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Introversion: The Dirty Word in the Work World None
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I once heard a girl at work ask if you can be introverted and happy at the same time. -_-
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  Originally Posted by Shoshana
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And an introvert lobby in Washington.
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This is like that perennial joke. Procrastinators will unite, next Tuesday...or the one after.

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I've found this very true for most environments and in my first few jobs I definitely had difficulty in schmoozing people. The funny thing about it is that while I rarely ever got promotions or raises in these positions they did at least stick me in places where I had to deal with people less frequently.

My current position fits an introvert just about perfectly though, I am tasked with driving long distances by myself, to medical facilities to repair their equipment. So I spend about 90% of my working day alone fixing complicated machines; there is still too much interaction with others for my taste though and I am still looked over for promotions and raises despite my high efficiency and reliability. The world belongs to the extroverts and well, its either adapt or be left behind. Lousy socialites.
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I've been having people complete personality testing (if I can talk them into it) at work, and a lot of the people I work with are introverts. This is interesting, because you have to pass the pre-employment screening. This personality screening is supposed to screen out introverts. I'm obviously not the only one who gamed that test.

Thing is, many aspects of our job fit an introvert very well. As long as you can work politely and professionally with customers, it's actually good if you're more introverted and independent. The people who stand around and talk to each other never get anything done.

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Also, I find that the schmoozers are usually disappointing for employers in the long run. They talk a good game, but they don't play it very well. Eventually, this is noticed (even by management).
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