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    My own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. - J. B. S. Haldane
  1. Existentialism invites to getting 'out of the box' that Tyson and Hawking only view primarily the inside of, as I recall, judging from their careers. They are good at that in the box stuff, but in the 21st century it's time to expand. Outside the box the justification of the physical species are of avatar's. That will butt-hurt masses of the species, but that's the truth. We, the human species consciousness, though, is a different matter. While being a physical avatar in a virtual reality , the nonphysical consciousness of each and every avatar is part and parcel to the big Consciousness as Creator, as it extends outside the VR. It is us, and us is it. Cruelty and ignorance are avatar-created as part of the lessons to make better choices, and it is the choices dynamic that is essential in this VR kindergarten learning lab. If we don't evolve in the 'correct' direction, the System allows for de-evolution to occur and if that happens for too long the System can execute a digital reset, if it sees fit.
  2. What/where did I ask ? What reality are you in anyways ? Leg work ?
  3. Are you familiar with the nature versus nurture debate, then ?
  4. Given your nonsense tone, in the same vein, the question is begged how did the FSM get created ?
  5. What's the mechanism for the dilation ? The hypertension is obviously secondary to the vasodilation. I'm asking for fundamental causes.
  6. Welcome. If it makes sense to you, you may well have a foundation to build upon that will allow further 'cutting through BS'. Good Luck if that is the case. See Ya' 'Round.
  7. Melvin gets around, according to his Wiki entry, which includes Beyond Belief of 2006 as a speaker there. The Wiki entry for Beyond Belief gave me a chuckle when put in juxtaposition to your Around, and around we go, Whirling Dervish of us all. Hehehe ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: This whole framing structure of this remark, from the OP, is all deeply embedded in the illusion of the sensory experience of what's called Maya. Since all Consciousness comes from outside the physical brain, the question is begged, what is the deeper meaning of so-called hallucinations, in general ? A higher order, if you will.
  8. To Eminem's point in rhyme, it's *always* an EGO-trip to put somebody else down. There's only two parties to gain: one to have something to gain, is the one tripping. The second party to gain, is a larger point, though. The dynamic also plays into the hands of all those who use a Divide and Conquer strategy for their personal ends. And then there's the corporate amorality that uses a modified social D&C to justify it's Greed. It's also the real root problem to all Humanity's problem of not accepting personal responsibility for a particular station in life, with it in mind to do the best one can at that station, as a starting point.
  9. If one digs in deeper on the explanation of NDE's, as I have, what shakes out of the experiences is those that *don't fit* the interpretation of expectations. That's why the position you mention fails. In short, those 'generally' remarks are based on a materialist Belief System. Rather than the alternative of a simulation, per Quantum Physics, with modifications. Hehe
  10. Essentially agree with this. That's why the concept of a paradigm shift, doesn't happen on a single change. The single change may well be noticed in snapshot form to someone's awareness, but will there will always be shifts of incremental types that lead to the noticed snapshot.
  11. Hello and Welcome MrIntrovert, Yes your parents are right about socializing, but likely for the wrong reasons. Personal interaction is an ontological function that addresses why we are even in physical bodies. It is, as a matter of fact why I am even on INTJforum, or this Introduction thread saying hello to you. See ya' 'round ?!
  12. I don't have a personal worldview model based on philosophical materialism, so you missed my points. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: For example on my worldview model, the supernatural is just plain natural.
  13. Even rehabbed they will remain animalistic, because that is the core of their Being. The only difference rehab would bring is a difference in behavior. So there is a place for the rehab effort. Which ,for sure, is an improvement, but rehab necessarily can't change their core in a single lifetime. 'Evil' in general, is typically executed by the low levels of the human-animal scale. It's just the way evolution, with Free Will, works.
  14. Nice to hear of you progress forward. Good Luck.
  15. Why no holidays for a decade ? I mean most of the worst cases I've heard of in 40 years of work at least have a few, along with vacation time being accrued. In my manufacturing job of a Moline Illinois national company branch in the plains it takes 5 years to get 2 weeks accrued, which is just plain sad, to be honest, in my workforce experience.