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  2. I must say, being single does suck. Having a partner is one of life's best pleasures. It's strange to me how so many people stay single despite there being a population full of singles.
  3. Exactly. I say post it and remove all ambiguity.
  4. If he posted his profile, we could tell him. Until then, not likely to figure it out.
  5. Lol one time I called a friend to google maps my intersection and tell me which direction I should walk to get home. It was dark, though, so I wasn't sure which direction I was facing.
  6. Well we still need to figure out why he isn't getting enough interaction.
  7. Tried the test @fleets linked. 15% each Seeker, Creator, Sage, and Magician, and then all downhill from there.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll look it up. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Ugh. There's . . . probably some truth in that. I suspect that his negative qualities and mine matched up perfectly, so I adopted them as my own while my siblings (all NFs or SPs) grew in another direction. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: I still am not sure whether a traditional father relationship is something that would even interest him. As some of the other posters have said about their ISTJ relatives, a big part of his identity lies in fulfilling his responsibilities as a provider. Emotional demonstrations, such as hugs and saying "I love you," would be unprecedented. I mean, we've never done that. I find myself thinking about the normal, cute father-daughter relationship, and wondering what that would be like. But that may just not be what either of us is cut out for. Even if not, though, we still have a mutually respectful and courteous relationship.
  9. If your division is the production bottleneck, you start out with negative credibility. A poisoned well. But there's also the long game. A tactical retreat may be in order, to correct your overextended salient and perhaps to set up an ambush. I would just go along with them, but document every damned thing. If they succeed in running things, fine. If they fail, you can prove the blame lies with them. Whatever they won't put in writing, you can create your own document trail by putting it in emails and such, and thus force them to "clarify" what they meant.
  10. I don't need to take the test. I am exactly like @lor6 in a store and @Swamp Yankee's wife in being the opposite of Sherlock Holmes. Pre-GPS, I navigated by road names. My son said I needed to notice landmarks, but my brain didn't go there. Grandma famously got lost in her own home town as an adult, a small town with maybe two stop signs. It used to bother me, as in when a boyfriend called me a geographical idiot re driving. But over the years I've noticed my brain does plenty of other things most people seem incapable of doing, like drawing easily from life, perceiving in a different mode without ever taking drugs, and making startling or useful connections between events and ideas where other people can't. Now I'm happy with my hippocampus.
  11. It helps. If I knew someone was against Trump, it would be a sigh of relief.
  12. So I know a bit about frame rates, but maybe I might be missing the limitations of HDR vs 4k. I've known for a while that high frame rate, like 144hz monitors, is used for 3D. Cursory google results reveal that that is not all they are used for... I guess that they can also display multiple images simultaneously which allows better definition. I actually use a 144hz projector for my home theater setup, but I haven't used a 144hz monitor for desktop setups yet. How much of an overlap is there with 4k and HDR (i.e. 4k and 144hz)? Furthermore, do games automatically utilize a HDR screen's ability to display multiple images simultaneously?
  13. I am all for the Trump jokes.
  14. There are a few places I go and always just leave a 20. A good meal is worth $20, and if they charge less, I just give the difference. There is a buffet with a really good sushi chef, so I always make sure to tip him a 5 on top of everything else. Because finding good sushi is hard in certain areas of the country, and it would cost even more in most places.
  15. Just keep what you do and believe in yourself and don't think about what people think of you because it is useless unless it would influence your work or something then you can take strong action to stop them dealing with you like that .it is too difficult to change people minds so it will be better to ignore all of that .that what i did and after some time some of them change their opinion about me and the others still the same and i just don't care.
  16. I mean, I personally am an unabashed creeper when it comes to shirtless selfies, so bring 'em on. If you don't want to go that route, though, maybe you could include an "action photo" of you doing an activity you enjoy. Playing sports, hiking, kayaking, etc. A picture from an obstacle race or half-marathon (or whatever you enjoy) conveys your active lifestyle, but it's also a social activity rather than an ego-focused one like the locker room selfie.
  17. Existential Comics seems like its tone has gotten more polemical lately (two other examples being "Mad Marx: The Class Warrior" and "Derrida Arrested"). Maybe it's just the effect of the new artist drawing people to look way angrier and more intense than before. Anyway, I like it when the philosophers play Dungeons & Dragons. As far as the content of this comic: I've read Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking about how philosophy isn't good for science majors and they should skip it, which bothered me. I would agree if he were only talking about metaphysics, which is full of the kind of overly vague abstractions and pointless navel-gazing that are popularly associated with philosophy as a whole. But epistemology is important. It's concerned with justification of beliefs and how we know what we know, and it's closely associated with philosophy of science (and by extension the definition and methodology of science). Ethics and analysis of competing value systems is also very important. Some of the people associated with logical positivism like Wittgenstein and Carnap decided ethical statements were meaningless or just an expression of personal emotions. I can't overstate how obtuse that seems to me, as if ethical statements can't have any reasoning behind them or significant logical implications and consequences for people's everyday decisions.
