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  1. There are numerous cases where people sacrifice themselves to safe their children. I don't know that many cases where someone sacrificed him/herself for someone's else children, let alone wife. My thinking is, if it came naturally to put (other) women and children first you'd not have to be reminded to do so in an emergency situation. I'd bet the natural instinct would be for the strongest to stomp over everything in their path to get to safety. You can probably learn that self-sacrificing behavior - in the case of firemen for example, but I wouldn't expect random people who don't experience life-or-death situation often to act in this noble and artificial way.
  2. Mostly what I watch is to get information on the game - either explaining mechanics, provide ideas for builds or strategies. So mostly learning purposes. I can not bear the fake dyed hair screamers.
  3. I've been playing Endless Space 2 over the weekend. Now if they can only integrate the combat of master of Orion 2016, it would be awesome.
  4. I have yet to see a dominant INFP
  5. guardians of the galaxy - it was ok, funny, simple ...
  6. Or you should probably change the employer?
  7. Humans are omnivorous and have eaten all matter of shit during the lifespan of the specie.
  8. I bet you can give some great fathering and family tips, Op. I'm all ears. Tell me how single mothers raise great generations since those fathers are apparently useless, if not damaging.
  9. I don't think you understand what the "I" stands for.
  10. I'll hate to be well prepared with some topics. I wouldn't mind it at all though.
  11. Most of the job I've got were through direct ads and interviews without knowing anyone in the company or asking them for favors. Ironically the 2 jobs I got through connections were the shitiest ones. So you can say I don't depend a lot on networking. But at this point I've built quite remarkable experience and CV that sells itself and I'm getting pretty good at handling interviews, so there's that.
  12. There are tons of non-developer positions in CS - QA, analysts, support, app admin, network infrastructure. But you do need to do some learning and projects on your own as it doesn't seem you did a lot of work at school.
  13. I never understood why people mix globalism with corporate hegemony. You an still have globalism and corporate regulations you know.
  14. I'm generally on the meh side, but the picture you picked goes more on the gross side...