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    5w4 sp/so/sx
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    Art school dropout, some military, homeschool mom
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    Reading, socionics LII; EQ-18 SQ-63
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  1. A lot of the bullet points would fit an ISTJ, too. Most ISTJ's are good about planning ahead and having money for gas. They're very responsible and low-drama.
  2. I'm not quite sure. But I remember there was a year where I went vegan and I enjoyed the novelty of feeling compassion for animals and insects. My reasons for being vegan were based on logic, but it was interesting to try to put my heart into it and feel it from the perspective of someone who chose that path out of compassion.
  3. This. If I get new data that reduces my certainty, it won't change anything except the letters in my profile. I'll still be the same socially awkward, linear-thinking person I've always been, with the same interests I've always had.
  4. I can't watch this to the end. Eww! I've watched my cat eat bugs - crickets and earwigs, never a big spider. But now that I think about it, I usually see big spiders in the house in August/September, and the last couple years, since having a cat, I haven't seen any. Maybe the cat is taking care of them for us.
  5. I'm seeing a lot of introversion memes making the rounds on a Facebook. They say things like, "I need you to give me space," or, "It's not rude for me to be quiet..." And all the introverts click the "like" button. The problem is, in the REAL world, the extroverts haven't seen the memes and they don't really care. They're too busy living their own extroverted lives to notice the introverts blending into the background. So it ends up being a bunch of introverts validating each other's introvertedness.
  6. Hating a trait in someone else COULD be because you dislike the same trait in yourself, but it's not a law of the universe that everything I hate in others is what I dislike in myself. I think it's just as true that we dislike traits in others that we can't relate to because they're so unlike us. I would be annoyed at someone who wouldn't stop talking and just went on and on and on. I don't do that, and I don't understand how anyone could have the energy to do that.
  7. I do this, too, and I'm INTJ, not INTP. I've been through the long threads, all of reckful's posts, and it all seemed to confirm that I'm INTJ. I guess I could put more conscious thought into how I look, but it feels like a superficial waste of time. So I pick jeans and tshirts that don't look scrappy, are decent solid-color choices, and buy two or three of each so I don't have to think about what I'm going to wear every day. I'm usually hone, but even if I had a job outside the home, I'd most likely have three sets of a couple variations of work clothes. I'd want to look professional, but I still wouldn't want to have to think about it every morning. ---------- Post added 07-22-2014 at 09:43 AM ---------- I'm scowling in all my toddler pictures. :P
  8. What's true is objective - truth is objective reality. Consensus doesn't make something true, it just makes something accepted.
  9. Thomas Jefferson.
  10. Bullying is often cited as a reason these days. In the UK, I think it's the most common reason given for homeschooling.
  11. To leave my mark on the world by changing it for the better in some way. I already have a nice husband and family.
  12. Not always. I myself am an INTJ of average intelligence.
  13. I wish I could paint like that. I'll trade you random sketches anytime you want. I kind of wanted to start a drawing thread where everyone adds to one drawing. A friend and I used to trade random sketches.

  14. Because an SJ is likely to wear one because it's safe, and an SP is likely to forego one because it's constraining. Just a guess.
  15. I'd like to see your sketches! I did go to art school school (many years ago) and I like to think I'll spend my old age sketching and drawing.