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  1. We were really good for a several years. Then there was some geographical distance. We see each maybe once a year and then it seems it was just yesterday the last time met. As an intj I'm obsessed with the theoretical
  2. I'm browsing around a dating site and I see a nice girl. She looks nice, we have many of the same hobbies and there doesn't seem to be any lifestyle issues. This is the type I'm looking for. I do a little research and her last girlfriend use to be a friend of mine. With her being a lesbian is was platonic friendship. Sometimes it seemed she might of had a crush on me. It appears they are still friends even after breaking up. Now this is a possible awkward situation to get in. This new girl is my type. She's someone I'd like to get to know and see if we click. Her ex-girlfriend is an old friend of mine who may have been infatuated with me. So far we were one person's type. Does this fall under dating the ex of your bro? I think we might click but is it going to get weird?
  3. the thresten thing. I too swear by this.

  4. They and all of the adult related workforce is a necessary evil. Society values them but has to act like they don't. Ostracizing is actually the best thing for them. If Society was more accepting then more people would consider doing such work. Competition would lower their earning potential.
  5. This and stuff. I know the internet police gets mad about guys caring about looks but it does matter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone's inter-beauty does count but if this relationship is going to include physical activities we need to be physically attracted to each other.
  6. It's a trend that comes back every other year or so. It has become the uniform of white yuppies.
  7. I use it as networking tool and to meet with people with similar hobbies. Before Facebook and the Internet you either had to keep your hobbies to yourself or adopt your friend's hobbies. I love it because it connects me to people who share the same interests. What I don't about Facebook it sometimes reminds me of the popular kid's table in high school. The popular kids will let you eat at the same table with them. They'll even share stories with you. One of them will even invite everyone to come to their big house party on Saturday night. That invite is only for the actual popular kids. You've just got lunch room privileges.
  8. Ah the great bikini mystery! Girls will parade up and down anywhere in the most revealing bikini. Cleavage, side boob and under boob it is all there for the world to see. Then one day she's wearing a sports bra or some other modest bra and it is suddenly obscene.
  9. It depends on who is the pornographer. If I pay a girl to let me take pictures of her naked to post online then it is degrading. If she posts pictures of herself performing sex acts on her own then it merely a form of expression. To me all porn is objectifying. That is also the point of all images. Degrading is a matter of opinion. Always it helps if the subject of pornography is seen as fellow feminist. Don't ask me how I know (wink) but there are some porn stars who are in some of the most degrading and objectifying porn but get away with it because they are also considered a feminist because they maintain a blog on feminism. Then there are girls who just appear nude and perform no sex acts but because they aren't seen as a fellow feminist they don't get the same respect from them.
  10. What he wants is the primary relationship. Even though you're poly you still have that special someone as your primary. This is why poly relationships don't interest me. You might be willing to date a bunch of people but eventually you may have stronger feelings for just one of them. If the feeling isn't the same...well your screwed. The primaries get the better deal out of being poly. No matter what happens with him you're still going to be with your primary right? Make it clear to him that a mono relationship with him isn't in your future and that your primary will always be there. If you love him but can't give him what he needs then you must be willing to let him go.
  11. It doesn't get better as you age either. Women can be placed in 3 categories: 1. Immature and just looking for fun. 2. Balanced and act their age. 3. Overly Ambitious and thinks highly of themselves. Women in the first category are rarely looking for a serious relationship. Those in category two are what you want in a mate. When they're in their mid 20s to early 30's is usually when they'll get in long term relationship. These women are pretty much unavailable from this point forward. Your only hope with them is if for their partner to die or to break up with them. When they are available again it may be with some baggage. Category three believes they are meant for great things. In her 20's she'll view men her own age as immature. When in fact she's as equally immature. She wants to meet a successful older man. If she doesn't meet one in her 20s she's okay with it. Right now her goals is her future career. As she gets older she still wants the same things. The problem is the more greatness she obtains the more greatness she wants in mate. She'll only accept equal or greater. If you're a guy in your mid 20s looking for a mate just marry this first girl you find from category two. Then make sure you spend the rest of your life not screwing it up.
  12. Complaint - Bloggers have help to ruin online dating. Everyone has their own funny or dreadful dating site story. We like sharing these stories and we like reading them. Online news sites are always looking for a stories that generate views. Every so often you'll hear about the latest story about online dating to go viral. These are rarely positive. The stories don't hurt the sites because they give the sites free advertising. The stories hurt the users because they reenforce our negative opinions about these sites. Some people are no long joining the sites to meet people but to share the experience. Before they figured out these stories make popular reading I swear these sites were more enjoyable. Now I can actually find profiles of online dating Bloggers in disguise looking for material.
  13. Most men don't need to be taught not to rape. I heard teach your son not to rape line before and it is offensive. It suggests that a man's nature is to rape and unless we're told not to were all gonna start raping everyone. The vast majority of men (and women) don't a natural desire to rape everything that moves. For the ones that do have that desire I think it would be wiser to take protective measures to protect yourself than to expect them to have been taught better. We teach people not to kill but that doesn't stop murderers from killing people. Maybe the hitchhiker carrying that axe isn't going to kill me but as a precaution I'm not going to pick him up.
  14. Real pictures are best with normal angles. You want to present your best face but be able to deliver it in person. No one looks like their picture in real life. At least try to minimize the difference.
  15. I've known at least 3 people during my life time who I'm positive were ENTJ. At first I became good friends with each of them. Maybe we recognize a common bond of the 'NTJ' part. The 'E' gives them something we don't have. An INTJ might have all the makings of a super villain but they know that their introverted nature is weakness in societies eyes. It keeps us grounded. An ENTJ doesn't have that problem and their arrogance can get the better of them. All 3 of these ENTJ I've know have tried to test me. Only 2 of them I would still be friends with. With ENTJ I almost feel the need to threaten them in advanced not to cross me.