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  1. Uhm yeah , so what? There are far more useless and even parasitic and destructive companies who make waaaaaaaay more than that. I remember the time before wikipedia, so seriously, let them have few millions. They deserved them.
  2. The "mountain jews" killed be
  3. I know it's not desirable to just post pictures, but since this pretty much sums my opinion on this marvelous economic breakthrough:
  4. Because they're fat for the wrong reason.
  5. The US invaded the entire country just because of a small terrorist organization within its territory which supposedly was backed by the government. Pretty sure that was not the case and even, if it was there were far more efficient ways to deal with the talibans than that. This was the pretext for invading, I'm not sure that was the actual reason. US leaders can't be that stupid. As for ISIS it's entirely different thing. That is an actual terrorist state , they don't have official leadership, can't wage diplomacy, can't reason with them, can't assassinate them. The only viable option is war - either direct or by proxy. But proxy wars have always backfired in a bad way.
  6. I'd agree in general we should leave ME to resolve itself. Even when they end up under a despotic monarch, the nations would prefer it compared to tribal and civil wars. However given that there's ISIS there who are not just sitting in their territory, but are expanding their violence to the west, I 'd agree we should stomp those aggressive fundamentalists first.
  7. MY high school had teachers were paid university level salaries. As with any other school there were shitty ones and there were good ones. As long as you pay them living wages the payment shouldn't affect them that much. If you're teaching just for the money, you're in the wrong occupation.
  8. Adapt and change occupation. IF you're doing a job that can very easily be replaced by dumb machine (the self driving cars aren't really a sophisticated AI) you're doing the wrong job. It is by definition mindless and repetitive.
  9. Yeah, sorry dude , but that's bullshit. The wait turn is about as long as Civ 5. The interface and pop-ups can be inconsistent here and there, but you can research what things do and once you learn it, it won't bother you. The scenes as has been mentioned are completely skippable.
  10. Hehe, got into the same situation my first game. I was waaay ahead everyone else and just clicked the next button to get to the science victory. And I just casually checked the victory progress. Then I'm seeing - hm so there's a religious victory now isn't it, I'll check it. Then I'm seeing that one civ already has all other civs converted besides me. I check all my cities and all except one has been already converted and around this city there's already a swarm of 5-6 apostles incoming :D So yeah, you an't just ignore the religious game like you used to in Civ 5, which is a good thing :) I already did one game and I'm on my second. Overall really loving the game. My biggest concern is that even at the higher difficulties the AI is not that challenging. I have yet to try deity, but thus far it's quite easy even when I don't fully comprehend all the new mechanics.
  11. Well China (Not to mention Turkey) could be even worst when it comes to human rights and is close next to Russia when it comes to aggressive military displays, but no one talks about China, maybe because they're valuable trade partners. The bias and open propaganda against Russia is completely obvious.
  12. Outside of pop music, where being beautiful is actually a prerequisite to participate in, all other music genres have predominantly male musicians. The proportion misalignment can be even better seen in rock genres of music, where the messages of aggression and rebellion are conveyed. Those are predominantly male traits.
  13. Unlike virtually any person who ever participated in a televised debate?
  14. I don't know if you've noticed but some of the most powerful political people in the western world are in fact females and those are not just symbolic power positions. You have Angela Merkel in Europe, up until recently you had Dilma Ruseff in South America and quite unfortunately you're about to have Hilary Clinton in North America. If to you "but in a way one of the greatest societal problems currently is the inequality of women", you must be living quite a sheltered life. You picked some terrible examples to prove your point.
  15. Just 1m $? She's selling quite cheap.