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  1. Nattibo
    11-18-2014 06:36 PM
    Nattibo commented on How do you destroy a narcissist?
    So true.
  2. Polymath20
    11-17-2014 03:50 PM
    Yes. We generally go back and forth like that. It's fun.
  3. Monte314
    11-15-2014 05:25 PM
    Monte314 commented on Odd Jobs
    Hee! Hee!
  4. Desertstorm
    11-15-2014 09:07 AM
    Desertstorm commented on Do you value opinions
    it was part of that "exchange". I wouldn't pay too much attention to that.
  5. Sokami Mashibe
    11-13-2014 09:13 AM
    Sokami Mashibe
  6. IslandHead
    He is a biophysicist and head of the Allen Institute in Seattle
  7. Visum
    10-23-2014 04:53 PM
    Visum commented on Universal Reconciliation/ Salvation
    I don't have much more on that for you, other than lengthy process of reason and faith. Your challenge is a large one, in all.
  8. Visum
    10-23-2014 01:05 PM
    Certainly have me on that one. Since childhood, but maybe "coherently" for about 25-30.
  9. Visum
    10-23-2014 12:51 PM
    I did not know that much. I certainly can see how that would provide for much heart felt debate, wow.
  10. Visum
    10-23-2014 12:14 PM
    Visum commented on Christian INTJs - are they denominational?
    Yeah, that was a poor choice on my part!
  11. Underachiever
    10-22-2014 06:02 PM
    Autavias seem to be above $3500, usually.
    Though I think most of the two-register ones with the date at the bottom were military ones, so I'd imagine that originality is probably key for their value, and that's why this one's cheaper than most.

    Like I said, just toying with the idea.
    As much as I want it, I'm not sure I can justify spending that much on a watch.
    Also, it coming from Chile scares me. I've heard ebay sellers from Chile and Brazil and India tend to sell a lot of cobbled-together junk.
  12. Underachiever
    10-22-2014 05:32 PM
    This is way below market value for one of these... I have $2K, and I wasn't gonna' spend it on a watch, but what do you think? And do you have any idea what might be causing its said issue (whether it just needs lubricated or whether it may need repaired) and how much that might cost, ballpark?

    Just something I'm not pondering... I can't justify dropping that much on a watch, but... Deals like these are so rare.
  13. thebrainpolice
    10-21-2014 07:54 PM

    John Stuart Mill was a good man. Thanks for that quote. I'd love to learn more about him.

    His most famous works were Utilitarianism and On Liberty. Neither is very long and you should easily be able to find full text versions of both online. He wrote an autobiography if you'd like information about his personal life. I thought the beginning and end were interesting, but the middle of it was boring. He also wrote an essay called "The Contest in America" if you're interested in Civil War history (He sided with the Union and urged the British government not to intervene on behalf of the Confederacy). Haven't read any of his other works though.

  14. Fresh Face
    10-20-2014 03:55 PM
    Fresh Face
    Certainly. I've been reading an autobiography (a think I don't normally do) by a guy who uses letters from C.S. Lewis in the book. It's a love story, and I'm at the part where his wife has died of an unknown disease. The things that C.S. Lewis says (just like in A Grief Observed, which is about Lewis's own wife's passing -- a heart-wrenching book. It was a hard read), struck very true, and very honest.

    Just little things like his council to the author to not do things "that she would have wanted" because that quickly becomes what the author would have wanted, through a kind of sentimentality that really would only hold him onto the pass instead of making him happy. Very insightful stuff. A Grief Observed explains this particular concept better.
  15. Fresh Face
    10-20-2014 03:37 PM
    Fresh Face
    Though I'm not sure what you mean "just" a good person, or if you actually meant anything by it at all.
  16. Fresh Face
    10-20-2014 03:36 PM
    Fresh Face
    Yeah, I agree.

    Apologies for the terribly long post. I didn't know how to condense. But it actually involves a lot of things I've been thinking about, especially the idea of Christianity (if thought of rationally) being a Theory.
  17. Fresh Face
    10-20-2014 03:19 PM
    Fresh Face
    Well the thing is, I didn't become a Christian due to him. Rather, reading his works was terribly interesting because I found myself coming to a lot of similar conclusions as he was, completely separately. That's what was so interesting, that we were finding similar things, despite separate trains of thought, and despite separate angles at which we were approaching the issue. Very intriguing. I wish I could have met him.

    One of his issues is he doesn't always provide a concrete basis for believing something. You can tell, like the INTJ that he was, that he had some ideas that worked, but he wasn't expressing properly. I do the same thing all the time.

