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  1. Palladium
    04-06-2014 05:15 PM
    Palladium commented on You know you're an INTJ when...
    lol. awwwww
  2. Suraj
    04-06-2014 02:07 PM
    Suraj commented on Reasons Why INTJs Rock
    'Twas quite a badass film, methoughts.
  3. BethMit
    04-02-2014 12:01 PM
    BethMit commented on "White Knighting"
  4. Phaze228
    03-26-2014 04:16 AM
    I'm never a fan of the idea that early violence of that sort being the cause of someone's desire to carry out those evil acts. It seems stupid really. I view it as a trigger for sure though, something that lets them imagine the slaughter of their victims much more vividly which draws them to the evil even more. It's how I viewed Dexter's and his brother's murderous tendencies. It doesn't make sense otherwise. So I'm in agreement with Mads and Graham's assessment. We're all born along a giant spectrum of tendencies, some of us are bound to land on the violent crazy side.
    I think the idea of it being wrought from a troubled childhood really is just a justifying/rationalizing explanation. We want to think everyone is relatively good, however that's just not the case. We see cute little children that look so innocent that we find the idea that their insides could be tainted from birth too preposterous for us, but they some extent at least.
  5. Phaze228
    03-25-2014 12:14 AM
    Well Mads plays it off quite well, because you do get the sense of his detachment from the rest of everyone while hiding as a paragon of evil. It's really interesting how he plays it off so well, just playing with humans as toys and pretending to care. Also, Graham sees him as a Satanic figure as well, how he merged the odd things from his mind into the epiphany that it was Hannibal all along. He can see him for who he is, it's no surprise he wants to connect.
  6. Phaze228
    03-17-2014 09:45 PM
    hahaha, it's not just you. He's an amazing person, because of his ruthlessness. I want him to succeed for some odd reason even though he fucked over Graham, and I like Graham...
  7. Phaze228
    03-17-2014 02:46 AM
    I'm pretty much in agreement with your friend, it's absolutely phenomenal how they're unraveling the weird psychology of Hannibal and Graham.
    They are damn good shows too, but Hannibal has such a unique way of absorbing you into the show and it makes you appreciate the trifles like Sherlock except with behavior.
    Well we've got a season or two until the monster is revealed
    Also, no idea why my visits to INTJf are in like 3-day spurts lmao.
  8. Phaze228
    03-14-2014 03:41 AM
    Yes indeed, I do hope that they will delve into his evolution a bit considering he's hinted at so early in the series. They've been pretty good on developing the characters so far so I'm not worried that they'll do it badly.
    It would be nice if we get to see a large Dolarhyde, it'll add a level of threat not present in the movies.
  9. Phaze228
    03-09-2014 11:42 PM
    That's true. Almost inspires me to go find a class where they will truly kick my ass to make me want to fight back.
    I'm curious how they'll explain what made Dolarhyde change his technique so drastically. From what we saw in the first episode, I can see a trace of Dolarhyde but it's a far throw away to putting mirrors in their eyes to see a transformation, unless that's exactly it.
  10. Phaze228
    03-06-2014 09:37 PM
    That's an issue I had with sparring in my TaeKwonDo class, I couldn't effectively fight my opponent because I kept thinking I'd injure them. My imagination ran wild with the possible ways I could severely damage them which made me pull every strike. I'd love to see how I'd react in a real situation where that psychological barrier is dissolved.

    I haven't heard about the first episode tie-in to Red Dragon. I knew they were reaching it in season 4 (seems a bit far away from this point) but I didn't read anything about the first episode doing it. Could you elaborate or you have a link?
    Look forward to the next episode
  11. Auntie
    03-05-2014 03:03 PM
    Auntie commented on Manipulating other people..
    Welllll that's freaky...
  12. Dung
    03-05-2014 06:34 AM
  13. Dung
    03-03-2014 04:23 PM
    Dung commented on Ukraine, Predictions?
    Indeed they already began reusing the iron cross during the Desert Storm joint operation: Very few voices raised concern back then...
