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  1. Sarea
    01-26-2016 07:19 AM
    Don't overdo it if you're not feeling well. But any small effort is worth it. Good Luck!
  2. Sarea
    01-25-2016 06:20 AM
    I'm glad that you've finally told her how you feel. Has she hinted or overtly mention how she wanted the relationship to progress etc?
  3. Sarea
    01-17-2016 05:56 AM
    How do they express their interests so far?

    Does that girl know about this?
  4. Sarea
    01-02-2016 07:23 AM
    Okay. How are you btw?
  5. Sarea
    12-18-2015 12:01 AM
    If you are already having a good viable plan ahead of you, then execute them.
  6. Sarea
    12-17-2015 12:03 AM
    You need to work on it a bit, because she might be wondering what happened before this (when you suddenly went off), and she might worry what if you do that again. This is where I would advise you to be truthful about you being unwell. Maybe not to the extent of telling her about the depression (but if you wanna see the extent of how much she's willing to stick with you, warts and all, this is the time to know that) but at least, let her know that you've not been well physically and that had hindered your ability to connect with her.
  7. Sarea
    12-16-2015 11:41 PM

    How do i learn about women i like?

    It's not that easy especially if you have started on a smooth start and then there's hiccups along the way where either one party (or both) pauses on the interactions. The way forward is to either start anew or picking up where the interactions last ended.

    Once you have reestablished contact and she's showing eagerness to resume, it's the matter of being a good listener, be present (total concentration focused on her, albeit not in a creepy stalkerish staring unblinking manner, lol), and remember clearly every information about herself that she's been telling you.

  8. Sarea
    12-16-2015 11:24 PM
    This post and another one were directed to you in that eating thread.
  9. Sarea
    12-15-2015 03:10 AM
    Have you been speaking to her lately? How are things between the two of you?

    I'm glad you have the truck maintenance to steer your mind off. Are your joints and muscles still painful?
  10. Sarea
    12-14-2015 10:27 PM
    I'm glad that he's there for you.

    Have you been on medical leave off work?
  11. Sarea
    12-14-2015 10:06 PM
    How did you do it?

    I am relieved though.
  12. Sarea
    12-09-2015 01:23 AM

    I don't want to share with people the fact that i have depression, because as much as i should i don't want to because it'll most likely drive them away, right?

    If they care for you, that information won't drive them away. But they will advise you to seek medical help, and if you brush their concerns away, that will later frustrate them.

    I understand your concern about not wanting to depend on medication. But at least, see a doctor and let's hear what he has to say about it.

    What's the differences between being on regular medication (as in the trigger attacks leading to depression) compared to not being on medication? Did medication affect your weight? Please make me understand why you won't rely on it anymore. If it's due to its cost, doesn't the present workplace provide medical allowances for their staff? Are you worried that if you apply for the company's medical benefit, the girl that you like will know of this?

  13. Sarea
    12-09-2015 12:58 AM
    This is no joking matter! :P

    Please describe the reclusive period. Did you spend all hours indoor? Did you sleep all the time? Did you turn to alcohol? Cut yourself deliberately even (since in those hazy state, things might just happen without you realising it), ?

    How did you come out of it? Was it medication?

    Let's try to alleviate the symptoms and physical/emotional pain as much as we can. Though, my first advice is still for you to consult a doctor for the physical pain, and for him to advise you on the next course of action (consulting mental health professional who he recommends).
  14. Sarea
    12-09-2015 12:39 AM
    How did you handle it, ie during your last depression attack similar to this one?
  15. Sarea
    12-09-2015 12:23 AM
    Have you been overdoing your body with your exercise routines?
  16. Sarea
    12-09-2015 12:22 AM
    Okay then you don't have to share this with her yet. But one day in the future, you've got to. So that it makes her feel like you trust her with something significant affecting you.

    The pain sounds so bad. Can you at least see a doctor about it? Please?
  17. Sarea
    12-08-2015 11:59 PM
    Are you on any medication? Can you resume on the medication (in case you have stopped for one reason or another)?

    Please describe the physical pains.

    Be honest with her so that she's aware of it.
  18. Sarea
    11-25-2015 12:32 AM
    Ask her if she wants to go out for a date with you. And if she says yes, ask her where she wants to go : let her suggest the itinerary.
  19. Sarea
    11-24-2015 12:50 AM
    Have you both arranged to go out for a date soon?
  20. Sarea
    11-23-2015 02:27 AM
    The confidence attracts them.

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