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  1. yes
    08-17-2016 07:01 PM
    Agreed. It took me years... but I also haven't had any depressive spirals in the past two winters, so I know it's going well.
  2. Namesake
    08-17-2016 10:40 AM
    If I had to call myself a posterchild for something, it wouldn't be T or J, it would be "IN" and limbic. When I was younger, I probably was a little more of your "classic strong T", and rounded out over time.
    I think from a functions-y perspective I in fact am probably NOT an "INTJ," to the extent I believe it is meaningful to be one of those types, although you know by now that I like to precisely distinguish different systems. There was a long period when I learnt all the functions theories stuff too, and almost universally people, including diehard functions fanatics, thought I'm more Ti>Te. *shrugs*
    From a purely "crazy rationalistic/logic-orientation" POV, I'm very much that, but as that isn't really one-to-one at all with T, I don't view myself as a T posterchild.
  3. Namesake
    08-17-2016 08:45 AM
    good to know you're feeling settled on that! Here's a little more rambling I couldn't help composing...

    One of the salient points here is that T is more a kind of toughminded attitude to logicality than a full-on valuation of logic to the highest degree.
    What this means is on balance, while in some cases idealism may waver from a truly logic-trumps-all outlook, since T is hardly one-to-one with such an outlook, there's no inconsistency with NT. In fact, the principles trump all outlook of a 1 (including having no problem if these are disagreeable to people's feelings) can be very consistent with T, hence why 9types' correlations don't surprise me.

    Actually, it's worth noting NEO-PI-R has a facet called Emotionality/openness to feelings in its Factor V dimension. This correlated at around 0.2 in a study by Furnham to F, meaning not all that strongly. I see no reason why someone can't be intensely emotional about meaning but be T-ish. An N who is intensely emotional probably is LIKELY to be this way, actually, based on Big 5 data I've seen. It's very easy to view all affectively based orientations as the same, but in fact this shows they can be very different.
  4. Namesake
    08-16-2016 10:21 PM
    You're welcome! I get a bit queasy changing my mind all of a sudden that way, but it seemed to me to just click in a way.

    The basic idea I was exploiting there is that personality dimensions defined by clusters are to be treated with care, because two clusters can overlap but be pretty different in spirit. The example I like to use is S and T both contain the word "practical" -- but in one case, it's opposed to "sentimental" and in the other, it's opposed to "theory" or some such....those oppositions carry different meanings.

    In the same spirit, it's easy to look at "idealism/thirst for meaning" and think hey, that's another stereotypical NF! But, other personality dimensions can contain the same idea "idealism" but of a different flavor. And it just struck me your idealism followed an E1 flavor, and not the typical F flavor.

    E1 is probably associated to the TJ interface (likely ITJ most), hence why I overall leaned that someone who is strongly E1, clearly IN, has many T-ish qualities but coupled with NF idealism might be described as an INtj holistically. Even if we could insist on being conservative, say INXX, and just discuss individual aspects of T-F and J-P.
  5. Namesake
    08-16-2016 03:23 PM
    Never mind, please scratch that F guess, and let me give you a more evenhanded analysis of why I think you're struggling. I think you identify as enneagram 1. That, to me, is significant a factor here. Enneagram 1 is not known for seeking harmony over a kind of pugnacious correctness. When you mentioned your relation to Step II facets, you marked almost all T options, and not surprisingly, 9types' correlations show 1 is overwhelmingly T, 9 overwhelmingly F (although INFJ with a 1ish vibe do exist and are very plausible).

    Now comes the punchline--while I don't think enneagram is a well-defined system, there are some observations one can make, including that 1 philosophies fit in very well with a kind of idealism. IMHO, that is displaying itself in your intensive quest for meaning, and so on. Some of these things can carry a NF>NT feel but on balance, I think the 1ishness swings you T.

    I think at the end of the day I'm going to have to guess you're more T and revoke what I said earlier. I think lowercase t seems right.
    INtj maybe.

