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Are INTJs more laid back then INTPs? None
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Well, not really.

But there's an interesting post on a seemingly insightful website called

The basic premise of the article in question is that one way in which IXXJ types differ from IXXP types is in how they initiate projects, tasks, the day in general.

Purportedly, the lead introverted judgment of IXXP types make them appear more planning oriented than IXXJ types, at least initially; lead introverted judgment seems to inspire the IP type to place agendas or constraints on themselves, only to further realize the possibilities of these abstractions through use of their auxiliary extraverted perceiving function which opens up their principles and allows them to blossom into ever interconnecting concepts or actions.

IXXJ types on the other hand are purportedly less obsessed with putting expectations on themselves, initially. They apparently prefer to dwell in their dominant perceiving mode and only incorporate their judging faculties when the need is aroused. At this point, the IXXJ type shows much more resolve and dedication towards closure than the IXXP type.

One has the big idea or notion, and narrows down. The other has a specific explanation in their heads and opens it up.. more or less....

here is the article:

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****Do you guys generally disagree or agree with these sentiments****
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I'm an INTJ and people generally describe me as laid back... but I never feel laid back. I feel like my mind is going a million miles per hour pretty much all the time. I laugh a little when people say that nothing seems to faze me, because I feel fazed often.
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I think INTPs are more detached than the INTJ counterparts. And isn't the state of relaxation the absence of presence to past, present and future general stressfactors?
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"Laid back" is not well-defined, so it can be difficult to answer the question.

What we do know is that IxxJ types are dominant perceivers, and IxxP types are dominant judgers. The reason this is "reversed" is that in MBTI measures visible behaviors and traits, and uses that to indirectly determine cognitive traits. IxxJ types appear to be judging, because the auxiliary function is extroverted judgment, and similarly, IxxP types appear to be perceiving. The behavior of each is contrary to their cognitive styles.

Even as an INTJ is going along, stating things with comparative certainty and making judgments about the world, the Ni-perception is always open to the facts changing, and thus quite capable of correcting prior statements and being more accurate going forward. This annoys INTP types because it sounds like a bunch of junk data, and then the INTJs don't even admit that they were wrong before (or they do admit it, upon being asked, but otherwise blow it off, not thinking it a big deal).

Meanwhile, even as the INTPs offer no sort of extroverted analysis or opinions (unless closely asked), and they seem to be passively accepting everything that happens with an air of equanimity, their dominant judging Ti is, roughly speaking, in one of two states as it processes incoming information: 1) "We can't know whether that is true." or 2) "That is definitely false! (or true!, depending)". There is a degree of certainty about the world that is rarely expressed.

So INTJs are constantly adapting their models to the real world, developing brand new models on the fly as needed. What INTJs learn to do with their dominant Ni over time is to have better, faster interpretation of data: how to perceive what is true or not more rapidly and accurately. INTPs instead have one model, which is built from the ground up. The INTP model can change and adapt, especially if it's a realm of knowledge that is new to the INTP, but the "old knowledge" is not easily altered/adapted. It can be updated, but it's difficult, because of the way dominant Ti works: it's hard to figure out which piece is wrong.

For INTJs to get an idea of how INTPs approach thinking, the analog is their tertiary Fi: the way an INTJ is resistant to any changes to "how I feel", the INTP is resistant to any changes to "how I think." For INTPs to understand how INTJs think, the analog is their inferior Fe: the way the INTP might say, "That's just how I felt about X then. X is different now," is the way the INTJ would say, "Those were the facts then. The facts are different now."

In short, it's kind of like the recent introversion/extroversion thread in this subforum from earlier this week: it's more a matter of how each of INTJ and INTP are "laid back" than a matter of whether one type or the other is more laid back.
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