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High IQ...Low EQ? None
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Just people with unnaturally high IQs tend to be socially deficient/inept?

I only know 3 people who have been tested professionally(seemed to only be given where I was growing up when there was concern over "social development") of these super IQ people has been diagnosed with Asperger's, one I would say definitely has low EQ and the other has very limited social skills.

Anyhow just wondering if there is any correpondence between High IQ/Low EQ.?

P.S When I say high IQ I don't mean people who have researched and "mastered the system"...I mean people who were spontaneously tested as having high IQ.
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I am one who has been professionally tested, I think this can be true for some others in this range, as I have noticed such cases but I (often failingly) use my EI tactically or so as to attempt to interact as efficiently as possible.
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It's true everything comes into balance high eq low iq or low eq high iq or high eq high iq but you die at an early age from some brain disease.

Note: Post post contains dry humor.
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No, I don't think it's a balancing system. Some say it is, reasoning the more "smarts" you've got in your brain, the less room there is for emotions and vice-versa. Now, I think the brain is much more complex than this and there is no reason the two can't co-exist - perhaps even helping each other at times. The brain isn't an attic with room for only so much.

On a side note, does anyone have a link to a good EQ test? I found one once where they had you look at pictures and tell what you thought the people were feeling, but then they wanted you to pay for the results. I felt I did a good job though because I didn't find it too hard.
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It depends on how high "high" is, and the individual in question.
One of my friends whom I met when we were in the second grade has always shown signs of having an exceptionally high IQ.. He, one other boy, and myself were frequently separated from the rest of the gifted/talented program students because we outranked them, but the other boy and myself were always accepted by classmates much more easily, even though I had anxiety problems. The boy who was clearly the most "gifted" of our bunch showed (and still shows) social ineptitude and signs of resting somewhere along the Autism spectrum, though I've never asked him if he has been tested for the condition.

Furthermore, I'm acquainted with the mother of a very young girl who is one of fifty musical savants at this time. She has Autism and was born with what I seem to recall as cerebral dysplasia, though I'm not 100% sure that was it. It was an extremely rare occurrence and it affected her brain development, anyway.

I think many members of this forum have witnessed the fact that exceptional intelligence can take a toll on social acceptance and abilities.
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Hey now, let's not be unfair. There are plenty of people with low IQ who also have low EQs. There isn't a set amount of intelligence in the brain which people then have in either EQ or IQ.
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PHS Philip
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Not really. The perception comes from two things: high IQ seems to correlate with introversion, which is mistakenly viewed as a lower emotional maturity.

In younger kids, for example, the very smart kids often play on their own or read or, if they're very precocious, want to talk tot he teacher more than other kids. The reasons, of course, are the fact that they don't get along with peers in many cases, are often introverts, find their peers boring (they aren't as smart), and the teacher knows more.

In addition, kids with high IQ often have something called asynchronous development, where their intelligence develops more quickly than their emotional maturity, so that even though that is generally above average, by comparison to the maturity you expect from someone who speaks in the manner they do and knows what they do, it seems low.

Social acceptance and EQ are not the same thing, really.
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