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  1. Sarea
    Today 10:08 AM
    thanks Coop

  2. Ktheprogbulldog
    I'm sorry you have had issues with ENFPs. It sounds like you've met some immature ones.
  3. Sarea
    Today 06:01 AM
    Forgot to mention: you have sexy hairy legs! :P
  4. Sarea
    Today 12:55 AM
    You're a very good friend. I got a feeling she will long for you, Jack and Wyatt the moment she returns to her own home.
  5. Sarea
    Today 12:38 AM
    How many hours are you dog sitting today? So what are the plans? Ice cream and brisbee at the beach?
  6. Sarea
    Today 12:32 AM
    Wyatt and Jack are not jealous?
  7. Sarea
    Today 12:30 AM
    Sarea commented on Random Thoughts Thread
    whose dog? so adorable!
  8. Sarea
    Today 12:26 AM
    And what's that big bike movie with Travolta, Tim Allen in it? War Hog?


    Wild Hogs
  9. Sarea
    Today 12:19 AM
    Just like in the Hangover movies? :P
  10. Sarea
    Today 12:16 AM
    Hahahahaha I can imagine!!
  11. Sarea
    Today 12:09 AM
    Sounds like fun.
  12. Sarea
    Today 12:07 AM

    So are you guys really going for that road trip, ie you, Sed, LT etc?
  13. Sarea
    Today 12:02 AM

    I was wrong. It's around $1M plus, assuming the Steve Austin series was in 1973, my birth year.

    Ps: something to distract your mind a bit, hahahaha
  14. Sarea
    Yesterday 11:55 PM
    Six Million Dollar Man

    Or probably around $600k only taking into account the present value of $6M at say, 6% average discount rate in the 1970s to today's value (I will check the PV table later)
  15. Sarea
    Yesterday 11:48 PM
    I like the Steve Austin phrase though.
  16. Sarea
    Yesterday 11:34 PM
    But stronger
  17. Sarea
    Yesterday 10:31 PM
    Sarea commented on Touch of Grey
  18. doll
    Yesterday 08:32 PM
    doll commented on Cooper's Mind (or what's left) II
    yep. going to a con tomorrow. i wanted to go, but i've been dreading it all week. D:
  19. Mikk
    Yesterday 01:09 PM
    Mikk commented on Random Thoughts Thread
    Yeah, life.
  20. RedOrange823
    07-29-2015 10:35 PM
    RedOrange823 commented on Why are some people blue?
    that's more like it.

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