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    My own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. - J. B. S. Haldane
  1. What's that concept of time in the prevailing theory called, then ? How is it distinguished from time after the BB ?
  2. I'm nor in the UK, either, but my therapy experience was for a drinking problem which had it's own mental dynamics. Therapy, in general sounds like a great idea, especially being pro-active about it. Lots and lots of things in life, I've found take more than one try to get you where you want to go. Good Luck !
  3. The exception is to this would be if you live in a school district(US configuration) that is very, very affluent. The other choices are also a matter of money but in those cases are out of your pocket. That makes it easier to go somewhere else if you don't get what you pay for.
  4. You missed the 'if needed'. The social programming is what the meme 'Greed is Good' is all about. Care of self comes naturally, if care of others is executed.
  5. MS is apparently locking down the update policy on what are considered <zero-day> failures. Since I haven't kept up with W10 updates issues, is it MS at fault or lots of ID10T's or both ?
  6. This is precisely my usage and it's priceless given my primary topic of choice is a global paradigm upgrade to a non-materialist paradigm.
  7. The administrator of TC's site, Ted Vollers, says it looks, metaphorically speaking, like Indra's net:
  8. It means being self-centered. Getting all you can, at the cost of others, if needed. You think Society needs more of this ? It's what makes Greed, as it is epitomized in the Hollywood movie, 'Wall Street'. It's what nation-states are about when they start Wars to get whatever it is that they want. It's also at the heart of the behavior of competition toward others.
  9. My young adulthood blossomed into full addiction with less awareness than you presently have on the topic. In my case my alcoholic parents were my role model. My mom was mostly stay-at-home because of her dysfunctional traits. My dad had a career-climbing mathematician come programmer in a Department of Defense third party till he worked his way to a System Analyst in then Strategic Air Command headquarters. His later life was kidney cancer and coma. There's no doubt in my mind it was a shortened life as a result of the consequences to his lifelong drinking. It's your choice if that's the sort of life you wish, cause the pattern matching of early alcoholic behavior is there, according to your own description. Your are treating your anxiety in the form of what is known as a coping strategy > The healthy choice alternative is to deal with the anxiousness directly. I've got a little over 26 years sober and the thought of being able to drink socially doesn't even enter my mind, given the improved quality of life I have sober. I would guess this is a sign that your physical brain, due to it's neuroplasticity, has already been changed. I would interpret your slippery slide is further down 'the slope', that you fully realize. I'll also echo an earlier comment, that there are better online sources for this topic, than INTJforum. Even better is a local group whose purpose is about alcohol addiction. Good Luck.
  10. Nah, even my so-called paranormal experiences, which are actually normal in a model of Consciousness as fundamental to Reality, wouldn't rise to the level of a top-down perspective. Those are just nudges, to wake one up to a bigger reality, than, for example, materialism alone offers.
  11. A key to that issue is to make them allies, by dropping your concern for your validation, and focusing on THEIR validation. It'll happen by itself, because your self-centered need of validation is an obstacle from their perspectives.
  12. Good analysis of the nuanced process that Consciousness can procedurally follow, from a bottom-up perspective. That's all that most of us have, while there are some that have all, or just pieces, from the top-down perspective, too. Meaning, that the bottom-up is necessarily the first perspective on the journey to get to the top-down perspective.
  13. Primarily the materialist's as they don't have in that model, any understanding outside the physical existence model. Those, of a form of idealism, who recognize Consciousness as the fundamental of Reality realize the thread premise is about irrelevant. Yes, this physical life will end, but another life will continue, because your Consciousness is what is continued throughout lives. What will be carried into the next life, usually is a continuation of the same virtual reality your previous life was in, since there is so much to learn. For example that physical existence merely a vehicle, to a bigger view of reality.
  14. Hahaha, well in that case, you've got two tasks ahead of you, first being the study of the materialist paradigm. It shouldn't be too hard as it the consensual one. That will give you intellectual leverage in any comparison analysis you should want to do.

    Defending something you don't understand 'in the first place', is the hard way to do that, though. Especially on the WWW, as that's a flame invitation to some people's way of thinking.

    It's all up to you, and if you choose it can be done while just living. The benefits are tangible to a better life, regardless.

  15. "This reply doesn't suggest that you are doing anything of the sort, though."

    that's because i don't have the slightest understanding about how this "limited paradigm" works in the first place. humanity seems to have barely scratched the surface of the materialist paradigm, and ive barely scratched the surface of humanity's knowledge.

    how am i supposed to abondon what i barely understand, in favor of something i probably cant understand at all?