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  1. Driving home from down south
  2. I've seen this called the Ginger Ninja in a few juice bars. 1 carrot Fresh ginger to taste Fresh turmeric (thumbnail size) 1 cup of organic cloudy apple juice Ice Coconut water is optional if you want a thinner drink. You can also add fresh mango and or pineapple if you want something sweeter and thicker.
  3. Apparently this "fad" keeps getting bigger worldwide. An extract from the document which summarises world car market sales, beginning on page 8: The document is one year old, but I saw recent sales figures which show that the trend continues worldwide. In terms of your rant.... What makes the preferences of a righteous twat any more valid than anyone else's preferences?
  4. Eating breakfast
  5. Have some unicorn meat for your troubles....
  6. Wagyu!!!
  7. I think the line may seem blurred here.....but it's best to stay well clear of blurred lines like this.
  8. This place has a sale on at the moment
  9. Access to information in general - information for my profession is at my fingertips 24/7; This is a huge benefit. Access to my own information - important financial and other information at my fingertips 24/7. This also means I can share information quickly with others. (An invoice, photo, audio file, old email etc etc). Communications - Email and video calls (Skype) Online banking - I rarely go into a bank these days. Online shopping - ease, simplicity, efficiency and price. I have purchased everything from groceries to cars online. Organising travel online (an important subset of online shopping) - I can organise an overseas flight, accommodation, car hire etc in an hour or so; Competition and pricing - Australia's geographic isolation is no longer an excuse for local businesses to not compete on price. This, combined with globalisation has lead to prices in Australia for many important goods being substantially reduced. A Toyota Corolla was $21,850 in 1990...A Toyota Corolla today, 27 years later, is $20,430 and I can buy it and have it delivered this afternoon if I needed. (Using the online RBA inflation calculator, a basket of goods purchased in 1990 for $21,850 should cost over $42,000 today). Reduction in physical record keeping - I keep most records online. I could go on......
  10. This may be because 3/4 of the population are generally sensors compared with 1/4 being intuitives. This and a combination of other factors perhaps?
  11. Having a cold drink on the back verandah..... it's 35 degrees C and 95% humidity....it's nearly 10pm. There's tropical storms all around, so I'm hoping one will hit us before long and provide some relief. This old beach house doesn't have any aircon
  12. Water..... it's 41 deg C outside and not much less inside.
  13. You may wish to look at some of the Porsche forums. I understand there are a few for Boxster owners. They'll give you an idea of maintenance costs, known problems and performance mods.
  14. Yes Casino can be unbelievably stifling. Funnily enough I haven't been to Bunnings in Lismore although I drive past it often enough. I'll have to go for a wander this time to get materials for repairs to my partner's parent's old house. At least Lismore has a thriving cafe and food culture these days. There are some really good restaurants now.
  15. My partner is from Lismore so we tend to spend a few weeks up that way each year. Its a bit warm and humid for me being from the south, but it's lovely country and we have a lot of friends up that way now as they return to their childhood roots. Enjoy your ice cream maker.