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  1. Have you not watch Lord of the Rings? http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Trolls ---------- Post added 09-28-2013 at 05:27 AM ---------- Do you look like this?
  2. Very helpful advice re lunch interviews. Thank you! :)

  3. * If you’re concerned about what’s appropriate to order, take your cues from him. If he orders an appetizer, entree, and dessert, do something roughly the same. If he orders water and an appetizer and no entree, restrain the price of your own meal accordingly. Either way, don’t be the only one ordering dessert. * Don’t order alcohol. * Don’t order anything that’s really messy to eat, like barbecue or tacos, or anything that you know from experience gets stuck in your teeth, like spinach. * If you know where you’re eating in advance, look at its menu online ahead of time, so that you can decide what to order in advance, rather than spending a lot of time deciding when you’re there. * Be unfailingly polite to the wait staff. (You should always do this, of course, but in case for some reason you don’t, now is the time to start.) ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 09:56 AM ---------- Lunch interviews reveal much about a person's manners and social skills. They will definitely want to know if you chew with your mouth open, and if you can carry your weight in a real conversation. - Be well behaved. - IT IS AN INTERVIEW, so be ready to talk about accomplishments, etc. - Brush up on current events, industry news, and other tidbits for the conversational components. - See a recently released movie the weekend before, and be prepared to discuss it. Or a play, or some other cultural event. - Listen to the "everyday conversations" cast from Oct 1, 2007. This is a good sign. If you've done all the interview prep work, you are 80% of the way there. If you've gotten this far, it's a sign that they're pretty sure they like you. Now they want to be sure you won't embarrass yourself or their company in social situations. It's been covered what topics you should be prepared for. It very much IS an interview and you should be ready for anything. I suspect this will be much more about YOU and how well you'll fit into their organization. ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 09:57 AM ---------- I can tell you whey we include lunch with candidates. We don't do "lunch interviews" we just have lunch (usually 3 or 4 people) with people we're interviewing. Sometimes people flunk lunch. We want to know what candidates are like as people. People tend to relax over lunch, and sometimes a stiff candidate will loosen up and talk about their experience. We stay away from the illegal questions, but if a candidate brings up their kids, I'll ask about them, and mention my daughter, or somebody else with similarly-aged kids. We want to see how candidates treat people. When I can, I try to watch how candidates interact with our receptionist. (You have to come in and get a parking pass, and I can watch from the lobby balcony.) I watch how they interact with the Cafe staff. Poor interactions with those people are a red flag. We want candidates to see what we are like, even if we usually are "on our best behavior". I try to mix up talking about work and nonwork stuff: I ask my guys about how their work is going, how a requirements review went, or whether their pool cover finally got delivered. We want to see if they'll talk to us. The best candidates ask lots of questions about our (odd) organization, about Baltimore and it's suburbs (none of us actually live in the city), and what the Institute is like beyond the work. They also tell us they know something about what we do, often by commenting on what they've heard about Hubble, and occasionally about the James Webb. We want to see if they're adequately socialized, whether they're polite, and can get through lunch without committing a major faux pas. (Minor ones are okay.) We don't set any traps, we don't arrange for orders to be screwed up, we don't plan for somebody to spill something to see how the candidate will react, but I know some interviewers do. The point is, this is part of the *interview* process, and the focus is probably more on your nontechnical skills than on your domain expertise. ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 09:58 AM ---------- Just some food for thoughts. ; )
  4. I heard it being called the "Money Trap". As you make more money it naturally means you have to spend more money on more things. Few ever think that more money can be use to invest or save. Most often on just more expensive luxury items. What's the difference between a $1 spoon and a $100 diamond plated spoon? It doesn't really make any sense.
  5. Some Stats: Startup Business Failure Rate By Industry http://www.statisticbrain.com/startup-failure-by-industry/ Look like I made a mistake. 80% failure rate is at 10 years.
  6. I agree with that. It's the early years that are really hard. About 80% of businesses fail within 5 years. BUT and that's a huge BUT if they can get it to takeoff then the payoff is huge. Money coming in and more time to enjoy.
  7. What he says doesn't make much sense. He complains about having a lot of stress. But he loves working 80 hours. I don't think he really works 80 hours to be honest. It's typical gloating. He probably spend the bulk of it surfing INTJforum. Whether you go the business or work route it really doesn't matter. Business entrepreneur like to gloat that they have it best. Simply not true. Young companies die by the hundreds in Silicon Valley, but you would hardly know it by reading your local blog http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/31/the-decline-and-fall-of-flowtab-a-startup-story/
  8. That sounds like venture capitalism. That's not the same as an individual that started his own business. You're more like a bank. A bank that gives advice is still a bank. And your "employers" are doing the bulk of the work? Where do you even live? Because there's a lot of venture capitalism here in the States.
  9. As a matter of fact, I am "printing my own money." Haha. I usually don't post that. But since you asked. It's on my facebook. ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 01:36 AM ---------- The self-mastery route was in fact the route that I took. hehe.
  10. That's a sad way to think. I own my own business. I don't really work for anyone except in a side job for some extra money. You can achieve big things but it is often at the price and sacrifice of something. Money vs Happiness Status vs Being stress free etc etc
  11. A mentally ill person think differently then a mentally sane person do they not despite their innate inner subconscious??? hehe. ; ) Not saying feminist are mentally ill. I think they are wonderful people. hehe. ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 01:19 AM ---------- If you want to be a Man of Beast and Burden then go ahead: Men As Beasts of Burden http://www.martynemko.com/articles/men-as-beasts-burden_id1228 I prefer happiness over being another work slave. So I suppose Yes. ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 01:20 AM ---------- What expression of love? I don't think about that.
  12. That's the point. It is nicer if a women is in love with you because they will be more willing to give and treat you better. Otherwise what you get are users, gold-diggers, and bitches.
  13. Also some food for thoughts. A boring, safe, stressful job often turn men into beta's. ; ) ---------- Post added 09-27-2013 at 01:10 AM ---------- She's attractive for sure. But I personally don't like her. Most men don't like her. If that was true she would've been named in a men's magazine. They are at least honest about that kind of thing.
  14. *sigh* -Nope. The way they think and operate are different. -Vogue is a women's magazine..... -Hence the high divorce rate that are often initiated by women that fall out of love...hehe. -blah -blah -I assumed you wanted love. If not then that's fine. Women will marry for status or money or looks. Usually it's better if they like you for you.