    You probably could be a Jungian F though.
  6. Whoops
    08-16-2016 03:11 PM
    Whoops commented on What part of your MBTI type doesn't fit you?
    spoiler for fun
    seriously though... reads so infj!
  7. Whoops
    08-16-2016 03:07 PM
    spoiler for length
    i felt a little bit like perhaps i could see her point, and perhaps she couldn't see mine. i was being conciliatory for exit. here is a good example of age and self-comfort (rather than stereotypes of a typical entp or entj)... i'm interested in conversation, but i'm not interested in debate in intjforum. if you pay attention, regardless of self-described types and regardless of the subject matter, you'll see that nearly all arguments in intjforum (even the polite ones) are merely endurance contests. that really bores the hell out of me. i'm only interested in mutual exchange of ideas and information. it's no big deal to be wrong; it's the fastest way to become correct anew.

    i find it unlikely that the people you met (the infp, intj, and entj) had all typed themselves justly... but you never know
  8. Namesake
    08-16-2016 02:55 PM
    Alright, so for what it's worth, I think

    - if we placed F, T, and X on a continuum I place you as more X than F or T

    - if forced to choose, I think INf over INt at this whimsical moment! Why? Most of your "T-ish" qualities seem to reek strongly of introversion. It isn't unusual for introversion to contribute to a somewhat more austere, task-centric attitude. In fact, on the Big 5 (which is IMO obviously tapping into similar dimensions to the MBTI), this sort of thing can explicitly correlate with their version of introversion. Whereas your overall attitudes seem NF-y.

    - keep in mind from my perspective (which I'm sure is right, lol!), it makes no sense for identifying with Fi > Fe to sway you on J>P. Many INFJ will be more Fi-ish. But this was mainly on T-F and we can discuss J-P later.

    - Keep in mind I don't think forcing a choice leads to the most rational answer
  9. Namesake
    08-12-2016 02:45 PM
    Great; well if you have any questions on how it is similar to / different from MBTI/Big 5/etc, I can probably say stuff, because I've spent some time on that.

    Just to emphasize, I gave HEXACO as an example of how someone can be middle-road on one dimension while being more pronounced on a related one. For example, someone can value logic nearly as highly as possible, and be more middle on T-F than a strong T, because they rarely care for the toughminded aspects of logicality.
    The example I had in mind is someone can be somewhat high in Big 5 Neuroticism but middle in the relatively similar dimension of HEXACO Emotionality.
  10. willc
    Thanks for sharing the online attachment test that you use. I was surprised by the results. It appears I may not be as securely attached as I originally thought
  11. eagleseven
    04-26-2016 11:34 PM
    I will get through this. Just keep telling myself that!
  12. LonelyINTP
    04-26-2016 10:37 AM
    Thanks, it still kinda sucks lol. I did learn quite a bit for the future. Thanks for your advice and support!
  13. LonelyINTP
    04-26-2016 09:09 AM
    I was smitten. Anyway, I asked her she said no oh well.
  14. Hurricane
    04-22-2016 04:28 PM
    I was enjoying your posts but they were over the head to be honest of those you were debating with. I look forward interacting with you at some stage and asking you a couple of questions that you might be able to shed some light on based on your studies. Cheers.
  15. Plato
    04-21-2016 08:50 AM
    Thank you!

    And great news for your pastor! I remember you sharing his story earlier on and watching some of his videos about his journey. Glad to hear things are still going well for him.
  16. Clueless
    04-20-2016 04:18 PM
    Hehe, I was surprised mine wasn't lower. Probably the reason I'm bothered much less by speech than by attempts to censor it. Hurt feelings and/or decorum aren't nearly as high on my list of priorities as are sound principles and integrity. Differing perspectives or disagreement doesn't figure into my choice of friends for the most part. I have some where we mostly see the world similarly and others with whom there are significant differences of opinion. They're all good people though. You seem alright. Mostly.
  17. RBM
    04-20-2016 02:44 PM
    It's that ollllllld fashioned mind-body thing :-) So old that even the ancients, like the Gnostic's, had a better grip on than most do today.
  18. Distance
    04-20-2016 10:34 AM
    Tried to respond to you via PM twice but your inbox was full.

    Frankly, I don't wish to discuss this issue with you since deeply held beliefs like religion, get personal really fast.
    04-20-2016 09:57 AM
    I thought I was the only one too busy contemplating the cosmos to notice that half of the ketchup from my hamburger was on my white tie, lmao.
  20. eagleseven
    04-19-2016 05:50 PM
    That's how it feels. I'm going through the motions of things I like to do, but the pleasure response just isn't there. It doesn't really matter if I'm eating these grapes, or cottonballs: my body reacts all the same...disconcerting, as I'm normally a passionate person who gets easily excited over small things.

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