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  1. Unless there was some wicked free spot that caught my eye, I'd go straight to the furthest areas. There's usually a spot available, and the time it takes to drive around looking for a closer spot is usually longer than it is to walk from the far end.
  2. As Seablue said, this isn't overly abnormal or a "bad" thing as you've stated it. For me, a physical attraction is a must, though if she doesn't have a personality I find attractive... I just lose all attraction entirely. Both factors are needed. That said, and I don't mean this to be a snarky question, but how many women do you know or have developed friendships with? I find that a lot of younger guys who are overly hung up on physical attraction or have some difficulty connecting with women at a deeper level are often men who haven't had the chance to develop many friendships or much closeness with the opposite sex. If you can, try developing some platonic relationships with women in your life. Once you start connecting with women without sexuality as a factor, when you are looking for a relationship, things like personality will probably become more salient and important to you since you'll have a better idea of what you click with and what you don't. I'm no longer a spring chicken and I don't really know about what you young bucks are like these days, but when I was in my early 20s a lot of guys regarded any platonic relationship with a woman as either some impossibility or as being "friendzoned" (ie. the worst thing ever). If you're being influenced by guys like this, disregard that bullshit and conquest mentality. Make tonnes of friendships with women. Make as many as you possibly can. You'll end up developing healthier and more balanced relationships with compatible women. You'll also avoid growing into one of the bitter man-boys that swarm around online. But, if you are already someone with a lot of healthy platonic relationships with women... you can just go ahead and ignore my stupid babbling.
  3. It's not something I notice unless someone looks particularly ghoulish like Steve Bannon. Doesn't bother me. Zombies can be beautiful inside, too.
  4. I think you're interpreting the meaning of this idea a bit too literally.
  5. Yup. I have little issue with any ideology, but any and all ideologies are susceptible to extremism without much difference in the end results. Whether it be religious, political, or social, in nature you see the same underlying narratives used to justify extremism. What I think many fail to recognize is that nearly all ideologies are born of resistance or defiance in some form and arise among marginalized people. While this can be the best part of an ideology, this is also the element that extremism exploits. It's no coincidence that extremism crops up among people in the most desperate circumstances. Can anyone name an ideology that doesn't have a narrative of the "righteous struggle" as a central theme?
  6. There's no imperative, either way. Some men will lead, some women will lead, sometimes neither, and sometimes both. The dynamics individuals have with one another are unique to them and any generalized or averaged pattern that exists (or that you may believe exists) in the larger population is merely a feature of the population that encompasses all of the variation that exists at the level of individuals.
  7. Based on what I've seen on this forum (a pretty good sample of INTJs over the years) and my own experience as a scientist and with the legions of engineers that I've known and worked with, the lean is definitely more towards engineering. INTJs are fantastic at understanding systems, and optimizing or adapting them to suit a practical outcome. While these are things that can also make a fine scientist, I find INTJs to be a bit too dogmatic when it comes to completely rethinking or expanding on a system. They like the facts and knowledge that they utilize so well to already be established and validated, rather than wading into the murky "grey areas" that's required of scientists to generate novel ideas then seek to establish and validate them as fact. Instead, I find INTJs (and engineers) tend to interpret and make sense of those grey areas where there's a lot of gaps in what's known or where there's ambiguity in what's empirically understood in terms of what they already know and understand. Instead of thinking outside of the box, they tend to shoehorn things into the box they already know and are comfortable with. I see this sort of thinking reflected in how INTJs generate their understanding of many things (look at how many INTJs on here seem to conceptualize things like dating only in terms of systems they feel familiar with, like economics or evolution). It takes a bit of P to push through those sorts of things and know when/how to approach things from a novel perspective. For that reason, I think science tends to be more naturally attractive to Ps. Even in this thread, the Ps (including Junk, Paloma, and myself) that have weighed in are all in research. The engineers that have weighed in have been Js (apologies to those I don't know). Again, these are not mutually exclusive, nor is one approach "better" than another, and there's plenty of bleed over.
  8. C'mon, Comrade. Let's just go off and listen to our inferior Marxist music and continue destroying culture with it. For Motherland!
  9. Why the hell would I post any music in this thread? You start off with some nonsense about "Marxism" and an Infowars video, then move on to raving about how music you don't like is a sign of a doomed culture, and now you are asking us to post music from the past 15 year... for what reason, exactly?
  10. You've provided nothing other than ranting and raving about things you don't like while trying to dress it up in pseudo-intellectual nonsense about "Marxism" while flailing your arms around because you think it all spells the end of civilization. Try as you might, you've got nothing to offer other than your own personal distaste for whatever you are on about. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: False. I just called my mom and she told me I was right. Case closed.
  11. You are trying to dress up you own distaste for certain things Your words.
  12. I like how you cite Celine Dion as an example of good music.
  13. My dope stylez and mad flava
  14. The vast majority of people who think they hold unpopular opinions are actually just regurgitating pretty common opinions they think are edgy or being needlessly cynical about trivial things.
  15. Because men are BAD.