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Finnish University Entrance Exam Questions None
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I want to attend Helsinki Metropolia University. Does anyone happen to currently attend there? The entrance exam consists of 3 parts: Problem Solving Test (0-100 points)
Questions on Motivation, written test (Pass/Fail)
English Language Test, written test (Pass/Fail)
I don't have to take the English test because I have a diploma from the US. But I have no idea what to expect for the Problem Solving Test or Questions on Motivation. The school is going to release information on the Problem Solving Test in January so I'm not as worried about that.

Does anyone have any experience with this test or this school?
Does anyone have any ideas what to expect on questions about motivation?

I think they're trying to cut down on people taking advantage of the system.

Is there anybody that has applied there?

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Great news! An old friend from high school just started at a University and said the problem solving test is pretty generic and is pretty much just like online IQ tests. He also has a friend that just started civil engineering and is giving me his email. Networking isn't so hard after all.
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