  18. Ha, I was battling a gym outside the university basketball stadium. A reporter slowly approached me. I was hoping it was going to be an interview about the new gym system in Pokemon Go. Apparently the stadium is undergoing a $75 million remodeling project.. boring. Me: "I have no opinion." Reporter: "blah blah blah 40 years blah blah 75 million blah" Me: "Again, I have no opinion." How do you like the new gym setup? I think it's kinda cool. Defending the gym makes a lot more sense now. Before, you would have to slowly power it up, but half an hour's worth of work would be taken down in a few minutes by an attacker.
  19. I went through a phase like that. Everyone told me just stop thinking so much, but I had observed that not thinking hadn't worked out so well for others. Rather than choose mindlessness, I decided to embrace my thinkingness and make the most of it. I started mind mapping, then wrote my own software along the lines of OneNote and that whole genre. It's helped me all sorts of ways. Thinking is good. Organized thinking is better. But my mind still wanders when I'm with uninteresting people. I don't see that a problem, though. What are the odds I'll miss something important? As for psychiatrists, why not be your own psychiatrist? It's cheaper, and more private, and you don't buy someone else's arrogant stupidity. Psychology is a soft science anyway, and psychiatry is therefore a soft profession. So there's not that much of a gap between a professional and a dedicated amateur. Living in the moment: a useful technique sometimes, but absolutely not a basis for a life philosophy. Some moments just aren't worth living in.
  20. Weird and hilarious stories from my work. Seven-year-old yelling from the bathroom about his younger brother: "He's trying to pee in the potty while I'm going poop!" The house has seven bathrooms.
  21. I know how you feel. A loss of a friend can feel like the most shitty thing ever. Next to dying, it totally sucks.
  22. I feel it every now and then. I tend to make friendships very quickly, but all the good friends I've made throughout life either left about an year later, to never come back, or were left back by myself. It seems to be a constant in my life: whenever I like someone enough to consider them good friends, we're taken apart. My INTJness often helps me deal with it, and I tend to think "hey, I'll meet new people where I'm going!" The problem is, some day, I'll not be going anywhere to meet new people. Some day I'll retire and, since I am a wreck with girls, I might not have a wife or kids to spend my time with. My parents will have died. I have a younger brother, but, unlike me, he is not a total wreck when it comes to girls and close friends, so he'll likely have his own family and his own life and will only come by once a month when his kids want to play with their forever alone uncle. That's what I see for myself, despite being really young to actually think about it. So yeah, I sometime freak out at the thought of dying alone.
  23. Well, I am single, but I don't know how to meet women. To be honest, once you start doing other things, you soon realize that many people are dead weight anyway. I've found it so senseless how people see you're gone from Facebook if you delete it, but then never chat to you at all or hardly ever if you use it. Uh!
  24. They are. Thick as mince, and not clued-up about anything. When I asked the Spanish woman (who was my key worker) why she came to the agency, she said 'I got bored one day' and that speaks volumes about the care service in austerity Great Britain. They need fast cash. Granted, I cannot say I blame them if they need a job right away, but at least know what you're getting into first. Why go to a place where you'll be working with autistic people, and know nothing about autism? I considered Sara someone I trusted. We had to go to a place once for me to get treatment, and I put my arm around her outside, and I said she was an angel on my shoulder. Now, I did have a crush on her, and I told her about my sex life from time to time because I kept telling people I hated my entire life, but you know me; I've a habit of rambling on and on about anything and everything. Plus, I had a hard time with my ex as well, because I kept running back to her, when all she wanted was my benefits. The company were all over me like bees to honey anyway. And they logged everything I talked about. To sort of deceive me into trusting them, they actually once said we could do my 'daily reports' together, thinking I did not know they would write a second, kept well hidden report separately. Apart from that, there was this service user who was annoying me on Facebook. He and I were having an argument about a female who we met, and he was talking about how women find me repulsive because I neglect my personal hygiene, and I need to look in the mirror. He was seen around the staff flat where I lived, but they broke the rules, because residents are the only people allowed there besides staff members. As long as people are influenced by black balling, you will lose. He admitted to my sister that he got Sara to betray me, but I am not allowed to contact her to make amends. Now, if you happen to be a guy who has a history of getting inappropriate feelings for people, stalking girls, using prostitutes, and being stubborn, I can see why that gets an alarm bell ringing. But I just think the whole scenario was handled very poorly from the jump. They turned against me and made me feel two-foot tall. I've not been doing a good job of getting over it, to be honest. The current mess is still linked to my old mess. Everything is interconnected in some ways, so I think I'll just have to draw my lines here. I'm feeling a bit crap these days, and like I don't matter to people anymore. Hispanic people have really let me down, including a sub girl. A lot of Hispanic people have hurt me, either indirectly or directly. However, it is not their race that matters. Bad people are just bad by default, and there are probably many Hispanic people who are just lovely. It might just be a coincidence.
  25. In what way loveable ?
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