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  1. Chameleon
    06-15-2013 10:17 PM
    Thank you!

    The kindest words I can receive is when someone says I provoked thought!

    This is actually very insightful! I did not realize that disconnect. Perhaps I may, in time, create a thread over the similarities of tools of mind and tools of reality. Example: I spend most of my time introspecting, thus I create tools and keys to (normally) inaccessible parts of my mind; problem solving the mind, if you will. As one might create tools or keys to solve problems in reality. Not to mention classification of certain processes, and menuing them in the mind for quicker access. Plus, segregation of said processes to focus on manipulation and study.

    Funny that things that can come naturally to one may be mystical to another.
  2. Chameleon
    06-12-2013 06:03 PM
    Thank you!

    Why not start a new thread upon the matter, my friend?

    It would be a great one, upon a subject that is given small thought (yet is quite deep).
  3. ummon
    06-04-2013 03:20 PM
    ummon commented on Member Pictures: Volume 19
  4. Beesnthebreeze
    05-31-2013 01:30 AM
    I feel so uncomfortable telling him I want to visit him!! But I feasably can this weekend and the following!!!
  5. Beesnthebreeze
    05-31-2013 12:42 AM
    He just told me worry us a made up thing that can cloud the mind and take over and not to let it do that. I am pretty sure prestige is up there.
  6. Beesnthebreeze
    05-31-2013 12:38 AM
    I'm glad you say that. I think that might be true for him too. I bet he looks at it like that
  7. Beesnthebreeze
    05-30-2013 11:54 PM
    Because he is a big shot. Graduated top of his class at MIT
  8. Chavela
    05-30-2013 11:04 PM
    Oh glad to hear. I'm going through my INTJ just hearing how much I care for him and I so fear he will just disappear. This scares me more than anything as I don't think I could recover not knowing something. And I'm a survivor, but this I don't think I could withstand. Best to you -
  9. Beesnthebreeze
    05-30-2013 08:06 PM
    I think I'm learning that =)

    Things went wrong... I think they're swinging back.. Unless of course he's just got something to prove like, oh look at me I'm a big shot
  10. hi5yourface
    05-30-2013 06:02 PM
    hi5yourface commented on Fun facts and curious conclusion
  11. Monte314
    03-01-2013 11:33 PM
    Monte314 commented on entp with intj family members
    Hee! Hee!
  12. AnnaMolly
    02-09-2013 01:11 PM
  13. OrangeAppled
    02-07-2013 09:05 PM
    The private boundary thing is something that will vary from INFP to INFP, but it's generally our feelings, and by that I mean valuations, not emotions. The more important, sacred even, something is to you, the less you'll talk about it as a Fi-dom. The closer you get to someone, the more they may hear about it though.

    A lot of it depends on how accepting someone seems they'll be of what I think, or if I think their eyes won't glaze over if I go into theorizing mode.
  14. sed0007
    02-07-2013 12:38 PM
    sed0007 commented on Cześć!
    Excellent cropping on that avatar.
  15. Minerva
    01-28-2013 09:22 PM
    Okay so you wanted to cut her out of your life? Then I understand.
  16. Minerva
    01-28-2013 08:20 PM
    Why did you do that!?
  17. Minerva
    01-28-2013 07:23 PM
    Yes, touch can affect you and evoke feelings!

    Okay, has she replied?
  18. Minerva
    01-27-2013 09:07 PM
    Not evoking strange feelings because I don't touch many people. I have to get to trust you first.

    How long has it been since you too have seen each other? Could that be why she made the greeting a little less personal? Also is she dating someone now so she doesn't want to hug another male?
  19. Minerva
    01-26-2013 06:31 PM
    No need to talk about a painful past.

    Well you can always ask for my advice. That's cool.
  20. Minerva
    01-25-2013 09:22 PM
    Well that's no good. Maybe the approach was bad?

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