    For example, at the beginning of Mere Christianity, he puts this thing near the beginning where he uses universal morality as an evidence for a supreme being. I believe in something similar, but I would explain it very differently. By universal morality he talks about things that, no matter where you go, are always considered moral or immoral. Killing of innocents, for example, is always seen as a bad thing, and yet when society breaks down, innocents are invariably killed, meaning we don't have an animal reason for not killing, but rather a moral one. One person may say you should only have one wife, another six or seven, but both would agree that stealing another mans wife is wrong. Even people today who have no problem with being "loose" still express disapproval of "cheating." What his point is that there is a reason for that. He says it's God. I don't know that he explains why this necessitates God. Only that such a universal phenomenon needs authorship.

    What his problem is, is that he says its evidence of God. I think there could be other reasons, technically. Rather, as religion is, at its heart, a Theory (that is, if you haven't resorted to blind faith, which, frankly, I find repulsive), it serves to demonstrate internal consistency.

    Theories can't actually prove anything. Rather they are working explanations of facets of reality. Since we do not KNOW how the universe began, we only have theories. Instead of hard proof, Theories need two things 1) they cannot conflict with what we know (this does not exclude what we think we know) and 2) they must be internally consistent, the latter being just as, if not more important than the former. 2 is very important because Theories run on logic. And 2 is a requirement of valid logic.

    Thus, Lewis's example here is a very good evidence supporting his theory, but it is not good solid evidence which proves that God positively exists. I think, actually, if you really read what he says in that particular passage, that he indeed understood this, but I don't think he communicated it adequately.
  18. Fresh Face
    10-20-2014 02:59 PM
    Fresh Face
    C. S. Lewis is one of the few I respect. He is deeply intelligent, and I love his willingness to step outside the box and not accept things just ..."because" (he was an atheist, remember). Mere Christianity is fantastic because it doesn't hide behind scriptures and things it doesn't understand. It doesn't try to make Christianity mysterious. It just says it like it is. That was terribly helpful for me.

    The Great Divorce and Screwtape Letters are both, bar none, probably the two most insightful books I have ever read. The former for it's characters (One of the reasons Narnia was so successful is because Lewis was a genius with Character creation. I've been studying fiction writing lately, and the more I learn the more I appreciate his talent). The latter for it's take on sin, which I find much more insightful than the vast majority of books that I have read on the subject. Actually, both books do both quite well, just differently. They're both short too, and are the only two books I have ever read three times over.

    I have a huge dislike for most Christians. And the more I've learned about Christianity, the more I've learned that Christians are Christianity's worst enemy. I mean, you'll find the odd Christian that actually seems to get it, but they're so rare they might as well not exist at all.

    It's just like feminists, imo. I think feminists goals are very good, but I've never met a feminist I actually liked, despite agreeing with their basic philosophy. It's the same thing, really. Both want a good thing, but the problem is they want it just to feel right, rather than actually be right.

    Self-righteousness. It's the worst evil in the world, because it actively ruins the work of good by disguising itself as good.

    That was going to be the topic of one of my threads, and I may make it yet. It'll just likely be forever.

    Basically, I'm the kind of Christian that cringes at most Christian films and things. I'm the kind of Christian that recognizes God's Not Dead does not succeed at all in it's described goal (though, the fact that the professor in the movie hated God, I thought, was interesting, not because it proved anything about the existence of God, but because it provided a better understanding of motive for many atheists which I find interesting.) I just hated how pointlessly emotional and romantic it was. It demonstrated, I think, an attempt to cover a very empty movie. Plus, as someone interested in cinematography, it's a very by-the-book film. Not very representative of actual inborn talent.
  19. Fresh Face
    10-20-2014 02:24 PM
    Fresh Face
    Mostly the lounge.

    I wish like everything I could participate more in the philosophy sections. I'm huge on philosophy and psychology, and recently I've had a bunch of really cool thoughts about things like reality I'd love to discuss, but I'm just to stressed with work and school. I really don't have the time or energy to discuss this stuff.

    idk if you remember but the last time we were in a thread together, I mentioned kindasorta considering myself a Christian but honestly not knowing. I have since become agnostic, and then moved back into Christianity, but it's a very different Christianity, but one that I think makes more sense, personally.

    The whole subject is terribly interesting to me, and I wish I was able to discuss it more, basically.
  20. Fresh Face
    Hey, I never see you in the Lounge.

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