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  1. At this point I don't believe you can make a 3y gender studies course without bullshit. Politics have so much infected the topics that there are barely any studies which would be trustworthy and replicable. But even if we imagine that in some alternative universe this would be possible, I doubt I'd want to invest so much time and potentially money on this single topic. Most people are just people.
  2. sure, what about it?
  3. Knowingly - unlikely, unless she's going through a breakup/divorce.
  4. So this is a trend now: http://www.itsgreat.eu/
  5. Sorry I meant being pro-life. If the mother is pro-life you can't really judge her on that.
  6. it's called being pro-choice I guess
  7. Not sure what is attractive about it, but there's certainly something about it. It's the basis of the practical joke of pulling someone's chair below him. We must distinguish real gore/violence from fantasy one. I do really enjoy some kinds of movie/game violence lie the over the top spectacle fighter violence, but I do most certainly not enjoy watching a man get his arm ripped apart. You should know that the victim doesn't really feel the pain. To enjoy it. There are several scenes in the movie industry where the gore is done disturbingly realistic, but generally there's enough suspension of disbelieve. An example is watching UFC - yes it's enjoyable to watch fighters go up against one another having bleeding and continuing fighting, however I don't enjoy watching one-sided fights where someone getting his face mashed up while unconscious/defenseless.
  8. I made a character, who didn't work, but married other sims. Naturally when you marry someone you get the money put in their house. So lots of money. When The money depleted I killed the bride and got a new one. Eventually I ended up with formidable mansion with fairly extensive and artsy cemetery.
  9. Political science is not STEM. You can't put the entire population of a state in a lab with control groups etc. But Communism was also never fully applied by its design, so I suppose it's not a utopian as well.
  10. I see that you're trying to attribute the entirety of your success on hard work and discredit those less successful as lazy/less determined. That's a very common attitude and it's just as commonly wrong. Entrepreneurship revolves around taking high risk, which means lots of people would fail and few would succeed. Yes, luck is big part of it. Chances are that if Bill Gates was born today he wouldn't have made it further than being a code monkey. He was lucky enough to be born in the dawn of the computer age, to have one of the first computers to play with and to learn to code, to be in the right place at the right time. Sure he wouldn't have made it, if he didn't work hard as well, but hard work won't get you too far on its own.
  11. Surely the whole concept hasn't been applied to the full extend of it outside of tribal societies because it's utopian by its nature. But we've seen evidences of partial applications. We've seen the results of having private armies (Italian city states, 30 years wars), we've seen what happens when the cruel and despotic have been overthrow to give way for power to the people (French revolution and the Jacobin gangs of terror, Russia). The vacuum of power always sucks in the next tribal warlord and private citizen militia can't handle organized force ruled hierarchically. And even if you managed to get that thing working, it would be easily conquered by the neighboring states. Corporations are not that different from states in their tyranny. The east Indian trade company was even crueler to the colonized regions than any colonizing state power. The only difference is that democratic states have a way of controlling their rulers, you can't control a corporation from the outside.
  12. Yeah, I'm not too worried about this. Robotics and software automation is just another step of the many we've made from the industrial revolution until now. Yet there are more people than anyone in the past could have imagined and the great majority of them are employed. There would be professions helping fix the next tier of first world problems.
  13. It's an idiotic concept, proven to work horribly hundreds of times throughout history.
  14. My ego. I need to have tangible proof that I'm better than many others. For good or bad my primary motivator is waning as the years pass by. Might be lowering of the libido or learned humility.
  15. Yup, Xcom 2 long war is awesome. I'd have hundreds of hour more of awesome playtime