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This is a community where INTJs can meet others with similar personalities and discuss a wide variety of both serious and casual topics. If you aren't an INTJ, you're welcome to join anyway if you would like to learn more about this personality type or participate in our discussions. Registration is free and will allow you to post messages, see hidden subforums, customize your account and use other features only available to our members.

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    Avatar Guidelines


    File Size
    Default dimensions are 150x150x. File size must be 100kb or less.

    No border.
    Borders are not necessary because the forum software automatically places a border on each image. Small images with a large border to make them fit the 150x150 dimensions are not permitted.

    No transparency.
    Avatars must fill up all space to the border. Avatars that contain transparency, either true transparency from the software or manually matching the colors of the forum background, are not permitted.

    No animation.
    No movement of any kind is permitted in avatars.

    No text.
    No letters are allowed in avatars. This includes any writing, names or logos.

    Low Quality
    Avatars of extremely low quality may be removed. This includes over-compressed images with excessive compression artifacts, overwhelming pixelation, avatars that are radically stretched or distorted, or avatars that constitute some other sort of eyesore. Please start a thread in the avatar design subforum if you are having this kind of difficulty producing custom avatars.

    Offensive Content
    While we are not easily offended, we will nevertheless remove any avatar that we find to be potentially legally problematic or otherwise disruptive to the function of this messageboard. This is to include but not be limited to nudity, gore, and/or strongly explicit content.

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