  14. Phaze228
    03-03-2014 12:25 AM
    Oh yes. I think that may be one of the biggest determinants for fights, overcoming the psychological barrier that holds you back from accidentally killing someone. We're quite fragile and the one who doesn't care if they break their opponent is most likely going to be the victor.
    And I feel so stupid now, I knew Lounds sounded familiar but they casted him as a chick which for some reason stopped me from making the connection. So yeah, that makes my little prediction completely devoid of any substance. lmao.
    For Season 2, can't you get the episode online? I don't know how much longer you have to wait, but now beats later.
  15. Phaze228
    03-02-2014 02:14 PM
    That is what makes him terrifying. Most of the people he'll end up brawling with aren't aiming to kill him, but Hannibal holds no reservations. The start of season 2 made that explicit.
    That scene along with most of the series gets better the second time around, you can see his smile is more than an act of agreement, it's like he's genuinely happy his play toy is turning out so well.
    The scene with Franklin is another example of that, "When the Lion is in the'll know".
    What I'm waiting on is for him to eat the reporter, I sincerely thought he was going to end her right after he said, "Now, Ms. Lounds you've been very rude, what are we to do about that?"
    Considering his list of business cards is just a list of rude people that he can harvest meat for his recipes, makes me keep expecting it'll happen. I don't know when though..
  16. Phaze228
    02-28-2014 07:35 PM
    That fight scene with Tobias was excellent. It showed Hannibal does have the ability to fight and we could actually see a fight scene with him and Bruce that doesn't end in seconds. Though of course Bruce would win because he's got a ridiculous amount of training under his belt, but it's always fun to see him sweat.
    That quote was perfection. It's also an amazing insult.
    Mikkelsen does a wonderful job, the expressionless face that makes you know something sinister is brewing but he never lets it slip. It's odd how little acting he probably has to do, because his face is stationary and we really do the work trying to figure out what's in his head. There's actually a name for it in acting but it's evading me right now.
  17. Phaze228
    02-27-2014 06:54 PM
    Yes, the Batman with Prep Time is an unbeatable meme haha. I would love to see that too, they'd have a weird respect for each other I bet.
    I've seen the Hannibal series and it is amazing, I really can't wait for season 2. It ended so well and so fucked up. I liked Dexter too, but it never made me hate and love a character like that ending did.
  18. Phaze228
    02-26-2014 03:52 PM
    Glad you liked it
    Yeah, suicide is very likely. Though I could also see him just going on one of the craziest rampages before hand, trying to get enjoyment out of it.
    And that is true, Batman almost revels in his fucked up mind. It's a little hard for me to objective about who'd win though, because I love both Bats and Lecter. Realistically though it would probably just be whoever figures out their true identities first. Hannibal has a minor advantage because it's quite easy to figure out that Batman has to be rich. Then a little investigation of a few rich peoples pasts would easily lead Hannibal straight to him. Since Hannibal has what seems to be a superhuman psychological understanding. Though if Batman plans for that, well then Lecter is in for an ass-kicking
  19. Phaze228
    02-26-2014 08:42 AM
    I don't know, Hannibal is a careful one and Batman isn't necessarily a psychologist, though he's able to predict some of their behaviors and incorporate that into a plan, that sudden insight that Graham had that made him realize Lecter loved fleshy nectar isn't something I see our Bats doing.
    As for the bit about the Joker, here's a nice scene from the Arkham (Origins) game that shows exactly that. The situation made me smile and laugh in such a twisted way because it's exactly what I imagine the Joker doing. Batman's ultimate ultimatum.
  20. Phaze228
    02-24-2014 02:27 PM
    That's a fan-fiction I would love to read. Hannibal would be toying with his mind subtly pushing him out of his moral code and make him take his first life, because Hannibal is an asshole like that.
    I actually didn't like the Joker until I played the Arkham games which brought back my love for Batman things. The Arkham Origins one, portrayed Joker as a mix between the Ledger and DKR Joker. Fearless of death, reveling in his insanity while trying to get Batman to break his little rule and prove they're the same.

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