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    We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing
  1. Dude... even when I made the specific effort to state that I was not replying to anyone in the thread, you try and call me out for replying to people in the thread?

    It isn't like that at all. I actually have a lot of respect for a few members here, which is why I come here to see them talk about certain things. I am referring to contacts within my own life. If my rant applies to some folk here, because no doubt there are a few wikipedia warriors running around, then so be it, but that was the complete opposite intention of that post.

    Cheers :)

  2. You have not read the discussion but feel free to belittle and call people names. Nice.

  3. Most municipals water supply are required to have trace amounts of chlorine which kill bacteria, while there are a potential of chemicals, bacteria is extremely unlikely. If you are on a well a chlorination system is probably a good idea.
  4. Speaking as a person who worked installing selling etc water filtration for 3 years and later worked for the city water dept for 3 years your fears are fairly overblown but understandable. The best suggestion so far was the carbon sediment and RO mixture however it is actually important to remember they are expensive and useless for anything but drinking. The RO normally takes water to a pure state so anything you run that through has to be plastic, ie it will strip copper lines. Sediment filters remove your PPM or parts per million. The filter size reflects the amount that can pass through, anything less than 15 PPM is beyond home requirements and towards lab needs. Carbon filters only remove smell and make water taste better. The RO is a reverse osmosis system you push water up through filters until the finished product is basically h2o and will meet your request. Depending on where you live any water filtration company can sell you one for @ 300 dollars and install them fairly cheaply as well. Regular filter changes are expensive and anywhere from 3 to 6 months. If you tried to use an RO for your entire house you would be a fool the cost would be high and the benefits for washing your clothes in nil. I do not have any knowledge of the UV or electrical systems, but beware most filtration systems are not needed unless you have real water issues iron, black water or smelly water. Treating anything other than drinking water is a luxury not a requirement.
  5. I support your maxim wholeheartedly.

  6. Well that's nice of you to say - I often wonder if I'm doing tethered swimming or if anyone besides the people I'm replying to is reading. It really is hard to talk about these things, though, with the history behind all the various God-related definitions... there's more of a "lean" towards particular definitions today than anything clear. Anyone who isn't keeping totally up to date with the terminology is left completely confused, so I don't really blame them, particularly when they've only "lived" one definition.

  7. I entirely agree with your position. I consider myself somewhat of a deist and thoroughly reject theism.

  8. Evolution. Of consciousness in particular. Just a thought. :)

  9. Welcome back! Good to see you posting again.

  10. If you were saying something like "my asshat boss", I guess it works... But it didn't seem like you were going to use it that way, and I'm on your side, so I hoped you'd fix it before someone arguing with you pointed it out. =P

  11. I beg to differ but grammar was never my strong point. However I do think I can use a noun as an adjective if its in the plural form.


  12. I knew Glenn Beck wasn't anti-gay based on previous comments he'd made, but I'm quite surprised to see him, out of all the people in the media, point out ridiculousness of the current "controversies" in comparison to real controversies overseas.

  13. Very powerful message, from a very unexpected source.

  14. No prob. I miss your posts! Hope all is well.