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MBTI for Stargate SG1/Atlantis None
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I hope this is the right place to post this type of thread, but I was curious if there are any SG-1/Atlantis fans who wanted to discuss the typologies of the main characters (or any supporting characters):

Here are mine:

Colonel O'Neal: eSFj
Samatha Carter: eNTJ
Daniel Jackson: INFL
Teal'c: INTj

Colonel Sheppard: ESTP
Rodney McKay: ENTJ
Teyla: iNfp
Ronon: ISTP
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Pretty good job, in my opinion. A few things:

Teal'c doen't strike me as an NT. I think he's more likely an INFJ, since he's a great idealist leader.

Also, I don't think Teyla is an INFP, but I'm not quite sure what she is.
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