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  1. No problem. :)

  2. i misnamed my thread. could it be changed from quantum particles to quantum questions?


  3. Hi Altoid. Can anything be done about ad nauseum spamming in my thread? I have offered an argument including evidence from University of Connecticut and Kisai simpoly barrages every post with "where's your evidence," which was plainly in the OP.

    When are you going to post some evidence?

    Is this a "no content" violation? 8 posts doing nothing but "no evidence" since yesterday. i'm no longer responding. Can it be averted?

  4. You're not a jerk. If you feel the relationship is going nowhere, why prolong it? This is why people date before getting married, right? Breakups are usually difficult, but you'll be doing both of you a favor. Good luck.
  5. This is a lie. A well-intentioned lie, but a lie all the same. Because if it were true, this thread wouldn't exist. It's possible to love someone quite deeply but not find them particularly lust-inspiring. If OP and OP's SO have been together for a while, it's easy to fall in a "comfortable" rut. You stop preening for each other or worrying about little things about yourself you probably cared about quite a bit when still in the wooing phase of the relationship. If it is something OP is unhappy with, it can erode the relationship, even if she does love (care deeply for) who he is as a person. Does this unicorn exist?
  6. Chasing my DayQuil with alternating coffee and orange juice.
  7. I like to knit and crochet with the TV on as well. It gives me a feeling of productivity that I wouldn't have if I was only watching TV and knitting without any other distraction doesn't hold my attention well. I always take up knitting and crocheting in the winter, maybe mostly out of a desire for warm, cozy scarves. Made a few small amigurumi creatures, and would like to tackle socks as a next project.
  8. Can you replace the word "believe" with "accept" in my first 2 poll question?

    here is the thread.. http://intjforum.com/showthread.php?p=3372758#post3372758

    Many thanks!


  9. Hi altoid! Could you please close my "health benefits of caloric restriction" thread, so I could continue it in Zodd's "How much greater is The Great Malefic?" thread, please?

  10. Did necropost did not know rule, generated new comments.

  11. :) I (once again) had almost forgotten about that one.

  12. Annual reminder of how I really miss the Darth Vader hedge trimming avatar :) a bit later then usual...damn...