 50 cents to 75 cents. And my co-worker skills competition is much less now, than in the past. Yet the employers, themselves don't/won't pay for skill differences. Employer offerings of wages and benefits, have uniformly decreased each across the decades, in my experience. It's all about expectations and the cognitive dissonance that apathy creates. There are independent ad hoc groups of different sorts that are forming, typically around basic sustenance issues, like food, housing and the like. Looking to the future where Social Security is supposed to support one, is instead a lead to poverty for just growing old. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: Note that his story is now the exception. Whereas in the last 50 years his relative success would have been the norm.
  6. I agree it's disgusting. Time for different politician's, I'd say.
  7. I'm not familiar with van Dyke, but the odds are given his lifetime, and dying in '33, his thought process is likely well entrenched in it's time. Meaning, he believed wholeheartedly in the illusion that is physical existence. To question the illusion is something of a knowledge-of-progress element, so it would be nonsense to apply any judgement to van Dyke, or to try to interpret his statement from the current time. So, I couldn't say much, as I'm in a different space. It's more appropriate to note that you resonate with it, as it is a comment on your understanding in the 21st century. What you do from that understanding, is still an open question not knowing the details of why you resonate with it.
  8. Acknowledged for the apology. One of the things I've learned along the way is that all ideologies are harmful, and that's the opposite way to go to a long, healthy life.
  9. I'm not forgetting - the lies and propaganda that took the US to Iraq, specifically. I grew up with a father that spent active duty in Korea. I'm old enough to remember registering for the Vietnam draft since I dropped out of college. Later I spent a hitch in the AF as a 309X0. Yup, I remember well, the same lies and propaganda. There are times to fight for peace, but few of those times have occurred in the last 100 years, though. Most, instead, were just imperialism and empire at work.
  10. MissJ's graphics do a good job in illustrating the concept of co-dependence. Re-reading your OP is difficult to say what exactly is going on. Can you give an example or two of your interaction that makes you react so that you feel guilty ?
  11. Someone dying should be a celebration of the life itself. Life is the only opportunity to learn what and how an individual life contributes directly to the evolution of the System that gives life.
  12. Well,, then, what would you expect to happen, that wouldn't be 'bullshit' in your eyes ? Sounds like from a management perspective it was an easy fix - move you. You don't like where you are, now, or what ? Your move doesn't offer such characteristics ? Is there even such a position available that offers those characteristics ? If so, there's a new goal to practice a refined strategy - where now are. If not, do you best with what you have to work with. The opportunity you want may or may not come around. Sugarcoating is likely required where you work, because those are the kind of people you work with. I don't think you have a quality judgement of of who/what you work with given what the OP has for content. Do you think in diplomatic terms ? I'm skeptical from what you wrote. Sure you can say what you genuinely think if you do. Else sugarcoating may or may not be a viable work-around. There's not enough information to determine a course of action from this thread, though. So, you're own your own, there. A general observation of the OP, is that your problem parameters are general, not IT specific.
  13. Where's the paradox between greed and selfishness ? I see those attributes as 'neighbors'. If you want to go that route, then you might as well go to the individual level. That's why I referenced the movie line.
  14. I agree and it's woven into the economic strategy of the US. 'Greed is good' originated in a movie but became an anthem for those whose only reason for existence was money.
  15. I got more than 20 years to figure out the same thing - tiredness makes me feel bad - just recently. If I use my work history length that would be 40+ years. Hehe. If fairness to my lifelong discovery, it took so long because I was consuming so many toxins of different types, by different modes. It's been several months now that I'm on a vegan diet, to a large degree, and the toxins are being cleaned out, judging by my body changes. As a result that are some days that I'm naturally high, like when I was in high school. Loved getting up and jump into the day, headfirst. Yeah !