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  2. Demon's Souls.
  3. Looking over my staff meeting agenda.
  4. Dropping the kids off at school.
  5. A cup of coffee.
  6. "Defensive" as used in many business contexts.
  7. I can't begin to explain all the things any given theologian wouldn't know. They spend a lot of time learning theology. By default, they're NOT spending that time learning about the cosmos, science, philosophy, or anything else. I'm not saying it's their fault. Quite the opposite. But that's why it's important to have broadened perspectives. As to your second question, no, that doesn't cover it. I went to college for it for two years in a "prestigious" (for christian theology) school, where one professor was even an editor for the NLT. I've interned with the southern Baptist convention. I've studied other religions and philosophies. So no, there's no ONE thing that just does it. Swiss cheese, like theology, is full of holes. As with any theologian, you have to find it which parts of theology they hold closest to heart. You don't just go around undermining every single doctrine. It would make them clam up and stop listening. Too ineffective. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Precisely. I referenced Taoism due to the Yin/Yang as it relates to good and bad. There is no benevolence. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Exactly. It's not as though once religion is gone, we all love happily ever after. Nah, we just move on to the next crap storm we begin for ourselves. But! Hopefully that doesn't involve any longer believing in invisible deities.
  8. It's possible, although not always achieved by some people for various reasons. I suppose. "Moving" to a point that allows you to function better is an improvement. Absolutely.
  9. i can see what you mean about not being sure where or why it is or isn't a legal issue. i'm thinking in terms of potential loss of use. the principle that the individual affected is the one who consents applies, so what i say or think or want wouldn't matter anyways. i still don't like that i wouldn't be able to veto my wife if she were to decide to donate an egg and i knew she wasn't capable of handling the negative consequences in a worst case scenario and if i wouldn't be able to financially support her decision. i also worry that being unable to veto her consent for egg &/or any type of blood/tissue/..etc donation would mean that, were she to become a vegetable, and had consented prior to loss of consciousness, i would be unable to block it either. medical advances will someday mean this [veggie egg donation] is possible. then again, medical advances will someday mean not having to worry about all this. until then, i would want to be able to at least have legal support if someone were trying to take advantage of my wife without my knowledge. i understand in a perfect world everyone would just communicate with each other in big life decisions, but it's unrealistic to think this is always the case. i think decisions like this can be emotional and it's difficult for many to make the best possible decision as an individual and even as a couple. having a legal stop/stall would mean that i would at least know that my wife was about to willingly put herself in physical and emotional danger, and myself in a financially unwanted and untenable situation. it all seems far-fetched and dire now, until it becomes the situation you're in with no recourse. i don't know, i might change my mind later, but these are my thoughts about this atm.
  10. Good point. I will remember that.
  11. It would look like a world without people, pretty much by definition.
  12. No. Even if there was real material to cover, which there probably wouldn't be, I would not spend three years of time and money on that topic in a university.
  13. Thank you! Not quite anarchist but most of my friends are. I'd welcome comments on the blog/fb/twitter. Want to get it started right.
  14. Saying from personal experience. I feel they are too analytical and cautious to fall in love quickly.
  15. That look awesome and yummy and good morning. toki,eri,WW,reckful and locked doors omg a list lol.
  16. I wish I had that decision right now. Sounds fun! I got a King's Rock this morning. I think I'm going to do Slowking over politoad. I might do some research to see which one I want more. ...... added to this post 16 minutes later: Slowking got Confusion, Fireblast. I'll take it.
  17. I think you are taking this way too far @king con I have referred to people close to me in my personal life with addictions & ultimately breaking laws etc . I remember you saying that you wanted to hold people accountable for their actions using your computer skills etc .... what does that make you ? I struck a cord with you for some reason . I am not better than anyone else .... but I know that I don't intentionally hurt others ... which you have a problem with . Now the question arises what defines good & what defines bad in your book ? Do we choose it or is it just part of us ? Can we ultimately not choose good over bad in our life while making decisions. Will there sometimes not be any way of not hurting others because a decision has to be made in one's personal life . How you came up with that I look at people like they are slaves is beyond me since it doesn't even come close to any of my philosophies or belief systems . You seem to have a problem with the statement that in life we can choose good or bad or evil with the awareness & realization that there is a grey zone !!! But if people continue to hurt others knowingly and for no good reason & simply to only feed their own needs what does that make those people !? And yes I haven't met a person yet who hasn't experienced hurt or loss . Do you even believe that "good" people exist or are they all hypocrites in your book? I was put down for being one who wanted to achieve harmony & peace & being happy in my family ...... so if I state what I did or am .... it does not make it wrong or why is it bad to say that one does possess good traits while being aware of one's shortcomings at all times . I think to be well rounded you need to know your qualities & shortcomings . Relearning what makes me function the best is what I am trying to achieve so by sharing what I recently have learned about myself , is simply trying to regain a self-image I should have had to begin with . As we talked before living with a NPD results in personality murder & living in survivor mode .... now I am learning to be me free & clear of someone else . It's all a learning process & by sharing I find new awarenesses & more closure .
  18. Narcissism 2.6 - 40th percentile Machiavellianism 2.8 - 51th percentile Psychopathy 2.3 - 30th percentile
  19. and who are you to say how someone should matter or how they are to live their lives. do you consider indigenous people "uncivilised" and wish to show them they matter by putting them through your precious systems? who are you to say that your way of life is the correct way and theirs is self harm, who are you to say they are the reason why you are hurting when it is just you looking to blame others. and i don't think that is a "magic" question or that all humans struggle with this problem but maybe some religious dogma you have chosen to subscribe to some "mystical authority" that you look to for answers rather than making decisions for yourself. perhaps if you realised that what you believe and how you think is not how you should judge all human interaction you might not have so many problems. you also talk as if you own people, like you own a slave, and if the slave decides its had enough and refuses to eat it is hurting you financially, it will hurt you physically by not having someone to harvest and make you food. don't try to own people, not a good way to maintain relationships. slavery is bad.do you feel pain every time someone eats food off the ground? they are technically hurting you too, breeding bacteria and viruses within their own bodies, do you feel pain every time someone takes antibiotics and doesn't finish the full script and breeds a new super bug? i hope you realise the world doesn't owe you anything, if you don't like those things you can choose not to do them, the moment you try to force or control someone else doing that you are in the wrong, and you will be hurting others first and as a consequence yourself which will be a greater evil than anything else you have ever described. to try and coerce and manipulate and take the freedom of others trying to say you are justified because their way of living doesn't coincide with your ideals and that it hurts you. its almost as if you have a complete lack of respect for other peoples boundaries and how far you are allowed to stick your nose into other peoples business and what "over stepping" is.
  20. Today
  21. Shit. Can't decide if I want Steelix or Scizor.
  22. You're throwing yourself at him. He doesnt mind. If you have to question yourself then it may mean you're an option and not a priority to him. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: And he's into you but not that into you. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: There's no mystery, it's obvious. You're into him more than he's into you.
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