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    We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing
  1. The problem with the conservative vs. liberal arguments in these forums seem to mirror the problem of this presidency. The conservatives simply bring up a problem and attack every angle of the issue and blame the problem on liberals. The liberals in moments of introspection admit errors and look for better solutions. The conservatives take this admission as victory and attack the other sides positions further in full knowledge that they have no interest whatsoever of solving any problem. Their only goal is making their opposition look bad.
  2. China is like a drug dealer (cheap imports), we are like any druggie. The truth of the matter is its easier for the US to find another supplier than it would be for China to find another hop head. So China would be foolish to screw with their best customer, and and china isnt foolish. The US like any hop head will destroy anyone in their pursuit of self destruction. So the answer would be can China can use the US, and can even abuse them, however the real danger to the US is from within.
  3. I would love if this post was sarcasm, sadly it actually reflects much of the american public. I am coming to realize much of the public is retarded and it would seem Ray wants to drive the short bus. The comments about Nazi's and Communists show the lack of coherent thought, can you imagine if we were so stupid as a people that after WW2 we continued to kill germans simply because of this type of stereotyping. Not only was President Obama correct in his statement, the concept he expressed was the only way to destroy the threat of muslim extremism. But please lets not let that stop this type of xenophobic hatred.
  4. Well lets see can the story be linked to the administration? No, any orders within an hour and a half of the event was before they even informed the administration. Why would these people lie? Well this interview and "bombshell" seem to exactly coincide with the release of a book. Does this actually show or mean anything new and not already heavily discussed? Nope. Air support was not possible that has been well documented, CIA and Libyan help arrived in time to secure the ambassador behind a safe door an escape route was being set up. Why is fox hyping this story at all ?
  5. All we need to understand is the muslim dichotomy, between Sunni and Shias. The US made a huge mistake in Iraq overthrowing a Sunni government and thinking democracy would ensue between two warring religious factions. Iran is heavily Shia and supported further Shia empowerment in the region. Isis a Sunni movement should come as no suprise to anyone following events. We are in the midst of a religious war where in the end the only unifying factor is both groups hate the US, strangly it seem's they both hate each other more.
  6. Military cuts are always hard on someone somewhere. This one however sounds like a smart Idea.
  7. I do not think the facts support your concept. Poverty is not a matter of genetics, nor is it a cycle that cannot be broken. Education and opportunity are the best remedies to poverty. I dont think this is an easy problem to solve but neither is it something people must endure. Mental health takes a larger role in poverty than often considered.
  8. I personally think communism is great. For a small group of like minded people such as a monastery or cult, but in government its a disaster. Government is rule by the gun simple as that. Communism by government rule is simply a nightmare there are countless examples and to be brutally honest its true without reward you lose ambition. The idea however that you cannot end poverty or provide for every person is such a sad sick ideology. That comment only seek's to hide the persons secret hatred of others and desire to see people suffer.
  9. Russian markets still in decline and EU now supports sanctions. Yep Putin still winning...
  10. I have seen nothing about this concept, I do understand congress has yet to make a decision however every article I read suggests vertical cut meaning they would all be gone. I can only speak to US warfare since its all I know about, while many today still think of war in WW2 terms our present world does not enforce that mindset. We need speed agility and multi capable forces. Tanks, warships and bombers seem to be going the way of the dodo bird. I think if conventional warfare broke out between the US and Russia today within a week we could establish air superiority and have reduced their army to ruins. All of this without even placing a tank on the field of battle.
  11. ALL tanks are outdated, they can be taken out by shoulder mounted missile or drones. The A-10 IS outdated its on the Pentagon list for removal. Ground warfare today is about speed mobility and engagement from distance. Warfare and occupation are two separate monsters.
  12. I am so proud of Ray for coming out on this topic and his feelings. I have earlier commented that there seem's to be an admiration from the right of Putin almost to a level of adoration. The question I had was why? To hazard a guess I think it falls back to the old geek question Kirk or Picard, it seem's a large amount of people love the simpler impulsive cowboy rather than the careful negotiator. Shadeylark do yourself a favor get off whatever your smoking. Obama is not a cult of personality. Seriously he is getting towards an approval rating below Bush jr. Even his supporters today are less than lukewarm towards him. Yes he took the world by storm based entirely on what we all hoped would prove true, that day is gone and the dream is dead move the fuck on. To those such as Ray who find themselves awed by the Russian leader does it bother you to adore a dictator? Do you think there is a difference between him and those who came before him? Do you agree he is probably as cold a killer by nature as any other Cult of personality dictators who came before him? If you answer yes to any of those questions does it make you pause about your own belief system then?
  13. Sorry Ray they plan to axe em. A favorite of mine as well but to be honest you can fire anything from drone now.
  14. As important as who has the best K-bar. The future of the US military operations will be drones and special forces. Missile warfare and satellite control and observation rules at this time. If the US lost this advantage I doubt we would choose to sustain warfare without the US itself coming under attack.
  15. Rather than wondering at your lack of comprehension instead a question. Are you just so in love with Putin (all conservatives it seems) that you are unable to understand how in a global economy his actions have destabilized trade and stability perhaps beyond repair during his tenure as leader of Russia? Never mind I answered my own question those unable to move beyond the cold war era thinking actually miss it. Sad but true it seems.