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  1. PerlaPan20
  2. Arthur Dent
    07-01-2015 08:56 PM
    Arthur Dent commented on Post interesting facts about your country
    And puny, very puny
  3. Yardy
    06-28-2015 08:18 AM
    How've you been?

    Sorry for vanishing. Been a hell of a year.
  4. Arthur Dent
    06-25-2015 05:07 PM
    Arthur Dent

    Click the image to open in full size.
  5. sfrias
    06-22-2015 03:33 PM
    sfrias commented on What are you drinking right now?
    Me too! Same with baby milk.
  6. Yardy
  7. Kisai
    06-21-2015 09:21 AM
    Mostly studying.
  8. Monte314
    This is great! You win the thread.
  9. Kisai
    06-20-2015 07:52 AM
  10. Arthur Dent
    06-19-2015 07:52 AM
    Arthur Dent commented on Have you ever been poor?
    Don't like it? Send it to me.
  11. Monte314
    I'm not sure that 42 years is "quick". I would not have applied this term until her recent misdeeds.
  12. AOA
    I really agree with all of this!
  13. PerlaPan20
    06-17-2015 06:35 AM
    I'm sorry
    I just have a bad experience with men cheating on me
    So i was just wondering if you did too
  14. PerlaPan20
    06-17-2015 05:48 AM
    Ha a salesman,im not surprized
    I also wondered if he cheated on you too
  15. gracious
    Reason I think you're number 312.
  16. PerlaPan20
    06-16-2015 12:25 PM
    PerlaPan20 commented on Why men rather cheat than leave?
    Who's that sereal cheater? And what does he do?
  17. Arthur Dent
    06-11-2015 05:56 PM
    Arthur Dent
    Click the image to open in full size.
  18. Midhiel
    06-09-2015 05:40 PM
    Midhiel commented on Game of Thrones Season 5
    Glad I'm not the only non-member of the Cult of Daenerys Worship.
  19. vampyroteuthis
    06-09-2015 01:14 PM
    vampyroteuthis commented on Male Female activity
    I love you!
  20. realJim
    06-08-2015 04:44 PM
    Yay SMB!!

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