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  1. Jesseh
    06-15-2013 02:28 AM
    Jesseh commented on Member Pictures: Volume 19
    Nice pics and av :3
  2. catatonic
  3. GrlSailorAngele
    02-19-2013 03:26 PM
    If you haven't been to Boheme on Fairview (still in Montrose area), I highly recommend it, and it's sangria. It's my absolute favorite place in Houston. I keep trying new places, and my friends and I inevitably still make our way back to Boheme.

    I used to live on Elmen St (that of Empire Cafe) so I used to walk to Agora and Cafe Brasil. Both are cool, introvert-friendly places.

    Enjoy the freedom of being a full-time student, my friend, for it is quite tiresome to be a working stiff. I moved to Houston almost 5 yrs ago, and I've made very few friends outside of work for that reason!
  4. GrlSailorAngele
    02-19-2013 03:13 PM
    So, I read where you said you volunteered at Interfaith Ministries, and I was like, "hmmm, I most certainly do pass right by that place everyday enroute from work to home."

    The places kfarb lists below are some of my favorites, as well (Fuck yeah, Poison Guuuurl-cheap drinks).
  5. kfarb
    02-04-2013 07:03 PM
    awesome! glad you had a good time
  6. YupItsMe
    11-23-2012 09:44 PM
    YupItsMe commented on Do others percieve you as rude?
    Are you sure its not your mothers F. I betting so but yoiu know better than I. My post on the T/F is two above your I beleive.

    My wife and daugher are ENFJ. It always works best when I soften words with dressing. Just a thought. Im curious what you think.
  7. kfarb
    10-18-2012 12:06 PM
    it's a cool little coffee/beer spot. Cafe Brasil across the street is similar but serves food too. Both get pretty busy in the evenings with local artists, writers, and students.
  8. kfarb
    10-18-2012 11:18 AM
    kfarb commented on Artsy INTJS?
    From Houston, any time I am home I have to go to the Montrose/Westheimer area. Agora Cafe, Poison Girl Saloon, Buffalo Exchange artsy central. Good luck!
  9. eagleseven
    10-15-2012 10:02 PM
  10. Ethereal Dream
    10-02-2012 05:07 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    You're welcome and I know you do! I meant what I said too Is your photo from anywhere specific? It is so sweet, I love his eyes! They look so genuine!
  11. Ethereal Dream
    10-02-2012 02:51 PM
    Ethereal Dream
    This is the cutest avatar I have seen out here!
  12. BlSH0P
    09-23-2012 02:05 PM
    BlSH0P commented on INTJs, what brings you alive?
    dude i feel ya man, im in the same freaking situation. nobody on my campus talks about anything interesting or intellectual. its pathetic, college is supposed to be a place for intellectual stimulation, not a continuation of the same lame shit that went on in high school
  13. Bailalobos
    09-19-2012 04:55 PM
    Your avatar is quite striking, unique actually...sort of Impressionistic but realistic at the same time, nice pastel colours. Say did we already chat? Asking because your avatar name...think I remember asking whether it was a combo of Silas Marner and Emily Bronte. I'm curious whether in your studies so far there's a particular school of Econ thought you think particularly valid, since from what I know most are in fierce opposition.
  14. Bailalobos
    09-19-2012 03:20 PM
    Hallo, SGTB. I see you were checking out my profile; what caught your attention? I read you're a student; what are you studying if I may ask?
  15. deconspire
    08-02-2012 08:58 AM
    deconspire commented on Tasty, tasty cookies
    Yep, easily the best.
  16. Snowy
    07-23-2012 05:55 PM
    Furrrrrrrrr? :3

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