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  1. Rum and whatever liquids in my home that I can mix it with without puking.
  2. Varies for everyone, but diminishing for me. Definitely diminishing.
  3. /thread
  4. Tends to darken over time. Even here in the land of blondes, very few people seem to maintain that degree of fairness without artificially lightening their hair. But, since weird looking painted on Groucho Marx looking eyebrows are still in style, it's hard to tell.
  5. Couldn't do it. The humour probably isn't an issue, but I need a dynamic to riff off of. The thought of standing there and just belting out jokes is horrifying.
  6. Given that you open your post by introducing yourself as someone with malignant narcissism, and based on the info provided, it seems likely to me that she isn't coming onto you and that the narcissism is leading you to interpret the situation in such a way to think she desires you, which also includes you labelling her as BPD (since narcissists and BPD are famously drawn to one another according to pop-psychology).
  7. Dawww Your primary love language is probably Physical Touch with a secondary love language being Quality Time. Complete set of results Physical Touch: 11 Quality Time: 8 Words of Affirmation: 8 Acts of Service: 3 Receiving Gifts: 0
  8. Like others have mentioned, growing into relationships more organically is the preferred route for me. Basically one of the only ways I connect with people is through humour, so there's a lot of laughter, playfulness, and joking around in my relationships. I'd say it's the one of the most important parts of the foundation for me. I know when things need to be addressed seriously, but there's enough stressful shit in life that I like my relationships to be a more lighthearted respite focused around enjoying one another. That relaxed vibe, in and of itself, usually leads to more openness. If I'm with someone who is very serious, it feels like walking on eggshells and I'm far more likely to clam up.
  9. Your drunken fist is no match for my tiger style! The answer sought may have been revealed on the newest Wu-Tang album of which the only existing copy was bought by Martin Shkreli for 2 mil... But Confucious say... Shkreli no telly
  10. It seems that this hidden mystery of the orient will remain esoteric. Unless you meditate on this at a Shaolin monastery until the answer reveals itself to you, you will never know.
  11. lol I'm talking the sort of shampoo you find at dollar stores or sketchy convenience stores on the corner that have probably been robbed of more products than they've ever sold
  12. Nah, I don't live anywhere near WA now. This poser is an amateur. Socks? What a fucking boy scout.
  13. Quality can vary quite a bit. The dragonfruit I'd get more towards the west coast (ie. fresher imported asian produce) was quite a bit more flavourful than what I got on the east coast. A good one should have a mild kiwi taste, but also have the honey-ish sort of taste of an asian apple-pear. They definitely don't have a strong taste, as others have mentioned, but they are really nice in something like a fruit salad and served pretty cold.
  14. Not asian, but I cook with these oils all the time and am a bit loco when it comes to keeping my kitchen clean. Sprays, even metal cleaner, still end up leaving an oily film which makes me mental. I use two sponges. One damp one with a bit of dish soap (any old one will work) to make the oily bits more liquidy, then go over it again with a dry sponge to pick it all up. Once the dry sponge gets too oily, soak it and lather it up with dish soap, then wring it out. Simple solutions are always the best. Also, a trick I figured out is to wash oily dishes and surfaces with really cheap ass shampoo. Shampoo is designed to draw out oils to be rinsed away easily. There's a reason why crappy shampoo eventually dries out your hair and makes you look like a straw man. Apply that idea to any other greasy thing, and voila.
  15. This is an odd accusation given that this is exactly what you are doing. You don't even appear to have anything approaching a coherent understanding of things like evolution, mental illness, etc since you've bent and warped these concepts around so much in order to validate your worldview. As for it being a "phenomena to be studied", there's actually no shortage of studies about homosexuality ranging from evolutionary to sociological, and everything in between. It's not the taboo subject for scientists that many like you seem to believe. A simple search on pubmed should help you get there. The thing is, all of these studies point to one general thing... homosexuality is not an aberration, is not a mental illness (and never actually did meet current or old criteria for mental illness, which was the product of research into the matter, hence why it was removed from the DSM) and presents something that's well within the expected variation of human behaviours, particularly since similar patterns are being shown more and more in other species. What you've done is to look at progress in such research only to the point that conforms to your personal views. You seem to chalk up everything that pushes beyond your "gut reaction" as "indoctrination", or to some nefarious "agenda", or bend the very concept of these things to match your worldview. You'd do well to stop suppressing your gut reaction, and instead deal with it by educating yourself. If you'd prefer to wave it all away as the product of some "agenda", the world will continue on regardless and wave to you as you are left in the past.