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  1. mjbgtz
    Yesterday 01:38 AM
    Absolutely, 100%. charles darwin
  2. Doob
    11-24-2014 03:39 PM
    Doob commented on "You should be attracted to me like I am"
    Well said.
  3. WoodsWoman
    11-12-2014 04:36 PM
  4. JuxtAposE
    11-12-2014 03:22 PM
    JuxtAposE commented on Male anger at Feminism?
    Perfect! Well said.
  5. lkso
    11-12-2014 12:08 AM
    Yeah, I am too. I can't even stand the smell of shampoo on someone after they've showered. I'm a breath holder so it helps me get by.
  6. lkso
    11-12-2014 12:01 AM
    Yeah, I am too. I can't even stand the smell of shampoo on someone after they've showered. I'm a breath holder so it helps me get by.
  7. Desertstorm
    11-10-2014 06:58 AM
    There's no way he took in that picture without gagging. A quick glance doesn't count! I am sorry I made you look. Horribly disgusting.
  8. Distance
    11-08-2014 03:11 PM
    That's the response that Guppy gave to the girl when he felt that her answer was wrong.
  9. eagleseven
    11-08-2014 12:31 AM
  10. Sokami Mashibe
    11-05-2014 09:42 PM
    Sokami Mashibe
    would you say that your avatar is supposed to be fairly ironic to your self-image?
  11. Sokami Mashibe
    11-05-2014 09:17 PM
    Sokami Mashibe
    Was I horribly off? I tend to think you are probably a female, but I'm just basing that off of your avatar. Too me, your avatar represents a sense of sensuality, Adventerousness, and openness to various experiences for your own pleasure. It also represents you simply being content with your own lifestyle - to a relative extent.
  12. paulcod
    10-31-2014 02:17 AM
  13. AudibleBlink
    10-27-2014 07:28 PM
    You know where to find me.
  14. AudibleBlink
    10-27-2014 01:27 AM
    Your response was fantastic! Thank you so much for weighing in. It was interesting for me too. Your information on your feelings and his feelings... I learned something about myself. Awesome.
  15. AudibleBlink
    10-25-2014 09:24 PM
    Pssst. Lover of ENTPs...
    I thought of you, wondered what you might be able to add?
  16. Madden
    10-24-2014 07:55 PM
    I have my moments.
  17. Async
    10-20-2014 09:33 PM
    Async commented on INTP guy who likes INTJ girl needs advice
    " wondering when you're going to get to the point (such as asking her out)". LOL. Been there, got the tshirt
  18. eagleseven
    10-16-2014 03:55 AM
    *fingers and toes all crossed*
  19. Madden
    10-13-2014 09:40 PM
    I seem to get along with INTJ females more than any other type. My mom is one, and I've come to know lots of you INTJ women here. There's an easy connection of some kind. It's good.
  20. wolkenkraetzer
    10-12-2014 12:55 AM
    Thank you.

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