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Best UC school for an INTJ girl? None
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Major: Sociology/2 Foreign Languages
I am trying to figure out where I want to transfer. I find myself wishing I was one of those kids that could survive a SDSU lifestyle and go with the flow, but honestly, I just want to enjoy a simple college life of waking up in a one room apartment off campus, going to class where I sit in the back, going to the top floor of the library to study, working part-time in the library, and going back to my dorm to relax. I also love hiking, so a school with hiking near by would be ideal.
I used to think I would like a school like UC Berkeley or UCLA, but I do not really think I would be happy there. Those people just seem like smart party people (at least at ucla), and berkeley seems like hipster poli sci folk. I do not see myself fitting in anywhere. Although I feel it is beneath my skills, I am thinking UC Riverside is my best bet. It is not as stressful compared to the other schools (I have a lot of anxiety. My intj "fuck you" mentality is mainly occupied with paranoia and anxiety nowadays). I was thinking, maybe UCSC or UCSB or UCSD, but I do not want to be too far from home or in a very very stressful environment since I tend to have bad days because of my anxiety. It does seem like UCSD is an introvert school though, known for the students having to go to sdsu for parties.
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With a sociology major, you may as well do CSU east bay. Major in something real, go to UCB or UCLA, maybe SD, SB or Davis. Do not do god, just no.
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From what I've heard, UCSD would be the way to go... But I'm from Georgia, so take my advice with that in mind.
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I'd suggest UCB as there is a heavy academic bent, as opposed to CSU East Bay. Davis would also be good as you will be surrounded by cows and you can walk everywhere, and it's hot, though don't expect to find anywhere to hike.

I'm also questioning your major of sociology: are there any jobs for a sociology major other than teaching a related field? Do you plan on working in an international organization where having 2 languages helps you? And last question: What did you want to be when you were a kid?
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My brother in law, who seems a likely INTJ to me, went to UCSC and absolutely loved it. I guess it depends how high your tolerance for laid back dude-dom is
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I also have a lot of NT friends that went to Berkeley and they loved it, too.

If it was me, I'd probably choose UCLA because I love LA, but I'm not sure what the undergrad atmosphere is like there and don't see it being especially INTJ friendly.

Next in line would be UCSC and Davis, then UCSD.

Honestly, it's hard to go wrong with any of these schools...and they are all large enough that you will be able to find a group of like minded individuals to hang out with, or not...if you'd prefer.

If I was a CA resident, I'd definitely look into Cal Poly too....would love to live there!

Also, there's nothing wrong with Sociology...ignore all these doomsayers. If you don't study something you enjoy, you'll be miserable. Most degrees do not make you inherently employable. Granted, an Engineering degree might lead more directly to a career, but almost all humanities, social science and hard science degrees give you the very basic knowledge in the discipline, further training is required to forge a career in any of these disciplines. What these degrees do is help you to think in a more complex way and to organize yourself and your approach to problems and tasks, simple as.
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What's your goal with those majors, if any?
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The problem with university recommendations and rankings is that no one has attended them all...or even close to them all. I am of the belief that most similarly sized and reputable schools offer a similar experience. You associate with a lot of people your own age under the guise of learning a few things about your chosen specialty. Your ability to enjoy the experience is far more dependent on your personality than it is the specific physical surroundings.
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